Did you know the American chain Dunkin Donuts is in Korea?

Dunkin’ donuts aka 던킨도너츠 in Korea is really cute!! Normally I am not one to get excited over DD,  I mean… it is kinda the Mc Donald’s of doughnuts where I am from, I would much rather eat one from a little mom and pop shop still warm and chewy. How can you say no to snacks that look like this though?

Dunkin’ Donuts is a fairly common foreign chain here in Korea that has a handful of the basics we all know of from back home BUT it also has a surprising amount of interesting and unique + cute treats localized for the Korean market…. in fact, I think it may have the most “special Korea menu items” out of all the other imported chains here.  Fun asian palete-pleasing flavors like red bean, green tea, sweet potato, sticky rice and more are common at these shops!

Minnie Mouse and heart doughnuts on display for Children’s Day in Korea!!

Special Pop Rock topped doughnuts in Blueberry and Strawberry!!  Koreans LOVE pop rocks

I tried the Strawberry Popping flavor for myself~ it was really good and the pop rocks in the glaze are huge!

던킨도너츠 Puppy Doughnut!!

Munchkins are here in Korea as well, but you can get unique flavors to Asia like red bean or green tea!

The ball-looking doughnuts here are called ” chewisty ” on the menu at Korean Dunkin Donuts and are a MUST to try!  The dough is made with sticky rice so the result is this amazing chewy doughnut!  The above flavor is green tea, but Korean chewisty donuts come in a variety like chocolate, strawberry, glazed etc!  My favorite are the strawberry ones!

Aside from the typical breakfast line, they had a Bulgogi rice wrap with cheese that looked good… tasted eh.

Pictured above are some classic sprinkled munchkins and one of the more interesting Korean Dunkin Donuts we have come across on the menu~  a “North Korean Bread” style Dounut. This came in two versions, glazed or sugar~  we opted for the sugar!   It was very interesting… more like a crumbly bread instead of a a doughnut and the outside was a bit hard.

If you enjoy bubble tea you will be happy to hear that Dunkin’ Donuts in Korea has it on the drink menu in many flavors!! They also have a really great selection of localized drink flavors like Green Tea, Melon, Milk Tea, and Sweet Potato among others!

Nara with his Purple Sweet Potato shake and some Munchkins! A popular variation of sweet potato here is a vivid purple, so it makes for beautiful snacks and drinks!


This Summer they launched a delicious (and heavily promoted) line of doughnuts called Money Banana’s. SO SO SO GOOD!

These are glutinous rice donuts  (so similar to the chewisty!) and come in the flavors chocolate, strawberry, banana, and green apple.  They all taste delicious and the dough is SUPER flavorful, but I love the chocolate and strawberry the most! The green apple was actually a bit sour, really interesting!

I have to say, I prefer these chewy types of donuts over normal cake style now…I’m hooked on these *__*

Dunkin Donuts Korea also offered a “New York Pie” Doughnut to cash-in on the craze of Cronuts in New York summer 2013!  Did anyone get a chance to try these? I was outside Korea when they launched, curious to hear how they tasted!

Super adorable holiday set for 2013 at Dunkin Donut’s in Korea!

Which one would you like to try?

Where to find a Dunkin’ Donuts 던킨도너츠 in Korea

Dunkin’ Donuts 던킨도너츠 is a fairly common chain, so just like asking “where is the closest Mc Donalds” chances are what I tell you will not be the one nearest to your location in Korea if you are living or traveling.

If you reside in Korea, please check out the official location listing HERE (in Korean) or just keep an eye out, they tend to be around metro stations or places with heavy foot traffic like around schools or department stores.

Dunkin Donuts Official Site (Korea)

Dunkin Doughnuts Cafe next to the Ewha University Gate in Edae has a huge 2nd floor for hanging out!

For people visiting Korea looking to try the unique menu items or simply get a little western-style breakfast sandwich and coffee in the am before the shops open, I recommend the Edae/Ewha Woman’s University Dunkin Doughnuts location because it is very large and great for lounging!  Another alternative is the one outside Coex Mall.

던킨도너츠 이대 ~  서울특별시 서대문구 대현동 33-13

Dunkin Donuts in Edae is very easy to get to~  From the metro station line #2 simply walk down the main road straight towards the school gates!

When you reach the end, turn left and the giant dedicated building to Dunkin Donuts will be easy to spot on your right!

Yum Yum~ ♥

Have you had Korean Dunkin Donuts? Sample anything unique that you never saw back home? See anything in the post you would love to be able to order? Does this chain have any interesting variations where you live?  Comment below and share!

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13 Responses to “Dunkin’ Donuts 던킨도너츠 is Cute in Korea”

  • omfghjkl i’m craving for donuts now ;____; ♥

  • Custom avatar Kaitie:

    Wow that is so awesome 😀 the Dunkin Donuts here are all about getting in and getting out (though thats how everything is here in NY especially since I live by NYC) I wish they had more of this atmosphere here in the states :[
    But yeah I just started following your blog and it’s awesome :] I am an art major also :] just starting in college and a black belt in Taekwondo so Korea is one of my dream places :] Can’t wait to see more posts!

  • Oh my gosh. I LOVE strawberry donuts. Top Pot in Seattle makes them… so good.

    Wow, this post is giving me a serious donut craving!

    • Elle:

      If you like ones with a bit of chew I bet you would loooove the money banana ones Kelsea! I have never been to top pot, but I wanna go lol!

  • Custom avatar ara:

    awww i miss korea dunking donuts :)) my faces the olive chewisty hehe ~~ anyways cute blog 😀

    • Elle:

      OOh I love the Chewisty ones! These new banana shaped ones are just like those *_* so good ♥

  • Wow, Korean Dunkin’ Donuts looks heavenly. I can’t believe how cute those Minnie Mouse donuts are! I love the hearts, too. ;u; I have a Dunkin’ Donuts about 5 minutes from my house; they usually have one cute ‘special’ donut a month that has some kind of theme tie-in, though it’s nothing this interesting!

  • Custom avatar jane:

    hey i saw that you liked chewy rice donuts! i suggest you go to mr donut all of their donuts are made from rice and are super delicious! also i find their mascots super cute!

    • Elle:

      haha yeah they are super good! We have a few Mr. Donuts around where I live, but the locations I have been do did a very bad job overall so I kinda avoid them in Korea and just eat them in Japan haha. I’m not sure why, Its is a chain so I am thinking the ones around me are poorly managed >_< always stale and very limited selection~ I love the lion mascot they have though 😀

  • Custom avatar Jasmine:

    OMG are the donuts like that in America they way the are mad in Korea? They look so good.

  • Custom avatar kimberly:

    omg the doughnut are super cute and looks yummy ah i can taste the goodness hehe :3

  • Custom avatar Junebug:

    Hi Elle,
    Have you ever try Mr. Donut in Korea?

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