The adorable Korean doll brand ddung 뚱 released a Little Prince doll! SO CUTE!

Each set comes with the Little Prince in his signature outfit coupled with a little girl version of his fox friend.  The detail in these is subtle, but so adorable. I normally don’t collect male ddung dolls, but I may have to make an exception…

They are listed at 58,000원 (about $58) on the official webshop, but I came across shops selling them online for around 45,000원

Read more about Ddung HERE


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3 Responses to “ddung doll – Little Prince Couple Set”

  • I loved these dolls! are adorable, my boyfriend gave me for Christmas one coming on a keychain, as I read in a previous post of yours must be a fake, but it has long legs, has the same proportions as the doll 11 cm :). Likewise, try to make some nice clothes 🙂

  • Custom avatar Dorothy:

    I’m looking forward this lovely couple but I can’t find them in any web page.

    Ive discovered them quite late and I’d really like to buy them.

    Please, If you know any web page, would you mind to send an email to the account.posted?

    I’d be very grateful.

    Regards from Spain,


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