What do you think of when you hear the words”Drunken Baby“? How about adult-style trendy fashion for toddlers?


Behold~ The online shop Ddongke aka “Drunken Baby” as it proudly plasters the phrase in English on almost every image. 

Korea, you do a MUCH better job with English vs Japan or China~ but every so often you do something that has me wondering…. why? Whats even better is the Korean .com name of this shop means a “mutt” or literally a “poo dog” so originally I had clicked it because I was curious about THAT being a kids clothing line…. the funny English phrase for the shop is just a bonus.

Drunken baby knows whats up.

At first I was going to just post this for a good laugh, but as I surfed the site the Drunken Baby grew on me… I find it so freaking CUTE. The shop is selling outfits that are pretty much styled to look like the kinds of clothing that young adult women wear here + the photos are shot in similar ways to adult-sized fashion clothing shops…. so to see this tiny cute little girl dressed like an adult with “DRUNKEN BABY” all over the pic is kinda hilarious AND adorable.  It’s like a cute, funny, kinda wrong sandwich with a bow on top.  She looks like she is having a lot of fun in all the photos too~ so cute, so cute, so cute.

So, today we have a double whammy~ a LOL Korea post AND a feature for an Korean online clothing shop!

♥ ♥ ♥

Please enjoy the following outfits, you too can rock the trendy Korean Drunken Baby style.

Hee-A is the cutest model in Korea, hands down ♥

The Ddongke shop is located HERE if you would like to see more images or buy some of the cute outfits for your little one!  All the LOLs on the text aside, the shop is really a cute place to buy clothing~ don’t you think?? ^^ Kids really have the best clothing here.

Sadly it seems they will only ship within Korea though!

Images are all  © to Ddonke.com I claim no rights to them♥

What do you think about the cute mini -me outfits? Do you think the shop realized what they wrote in English? Leave your comments below!

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15 Responses to “Drunken Baby – Korean online shop + LOL Korea Feature”

  • I am freaking out over this! So cute and funny!

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    lol what is with that? cute kids…somewhat weird names O.o

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    They all look like they’ve been following the fashion of Suri (Tom & Kate’s daughter)…LMAO! Cute, but weird IMO.

  • Happy virus Drunken Baby!?! What the…?!?

  • Custom avatar Haein:

    HAHAHAAA!! Is that Lady Gaga on the model’s shirt??

  • I’ve actually done some eye shopping on that site.

    • Elle:

      The clothing is seriously cute! Come on, you know you want to buy your daughter some adorable stuff and tell me all about the cuteness of “Drunken Baby” firsthand. I always feel like I am looking at a miniature G-market when I visit that site.

      • I was hunting for a specific kind of stylish boot for her with plaid lining. In a totally hetero way. Ended up finding what I wanted in Colorado. Twice we’ve had strangers ask us where we got them.

        • Elle:

          “In a totally hetero way” XD you kill me lol. A+++ shopping skills though Dad! Go figure they would have what you wanted in the states considering what a clothing paradise it is for kids here, or seems to be anyway.

          • 🙂
            We don’t want her to dress like every other kid. I think what I’m going for is in between waifish and sophisticated punk. It may make you die inside to know that the big trendy thing for moms in Korea is Gymboree.

          • Elle:

            You may be amused to know, but I actually tried to work for the HQ art department when I was living back in the bay area hah! Ended up working at Zynga instead, but the shirt art and little patterns they sell are right up my alley of things I would be happy to draw for a paycheck. lol.

            I see the Gymboree play centers here, do you guys ever go to any of those? I actually have a long list of children’s parks and play cafes I am curious to visit, ever let the little one run free at http://blog.naver.com/sellma2?Redirect=Log&logNo=40163431119 ? I wanted to feature the little prince play cafe here eventually too, but yeah since we do not have kids and only see these things in passing, I am interested to hear if parents actually use these places a lot. Seems like a great idea

          • We have Cocomong Land, and Jian loves Cocomong. As do we. The thing with Gymboree in Korea is that it’s brought in by Lotte, who puts on a humongous department store markup. So, like North Face, it’s popular solely because it’s expensive and foreign.

  • Custom avatar Robin:

    When I heard the name Drunken Baby, I thought of JK Tiger and Mirae, his wife. Hmmm…

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