Ah yes, who does not love dressing up our animal friends in pretty outfits?  Korea LOVES  dressing up pets, while in the states you only saw a few outfits once and a while, here in Seoul the majority of pets have on at least some cute shirt or outfit when they are out for a walk. I see just about anyone doing this too~  from business suited men, little old ladies, teenage girls, to high school boys walking with a dog on a leash in some sort of pretty shirt.

Pet clothing is very easy to find in Korea, most busy areas have street vendors selling piles of outfits for around 10,000 or less, but what about for the high-class animals?  Where do the dogs go that want something even better?

I have found one such place in Hongdae, “Dorothy Pet Shop 도로시 펫샵 ” located at the end of the busy downtown area and right across from my favorite BBQ place!

Dorothy is a “fancy”  pet and accessory clothing store, specializing in extra cute brands not simply found on the street here~ ornate leashes, plush princess beds, handmade hair bows, as well as an assortment of pet food and supplies.

Dorothy has a nice selection of pet food and snacks from Korea, Japan, and the USA in stock

Depending on the time you visit, they will also have a litter of purebred puppies for sale~ but sadly photos were not allowed!  They looked adorable, happy, and healthy though~  many pet shops here in Korea double as a breeder so the owner runs the shop for steady pay and breeds her pet dogs for extra income on the side.

While we were visiting they had a mini fashion shoot going on inside the store! If you spend over a certain amount in the shop they will actually dress your dog up in the new outfit and give you a complimentary glamor photo shoot!  How cool is that?

The shop owner had her 3 Maltese walking around all dressed up~ such sweethearts and so well-behaved.

The detail in the clothing here is amazing, can I get that in a human size? 

Prices for outfits ranged from around 25000-55000 won, so dog fashion like this does not come cheap!  Sizes run from XS-L, but these are all very small dog sizes since larger breeds are not popular in Korea due to space. Also, we all know most people buying these sorts of things pretty much just have tiny dogs lol.

 They also had piles of little bows, clips, and pins for your dogs to wear~ most of these are handmade and so pretty…. kinda wanted one for my own hair lol.

Large display of colored and rhinestone collars~

Amazing doggy mouse-house!  I LOVE this bed, what a cool shape!

Plenty of soft pretty toys to buy for your puppy-child.


Beautiful leashes by Juny Bell! This is my FAVORITE doggy brand here, they have the BEST clothing in terms of cuteness.

Little bibs~


I found a Juny Bell collar I fell in Love with…. I wonder if Milk would like it?  They had photos of cats wearing the collars as well, so maybe…..

New Ducky tutus by Bebe and Juju~ another adorable brand here in Korea.

Look at that dress *_*

Plenty of fancy hangers for your bitty outfits~

Since we all know by now that I am a lacy-lace girl who can not help herself~ YES, I did end up buying something for Little Prince Milky from Juny Bell since I love them so much… I have kind of been drooling over that brand since I moved here, but did not have a pet here to buy something for. haha.

Now he looks like a real Prince Kitty! haha!  Seriously though, he actually LOVES this collar... in fact, he loves clothing in general which was very surprising since my other two female cats HATE anything on them and just lay on the ground till you remove the item.  Milk is still small so the collar is a little big, but he will grow into it soon I am sure ^^  I’m glad he likes this though, I was a bit worried since the collar was about 29,000 won.


Dorothy 도로시 Pet shop
서울시 마포구 동교동 169-22

Hours: Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm | Sunday 10am – 7pm

If you live in Korea or are visiting and want to check out a great location to see lots of fancy dog clothing in one spot, you should check out Dorothy for sure! The shop it located in the main area of Hongdae, so finding it is not too difficult and it is an easy walk from the metro station!

Dorothy Pet Shop is located in the artsy and youthful area of Hongdae which can easily be reached by using the Seoul Metro Green Line #2 and taking it to “Hongdae

Once you arrive at the Hongdae/Hongik University station you are going to want to use Exit #8

Simply follow the road till you hit a round-about/ circular grass island and keep left till you see the shop on your left! It should be at the very end of the road just before another grass island, so if you hit that you have gone too far!  Dorothy will be on your left with a sign in English so it should be hard to miss!

Have you been to this shop before? Do you like dressing up your pet or plan on buying lots of cute pet clothing in Korea? Comment below!

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19 Responses to “Dorothy 도로시♥ Fancy Pet Clothing Store in Hongdae”

  • Custom avatar aislyn:

    Those look like toddler outfits omg!
    cant say im too into pet clothes, but i would love to get my cat merlin an adorable pet bed if possible. he loves cuddling inside purses and drawers 😀
    do they have similar stores for kitties?

    Oh, and I would love to see a feature on cute women’s clothing brands from Korea.

    • Elle:

      Well dogs are by far the more popular pets here in Korea, even though they have cat cafes and lots of cat goodies on notebooks here the concept of having cats as pets is still kind of new to most Koreans (maybe the last 15 years or so). Pet clothing is pet clothing though, so it works for cats too!! At Dorothy they had some cat models as well for the collars and stuff, that is what made me want to buy one for Milk hehe 😀

      I will be featuring some Korean clothing brands very soon! Gathering some photos still 😀 I have to ninja sneak a lot from stores!

  • Custom avatar Louisa:

    That shop is so cute! The doggy outfits here in the UK are pretty rubbish 🙁 if I had a little doggy I would want everything from that shop!

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    If you buy their stuff, they’ll take a professional photo of your pet, wearing the item and put them on their website. Their grooming also is a “hand grooming” vs. machine in order to give love and respect to pets and have better style on them. Every time I visit, I can’t help buying those adorable outfits. I bought that Ducky tutus from Bebe Juju and a sport white & blue shirt ” Little Sunshine”from Boris Bous and also a very British style dress -chest leash ( with lovely detail) from Juny Bell and so many accessories. I really had to control myself not to go for that fancy dress with those cute flowers because my babe is still growing and I’m afraid he won’t have time to try all of them at least several times :)) So I have to stop shopping till he grows a bit though. Those fancy dresses cost me over 150 bucks! The beautiful ones are all over 40,000 ₩ 😀 I also got the same collar but not from Dorothy pet shop but directly from Juny Bell site 🙂 I guess we’ve got similar taste on pet shopping :)) 😀

    • Elle:

      So THATS what that was about, I was wondering if a few of the dog models belong to someone since they left while her dogs stayed in the shop + I saw several on Naver and was getting confused haha. I’ll have to add that to the post, how much do you have to spend to get a photo done? Do they do it on the spot, or by appointment only? That is a really nice feature to offer considering how much the clothing costs haha.

      • Custom avatar Nadia:

        Yes, those dogs are left there for grooming and the grooming usually takes about 3 hrs. The grooming itself costs around 100,000 Won. So basically if you get your pet groomed there, the photo-shoot will be free 😉 As far as I remember if you buy up to 100,000 you’ll get free photo-shoot? You should make an appointment for grooming though. Once I took my Whisky there and since I did not have an appointment they did not accept us and I had to drive all the way back to South East Seoul :(( However I made an appointment for a week later, left him for grooming and hung out around Hongdae- Edae for shopping 😀 When I got back they were entreating him with some toys to take a nice shot of him with a pro photographer 😀 Every piece I picked for my babe they took another photo with the new outfit so they can also advertise their outfits on different pets 😉 I have 5 digital photos of him on the site + one printed photo they gave me for free.
        Here is their website : you can check their photo on photoblog section or on the bottom of this page : (they’ve got huge number of photos of Dogs by their breed category.

        oh and if you type in little 검색 part, the word 위스키 (my babe’s name) you can see all photos including the one they printed for me 😉

  • Custom avatar Julinette Guadalupe (@julinetteg):

    Hi chingu

    I love the mickey ear pet house ♥ wondering if I can find it on ebay 🙂

    • Elle:

      If you find one lemme know! It is so cute, I want to buy one…. I just dont know how I will ship it home without being a total headache haha!

  • Custom avatar Juls:

    Unfortunately, these pet items are so expensive for me. I could use the money for myself.

  • Custom avatar Katrina:

    Hello! Does Dorothy Pet Shop has an Online shop? i’m really interested on buying some of her Dog Clothes. 🙂 If there’s someone you know who has an Online Shop for Dog’s Clothing kindly let me know please. Looking forward on your response. Thank You 😀

    • Elle:

      I recommend http://junybell.com/ which is one of the brands sold at Dorothy. The site is in Korean, but if you want to buy something for sure you can e-mail the site with your order and she may be able to help arrange shipping + payment since she speaks some english.

  • Custom avatar dorothy:

    thank you very much~ ^^*

  • I love all your clothes and accessories for the pets. They are all awesome. I want to have them all for my pet.

  • I had once gone to Korea and I was amazed to see a Poodle dressed extravagantly. I in fact thought of her as a small girl first.

  • Custom avatar Monica:

    Thank you !! -^^-

  • Great product for the pet loving Korean market.

    A no bake cake mix for dogs – their own birthday cake!

  • Hello! What a precious pet shop 😀 Do you know if it is still at this location? I thought I found the website, but everything looks different, so I’m not sure. I know you wrote this post 2 years ago and I’m going to have to check this place out. Thank you so much 🙂

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