Lets get into the October spirit with the Korean doll Ddung!  Check out these cute doll photos getting ready for a Mini Halloween Party!

What do you think of these cute Halloween Ddung dolls? Do you have a Ddung doll of your own? Have you ever tried to make her a bitty Halloween costume?  Comment below!!

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14 Responses to “Ddung Doll Halloween Party”

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    I love Ddung dolls, I have one of my own! I have a few photos of her on my flickr account: http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=ddung&w=73012511%40N02&s=rec

    I’d love to have a whole army of them 😀

  • Custom avatar Aubree:

    Ahh this is so cute! I have never seen Ddung dolls before but these are so cute and I love the halloween theme 🙂


    • Elle:

      ooh did you see my main post all about them on the blog? I did a general post and a few others with even cuter designs if you are interested in seeing more 😀 They are really adorable ♥

  • Bahah oh my gosh these are SO cute!!! I am loving that little giraffe!!!

  • Custom avatar ivey:

    i just got my ddung doll in the mail today XD. happy halloween!

  • OMG! These are just soo adorable for words. Do they have an online site?

    • Custom avatar Lisa:

      Actually the best place to buy them is on Ebay. The mini ones (about 4″) are about $15 and the regular ones (about 7″) are about $30. (:

      There are lots of knock offs, but it’s incredibly easy to see the difference. The hair is often curly, the fingers are weirdly shaped, sometimes they’re a different height, and the faces are off, just slightly. Generally speaking, they’re just not as cute! Plus, Ddungs are actually manufactured in Korea, so if it’s coming from China, that crap ain’t real.

  • so kawaii :3
    cute ddung dolls 😀
    anyway I’m not really new in your site but I think this is the first time I comment 😀
    sooooooooo excited to see your previous and future posts 😀

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    I love ddung dolls, they are so adorable!
    When my sister was in Seoul I told her to get me a mini ddung (along with a list of beauty products lol) but she said she couldn’t find her and her korean friend didn’t know about them (I was like “WTF, she’s korean and hasn’t heard about ddung?!”). But she finally found a fake one in a market, her clothing isn’t as nice as the original, but she’s quite cute 🙂

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    SO Cute! I love the bat girl :3

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