Lately it seems that dolls are very popular models for products like tights, hair dye, masks, etc! Here are some of the ones I have spotted so far~  I’ll add to this post if I find any new ones

have you had a chance to try any of these products?  I have been meaning to give some of the new Barbie X Elasine collab line a try, but I have not needed to buy any supplies just yet!

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7 Responses to “Dolly Beauty in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Rosa:

    I love the doll stuff! too bad America isn’t like that, and being my age i cant support the money for that. too bad.

  • Oh this is all super cute! I especially love the dolls as models for the hair dye!

    • Elle:

      Those are actually Japanese colors by Freshlight here, apparently they are pretty good colors! I am super tempted to tint my hair with one hehe *_*

      • Custom avatar Moni:

        i think you’d look great with a darker shade!
        by the way, i recognize pullip, blythe and barbie, but do you know what’s the other doll? i also like dolls 🙂

        • Elle:

          Aw thank you! The other I am not sure, but I bet it is a brand of Korean BJD here… maybe by “glib” since they seem to be a popular maker here! ^^ If you check out my other posts I have a few doll themed blogs on here ♥

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    OMG I Saw The Video On You Tube! It Went Viral, I Really Did Not Think You Would Blog About It Though x] Now I Know More About The Song And Artist ♥

  • Custom avatar Julia:

    I just found your website today…but I love it! All your articles make me miss Korea so much! Can’t wait to go back & use some of these products you are mentioning all on your blog! I’m Korean btw haha (:

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