Demon club hotdog (도깨비 방망이 핫도그)  is a modern Korean street snack often found in busy areas where tourists and young people flock like Dongdaemun Market 동대문. Basically the name comes from the classic demon in folktales who carries around a spiked club, very similar to the Japanese Oni character I have illustrated above! Close enough!


This Korean street food is a hotdog on a stick dipped in batter just like a corn dog, only after that it is rolled in french fries/potato chunks and then deep fried!  It is finished off with a drizzling of ketchup and or mustard, usually the vendor will confirm if you want that on top OR a bottle will be provided at the counter. The batter they use to create this Delicious blob on a stick is a bit more tempura-like VS normal corn dog batter, so the result is a nice crispy, doughy, potato-stuffed bite.

Usually I see these stacked in a pre-fried pile among other stick snacks, so just look for the fried food!  Its DEFINITELY better with ketchup, so make sure you get some squirted on your dog before you walk off.


The price for a “demon club” runs around 1,500- 2,000 won and one is pretty huge… enough to share if you like. They can be a little tricky to eat on the go with the ketchup, but not impossible! Kill that frydog Stephiee!!

When my friends came to visit from California this was one of the snacks they had been looking forward to try! Aw see how nice they share? Sharing is caring lol ♥

This particular Korean street food cart had a number of amazing grilled and fried things on sticks to enjoy~ mouth watering.

Have you had one of these yummy street snacks before? Did you like it? Where did you buy it or spot a vendor?  Share in the comments below!!

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10 Responses to “Demon club hotdog // 도깨비 방망이 핫도그”

  • Custom avatar Zanna:

    Wow, that looks delicious! Need to learn how to say ‘ketchup’ in korean. XD Actually genuinely thinking of learning Korean, but the phonetics scare me a bit.

    Maybe it’s just me, but things seem to be a little cheaper in South Korea than other asian countries. I’m hoping to visit both South Korea and Japan on a trip and hoping the better exchange rate/prices in South Korea will even out the craziness that is the Yen right now!

  • Oh my word… that looks incredibly and sinfully delicious! @.@ I must have one of these before I die. Hahah!

  • Somehow I can’t help but think that these would be popular at events like State Fairs in the United States…or especially in the south where you hear of people eating deep fried Oreos or Twinkies and the like.

    • Elle:

      I TOTALLY agree, it seems very American… don’t you think? Someone needs to give this a try at a fair, seriously. Omg those fair things, have you had any before? I had a deep fried oreo once, but it was so soggy and gross + the candybar ones are just total mush when you bite in it seems.

  • Custom avatar erin:

    i never thought that demon club hotdog is korean O_O i saw one snack stand here in Philippines selling that along with other street foods xD interesting. i should try one :3

    • Elle:

      actually I am not sure if it is Korean invented, since they have lots of snacks that flow in from other countries like Japan (tayaki for example!) and get ingrained in the culture here. Perhaps they come from China? You should try one sometime if you see them in the Philippines! They are really filling and yummy…you just feel guilty after hahaha


  • Custom avatar Gaby:

    They look so delicious~
    I must try these when I go to Korea ~ 😀

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