One thing I love about Dongdaemun 동대문 is that no matter what time you happen to stop by, something new seems to be going on.  New areas open, other areas close, tents sprout up like weeds, and disappear just as quickly.  One good example is a yellow tent night-time market that occurs from around 10pm- midnight just about every night in this area selling mainly replica items.

The market itself is not as amazing as it used to be, I’m going to just say that up front~ now it is just a simple gathering that is fun to swing by if you are in the area. Shopping in Korea has changed as regulations have attempted to be enforced and internet shopping became common place, so some areas that once held packed vendors selling piles of things have been thinned out in numbers and often focus on a few items~ flavor of the month.

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The yellow tent market is mainly a place to buy random bootleg / replica items in Korea,  so if that is not quite your cup of tea you can navigate other areas of Dongdaemun 동대문 for other pop up vendors selling inexpensive things once the sun goes down.

Makeup bags for about 10,000 won

This market is nice because it has an assortment of some much nicer bootlegs you do not commonly see, mixed with some awful ones, and a dash of things with brand names on them just for the hell of it.  You can also sometimes score random items that are maybe leftover inventory or close-outs… for example, last visit some guy was selling 20 headphones from “Beats by Dr Dre” and other guy selling maybe 50 BMW promotional umbrellas that he got from some event or something lol. You never know!

This market is small, maybe 50 or so tents, but Koreans and often Japanese shoppers do swing by.  Usually it is 20-30 somethings looking for a convincing designer briefcase for work, belt, or girls looking to see if a nice piece of replica jewelry can be found. Sometimes you see pretty young stylish guys here looking for something that replicates the look of a designer… for example a pair of brown shoes that look like Gucci business shoes being sold, but do not have GUCCI slapped all over them~ just for style, does that make sense?

This market is the best for Men looking for bootleg items or random finds in my opinion, most of the current vendors deal with primarily Men’s items like belts, shirts, and jeans….I think because Women’s items like purses and earrings can be easily found and so many other locations. Keep in mind I am writing this post in 2012 based on my visits from the last year or so.  The girls stuff is a bit meh and nothing too rare if you live here, but the selection and quality of the Men’s items is quite nice so you see more young men at this gathering lately.

Replica Vivienne Westwood for around 50,000 won if I remember correctly

Items I normally spot at this market..

Designer sunglasses or glasses
Men’s replica designer shoes, ties, belts, watches
Men’s designer bags, mainly Louis Vuitton. Briefcases, strap bags, etc
Children’s bootleg clothing
Women’s replica jewelery. Lots of key chains, earrings, and hair clips
Replica scarfs
True Religion Jeans, mainly for men, but I saw girl’s styles
Hats.. some are bootleg and others I am not sure.  Lots of Ed Hardy hats lol
Bootleg Nikes+ sportswear… Nike shirts, Adidas track suits, etc.
Beanpole, Abercrombie & Fitch, Dsquared, Vivienne Westwood

miu miu mini bags for about 10,000-20,000 won


Beanpole replica pants for about 30,000 won. These looked great (just no lining!) so Nara grabbed a pair he liked


Just make sure you read things before you buy them… just in case ^^


booth filled with fun 10,000 shirts!

Hair goodies from around 10,000-20,000 won

True Religion A-grade replicas for about 45,000 won.


Overall it is an assortment of junk, passable stuff, and good little finds~  I guess it just depends on your taste really.  Do not make a special trip here for loading up on things, this market is best if you are looking for a little something and in the area already when the sun goes down honestly! ^^


The tents spread out a bit so from memory I can not mark the exact areas the market extends to, but they are all together in a long lit up row so it will be hard to miss… just keep walking and enjoy until the tents end.  Two ways we prefer~ Dongdaemun (History and culture park) Station Exit #10 on the light blue line will spit you out right into the market  OR Dongdaemun (History and culture park) Station Exit#1 on the green line will put you right across the street. If you walk towards Doota and the main shopping buildings you will often find even more tents  leading up to the Max Style building~ and if you walk behind Max Style you can sometimes find Ajuma’s taking advantage of the crowds and darkness to sell more clothing outside for super cheap.

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If you are not from the area please keep in mind the metro line has more than one “Dongdaemun” station, you want the one that will state in English “Dongdaemun- History and culture park” if you are looking for the main shopping area ^^

Market hours are often 10pm-midnight every night, although I think they may be closed on Monday nights!

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10 Responses to “Dongdaemun Mini Bootleg Night Market”

  • Wow! I seriously want to go here. Looks like they have an amazing selection of stuff you can find there too. Sign me up! Hehe! 😀

  • Custom avatar April:

    Wow! How i wish i can visit there also. I really like the hat it’s so cute.

  • OMG it’s paradise for poor people like me hahahaha
    i want to live in Korea now 😀

  • thanks for sharing these pics and directions! will mosdef go if in korea. :3

  • Custom avatar Andrea:

    This is so wrong but im sooo jealous of you living in korea! you see i aplied for a under graduate scholarship to korea but i didnt made it :/ i just reacently found your blog and im in love! thanks to you i can see korea at least from my computer 😉 lots of love from central america

  • Custom avatar Cindy Wang:

    Where are good markets for women? I’m headed there in a few months and I’d love your tips!!

    • Elle:

      Pretty much anyplace for shopping I mention on the blog here 🙂 just use my search bar on the top right, the blog tags, or the menu to help fun posts related to shopping.

  • Custom avatar ang lee:

    Where would you recommend for women’s bootleg? like tory burch and stuff?

    • Elle:

      Bootlegs are random here and getting a little harder to find after the crackdowns kicked in a few years ago, you used to be able to find whole floors of them 10 years ago, now you kinda just run into them at random. This night market is the most I ever see out in the open nowdays… but then again I am not seriously looking. If they are sold anyplace, it would be around Dongdaemun… but its mostly just accessories from Louis Vitton, Channel, and Vivienne Westwood~ these are in the jewelery kiosks outside the buildings. Handbags used to be sold in the main shopping buildings (except Doota and Maxstyle they have re-vamped those) on the bag floor, but you had to ask to see the picture book and then they would bring you a bag from the warehouse if I remember correctly. Again, just going from memory here. I do randomly see tory burch-looking shoes very often, so if you keep your eyes open maybe you will spot some.

  • Custom avatar sue pak:

    The history , I remember 1960s. Im happy for all is going well n what a fun place to hang out at night !! I love those people under yellow tents!!
    I want to get to know vendors?? Prada bags , shoes, chanel bracilet!! all my friends love those pretty yellow tents! Thanks to all writers!

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