Looking for a cute place to shop in Seoul? Right in front of the famed Ewha Women’s University is an area referred to in general as Edae 이대 ( The school name학교  shortened to = 이대) which is a cluster of small shops weaving and twisting through many streets around the campus front gates. 


Edae Women’s University was founded in 1866 by the American Missionary Mary Scranton,  today it is considered one of the top schools in Korea to attend along with Seoul University.

이대 can also refer to the college itself, but for this post we are talking about “Edae” as in the shopping area outside the station!

Since this shopping area is right in front of a large college the shops are pretty trendy with a range of tastes and styles, and since its right next to the popular Hongdae and Shinchon university stations (the trend trinity!) it is a given that this area is usually packed with younger people shopping and having a good time on the weekend.

Edae has its fair share of the usual Korean brand makeup shops and chains scattered around (Face shop, Etude, Tony Moly, Holika Holika, etc)  but the main characteristics of this area are the range of affordable girls clothing in VERY modern, feminine, or earthy/hippie-style/relaxed styles.  Yes, if you want to be up with the latest looks this is a great place to shop and grab what you need fairly cheaply here!

Soft girly styles are the most popular currently in Edae, but don’t worry~ they sell lots of other things as well!

Edae’s side shopping streets setting up in the early morning before the masses flood in.

The best shopping is in the back streets to the left of the main road~ they are small, crammed, and weave in every direction so its fun to explore and things are always changing. This is my favorite place to wander around because you just never know what you will find, and chances are you may not see it again if you pass it up!

If I am looking for a current trend in magazines this is one of the best places to find it first and for a cheap price!

Clothing prices vary here, but generally for girls they are quite cheap!  Most racks are FILLED with things in the 5,000-20,000 won range ($5-$20) fancy shirts or tops can go for a bit more though.  I usually expect prices from 10,000-40,000 won on clothing items when I look at the tag, since its an area for students they keep the costs reasonable.  The cheap racks are great places to get trendy pieces or basics for layering!

If you like bolder colors and prints you can often find some choices here as well!  Overall the style is a bit more soft and feminine, but fun pieces and slightly bolder colors do appear here from time to time!

Edae also has many unique boutique-style stores that are not as cheap as the mass-rack shops, but are the ones that you can usually find something extra pretty or special! Its not the *quite* same flavor or brand fame, but it reminds me of a lot of the little special shops you find in Harajuku in Japan. These shops have items made special for them or things have been thoughtfully selected based on the store theme and style/taste they are appealing to.

Edae is also a great place to go bag and backpack shopping! They have several large stores with TONS of choices in a range of colors! Most of the backpacks are more boyish vs ultra girly so guys will enjoy shopping here as well.

Men’s Clothing in Edae ♥

Yes, Edae has plenty of Men’s shopping as well! This is one of Nara’s favorite places to shop since they have several dedicated men’s shops that carry basics and often a unique stylish piece or two, it is a lot less intense vs shopping at the larger shopping centers and not quite as overwhelming!  Men’s clothing can be a tad overpriced here in terms of quality for what they are asking, but sadly it is a common issue in Korea so just use your best judgement!

Shell out that mulah Nara!

The style for men is a range of  preppy (aka “Dandy”), urban, sleek, and we have found several very sharp jackets here for about 80,000 won! In fact, if anything~ for guys this is a great place to look for unique jackets.  You will not get them for cheap, but you are paying for the style ♥

Men’s shops are scattered around and some are down the quite back streets, so make sure you wander around the area a bit if you are shopping around!

What about haggling in Edae? Can you do it?

Haggling used to be a lot easier in this area 10 years ago, now they are a lot more firm with prices + most stores just refuse unless its a small little place dealing with cash usually. The unwritten rule in Korea is if the price is marked or posted, do not haggle.

♥  ♥  ♥

Honestly, as a tourist or someone who can not speak Korean, don’t even bother unless you are buying shoes (maybe bags from bag shops), or shopping in a smaller street shop and buying a several things.  They get LOTS of traffic and don’t want to bother bargaining with you unless you plan to spend a lot~ even then they only knock a $ or two off so its almost not worth the debate… seriously, is it worth saving $2 on a $70 thing? Save your energy~ overall the prices are already quite low here.

Sale table outside with great deals~ $10 shoes / 10,000 won

Another great thing to shop for in Edae is SHOES!! They have several stores stuffed full of all sorts of styles!

This is my favorite shop for cheap shoes in Edae.. well they are cheap AFTER I get the price down.

(lol have I captured the tone of haggle friendly shops well enough with this pic?)

Shoes is something I always tend to haggle for here, but only at specific shoe shops….once you get used to seeing them they are easy to identify~ for beginners, generally they are run by middle-aged men, have LOTS of choices piled up, and have no visible prices.


^^ For more info on JUST shoes in this area~ yeah I shop a lot hahaha ^^

Accessories are another amazing find in this area if you look closely and wonder a bit away from the main streets.

Several ADORABLE shops are in this area with handmade pieces that are little works of art, its like having etsy.com sellers right in front of you.  Often they are similar to the things you can buy from the larger stores, but customized or hand-crafted to make them extra pretty.  Predominantly the boutique shops are very girly crafty pieces~ softer colors and cute things like bows, birds, bunnies, charms, flowers etc.

Along the main road you can find a seller or two that often has very “Japanese-friendly” styles~ things a bit more pop and fun or crazy! Many of these pieces we see in Harajuku for double the price when we go to shop in Tokyo, so sift around for the good stuff if this is your style!

The back street shops are off the busy path and great places to find badges and awesome bracelets!

This is one of our favorite shops which I will feature and give directions to very soon! She has EVERYTHING, so you never know what awesome treasure you will find ♥

Son Goku is at your service!

If you are on a budjet, Edae also has several cheap accessory chains like Naughty Cat and Red Eye among others! These are huge shops filled with cheap goodies and are my favorite place to get basics if possible!

I’ll take one in every color please!!

This shop is a great place to stop by if you want Japanese snacks, little toys, beauty products, or clothing!

The large AM PM building in the very center (its hard to miss it on your left as you walk down the road towards the school) is also a booth style shopping mecca that is common here in Korea, but honestly I find most things inside to be a bit overpriced or uninteresting compared to the street shopping so I hardly ever step foot inside this place.  This branch is suffering like many of the others outside Dongdaemoon, they are filled with more empty booths VS full nowadays, but occasionally an owner will have a nice sale rack or two.

On the very last street before the Edae gate you can find the large Kosney store with its iconic giant pink shoe!  This place has a Codes Combine store on the top floor, cute housewares on the bottom, but the ground level is the best because it has a huge stationary section complete with a giant Choo Choo Cats area!  They used to have a lot more brands and a great vintage clothing section, but those got removed over the summer~ if anything you should swing in to buy stationary items though!

A very noticeable thing as you wander the streets of Edae is the amount of hair salons and nail salons they have on some streets….well it is a GIRLS university area after all. lol!  Edae has some of the more trendy hair salons and has dozens of places that offer hair extenshions for very low cost… but sadly this is only if you have black or dark brown hair usually, I found specials for about 100,000 won ($100) a head some weeks.

Nail salons are hit or miss, I have only had so-so art done and found it overpriced honestly. The nails above are very basic and cost me around 28,000 won ($28) which is not that impressive… for deco gel nails the prices start at almost 100,000+ ($100) which is not BAD, but the art is not always impressive. Just like most places, it really depends on the shop~ so when I find a good place worth the money I will be sure to recommend it to you guys ♥

Hungry? Edae has plenty of places to chow down!

The main road as you walk towards the college usually has assorted Korean street food, these vendors are usually really good!  I have not had a bad stick of street food yet in this area, you don’t mess around with college kids I guess haha.  Giant Kabobs, Egg Bread, spicy ricecakes, ice flakes, all sorts of things are sold on the street around here for just a few won!

♥ ♥ ♥

If you want to sit down in a cafe or eat a proper meal you can find plenty of places scattered through the area, mainly on the very back road closest to the school or quieter side streets.   Its quite a range of lower cost student food in this area since that is the main demand~  Tonkatsu, kimbap, spaghetti, ramen, curry, and a few chains like Dunkin Donuts, Quiznos, Sorrento, Blacksmith, etc ♥ plus a slew of cafes of course.  I love the curry you can get here, they have several delicious Japanese-style curry places worth stopping by for sure + Marron crepes made with yummy fresh cream! Search for “Edae” in my search bar on the top of this page to see what places I have blogged about in this area!

Directions to Edae | Ewha Woman’s University

Edae Shopping Area

Styles– Young, feminine, trendy, fun

Bags, shoes, socks, jewelry, accessories

Men’s clothing + Women’s Clothing + Unisex

Price range: Student prices, girls will find lots of cheap deals here.

Shopping Hours: Shops open up around 11am-noon, area comes to life by 1pm.  Closes around 9-10pm.

Taking Seoul Metro Green Line #2 is the best way to reach Edae in the city!

Assuming you are not too far outside Seoul, getting to Edae/ Ewha Woman’s University is VERY easy because its right on the metro line!  Line #2 aka the green line is the oval shaped route that runs through the center of Seoul in a big circle.  Just get on the green line using the best route possible and ride the green in the correct direction ^^

When you arrive at the metro station you want to look for exits #2 or #3  those will let you out right around the main street which will lead downhill towards the university. That is the main road you will want to follow~ Shopping will be mainly to the streets (and mini side streets) on your left and most of the cafes will be on the right side street parallel to this main one.  This is a great area filled with all sorts of little shops, so make sure you wander around and enjoy!

and here is a kinda basic idea for you of the areas of interest (pink overlay) in Edae ♥

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106 Responses to “Let’s Go Shopping in Edae 이대 ♥”

  • I seriously need to go there! Look at all those cutieeeees! Oh my sdhsadfasghdadas… I want the dresses and the shoes and aaaaaaa~ *faints* oh well… I can’t wait to the day I spazz enough because I’m finally there, lol… I already plan to shop the chop chop at hongdae and edae, wait… which one is cheaper? 😀 oh my… I’m feeling ecstatic reading this post, I shall save a lot so I can spend a lot more hahaha

    • Elle:

      Hehe glad you liked the post!! I will be adding all the hot spots soon, I almost have enough to finish up Hongdae actually so it may be the next one ♥ Overall I find the prices at Edae actually cheaper VS Hongdae atm~ mainly because they have more 10,000 won type racks!

      • I’m sooo gonna love that 10.000 won racks too! hahahaha… Well I was looking for some hostel to stay and I found some of the best (and cheap hah!) at hongdae… is hongdae far from edae? oh my, I’m sorry I kept asking things but yeah… I’m kinda… impatient waiting for summer to come hahah.. oh, and how HOT is the summer there in korea? I need to pack the right clothes.. heheh..

        • Elle:

          no worries, I am here to help! Depending on the month we have a rainy season and a OMG HOT AS HELL season lol~ it can get pretty hot here in the summer some days + humid. It depends though…our winter was crazy long this year, it only just started getting warm like 3 weeks ago. Hongdae is super close hun, dont worry~ see the train map I posted with the heart on the station? http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-7OV5qGNNPLM/Tx-B5Qhw7QI/AAAAAAAADZo/nZLMJCFRVoc/s1600/seoul-subway-map.gif is a better one, Hongik University 학교 is the stop for “Hongdae” (see how Hongdae is just short for the uni name just like Edae? They like to do that here lol) and its just one stop away on the green subway line which is PAINFULLY easy to get around Seoul on~ plus its all bilingual so you will have no probs. Hopefully I will have more posts that can help you out by the time you come over for a trip ♥

  • Custom avatar Junni:

    Hi! I was just wondering, do those stores have the clothes in different sizes? since I sure as hell won’t fit in the small ones.. T_T

    • Elle:

      sadly no, I would say about 90% of whats sold in that area is OS/one size/free size only unless its things like pants or shorts (those can have a S,M,L option but they can be free size as well too) Really only brands or department stores have S,M,L choices here~

  • Custom avatar Junni:

    aw, that’s too bad. =.=
    i know bongjashop.com has an offline store though, do you know the location of it? or at least any other brand with that kind of cute fashion? c:

    • Elle:

      Oh I love bongjashop~ they sell mostly free size as well though, and most of whats online is very Edae style too~ so you can find it at any shop around the area. I never noticed they had a retail location, I will check the site and do a post about it if its around me though! Also, I will be doing a long blog about free size clothing and tricks/tips for wearing it since many sizes can work into most of the styles…. especially korean style clothing since they prefer a relaxed fit with many things. I will also do some department store brand features that may be of some interest to you since they carry a larger range of styles~ are you here in Korea atm?

      • Custom avatar Junni:

        Ahhh is that so? I’m actually a size 55, which I’m not sure if I’ll fit in some clothing considering the small built of most people there.
        Oh that’s really awesome of you! Thank you so much!
        Um, I’m actually planning on going there this summer.. c:

        • Elle:

          Yeah! I’m 5’5″ 118 lb and a size s-m back in the USA and I fit into almost everything here no problem! I have only had issues with OS free size shorts because my hips are wider, sometimes bust issues with blouses or sleeve length BC my arms are long, and in the cheap jeans here I am norm a M or L (I am I think a 25 or 26 jeans? I forget) I’m not itty bitty at all though. Japan was a bit harder with free size since they are more like XXS-S, Korea is more like XS-M in range!!

          • Custom avatar Junni:

            Oh cool. I think I can fit in the medium ones. But I’m a size 27 on jeans. I hope it won’t be too much of a hassle finding stuff that fits me. T_T Have you found the store location in the site? It’s in Hangul so I can’t understand it. ):

  • Custom avatar Hikari:

    Hello ~ This might be unrelated but do you know where i can get o-lens in korean seoul >< ?

    • Elle:

      Please check the related “eyes” category here http://cuteinkorea.com/category/eyes-beauty/
      You can find cosmetic lenses pretty much on every corner here in Seoul, every area has a lens shop or an eyeglass center that also sells them.

      • Custom avatar Hikari:

        Thanks >< ~ But do you know if o-lens are located in ewha woman's university ? Sorry im unable to read korean therefore im unable to tell if it's located there ):

        • Elle:

          Oh that is where I go to school♥ Edae has a Lens Story that is right around the main gates if I remember correctly, I think its by the dunkin doughnuts on the left~ Its covered in posters so its hard to miss! For O-lens I have not been yet, but they have one in Shindorim~ and the closest one to you is in Hongdae one stop over http://o-lens.com/image/com_intro_15.jpg that’s the jpg for the Hongdae info! I actually am planning on going soon to check it out as well~ While writing this I found several circle lenses with o-lens that I wanna buy *_* hehe

          • Custom avatar Hikari:

            Thanks for helping ^^ !
            O-lens looks extremely pretty therefore i wanna try it out as well > w < hehehe

          • Elle:

            My pleasure!! O-lens looks super cute, I saw many I want to buy *____*

  • Custom avatar rain:

    HI! your blog seriously makes me want to fastforward to next year so we can finally fly to korea! just one question though what are the shoe sizes in those area? i want to buy shoes but i might not be able to fit into a lot..:(

    • Elle:

      Shoes are a tad smaller here, I am a size 7 and I have no problems buying on the street and from most sales~ but I hear that anything over a size 8 is very very hard to come by unless you order online or go to a special store! Generally everyone seems to be about a size 6ish! For larger show shopping info you should check out http://partyintherok.tumblr.com/ tumblr, she loves to shop here and has an issue with shoe sizes so she has been posting bit of info about it! I’ll try and do a proper size in korea posting soon about clothing in general here since its a bit different overall!

  • Custom avatar HappySunday:

    Thank you soo much for the explicit information on Edae!! I really appreciate your reviews and information based entries. Please do more =)

    • Elle:

      Thank you! Many more to come!! 🙂 I will have some feature shops in the area and also review all the other top shopping areas soon 😉

  • Custom avatar Reila:

    Thank you for the guide! 😀
    I was wondering, how long are they usually open for? I’m in Seoul right now and want to go to Edae, but considering the day temperature I’d rather do things a bit later in the day haha. I’ve noticed other stores close around 7-8pm, is it about the same?
    And do they speak some English?

    • Elle:

      I think it depends a lot on the day~ I have been around Edae at 9:30 ish and things have still been open. I was just in Edae yesterday and it seemed to be picking up around 6pm when the sun started to go down and things got cool, so if you can swing by around that time you should have some time to shop… although I am not sure how properly lit everything is when it gets super dark in that area since its a cluster of venders. Around Edae most of the venders usually just know numbers in English, like they can say how much something is or they will bring a calculator out and just punch the price to show you. They are used to dealing with tourists in that area, so even if they do not speak English they handle business efficiently if you don’t need any special help or have a random question lol. Actual shop-shops that you go in and have the prices marked clearly usually have student staff or younger people, and out of those groups one can usually speak a bit of useful English 🙂 My friend Hyun owns a vintage shop in Edae that I will blog about, and her English is fluent so you never know! haha

  • Custom avatar mich:

    Thanks for the whole lot of information! Can’t wait to explore your other blog entries when i have the time before i go korea! ^^
    just to ask smth. do you know of any good & reasonable priced hair salons for waves or rebonding in edae? does it rain alot in mid aug?

    • Elle:

      No problem! Not sure what waves are, but rebonding you mean for extensions right? I did a long post on (kinda) the general method here called pinch braids aka Japanese braid extensions, you can find it in my “hair” category with pics of the process! I have only come across bonding as a method twice here, so I know it is around…. but the pinch braid method is by far the most popular in Korea and in Japan atm since (they say) it is better for the hair. Edae has a lot of salons, but the only one I have been to for color and extensions is called Demon Hair http://demonhair.com/ however the hair is VERY limited, only one color at 18″ and every other color is a bit shorter and browns/blacks. No textured hair either, if you are not Caucasian you will have a very hard time at most salons here and may have to stick to Iteawon. Still hunting for my perfect place to go to and I have lived here almost 2 years -_-; I have thin/normal hair with a bit of damage and they always mess up my color here and one time turned it green. Blargh that could go in its own blog post, I swear.

      Rainy season should be ending the end of aug, but we have had a very late and minor one this year~ hardly any rainy days at all!

  • Custom avatar Samantha:

    I keep thinking “WHY IS IT ALL SO EXPENSIVE?” Then I convert the currency and I’m like “Wait…WHY IS IT ALL SO CHEAP?” Why can’t clothes and shoes in the U.S. be THAT cute and THAT cheap? I’m dying looking at your blog, haha. <3

  • Custom avatar Eunri:

    Thank you for sharing about Edae!! I really love this post and am so tempted to shop there every single day when i am there!
    Can i check with you if they are likely to open the day before chuseok 29th Sep? i will be arriving in korea on that day. I hope I can go to Edae if it is open!

    • Elle:

      Chuseok is a tricky holiday here, most people leave Seoul and go outside the city so what is open and closed is very random! I would think they day before would be ok and things will be open, but the day of the holiday I never know what to expect 😀

  • Custom avatar Chima:

    This article is very usefull.. Thanks alot.
    By the way, any suggest for near hotel on edae, myeongdong, dongdaemon, platton?
    My sister n i are planning a trip o Korea.
    Thank you verymuch though..n____n

  • Custom avatar stephanie:

    Hi Elle, I will be in Korea next month for the first time. Your website is really awesome and has a lot of really good information about what to eat and where to eat and shop in Korea and where to go for site seeing. At first I was pretty nervous about traveling to Korea because I do not understand the language. I had jot down some of the direction you had posted to a few of the places and they look pretty simple and easy to follow. So I hope I will not get lost. Is Korea an easy place to travel if you are not too familiar with their language because I did notice some of their menu are all in Korean.Would some restaurant have a Korean menu as an English menu? Are the subway system easy to get from different places? I apologize for so many question and thank you for your time in answering questions.

    • Elle:

      Hi Stephanie! Do NOT worry, Korea is very easy to get around~ even if you do not speak Korean! The subway system is almost 100% bilingual in Korean and English so you will have an easy time + taking cabs to where you need to go is VERY cheap and easy here~ so I highly recommend that. If you do plan on using the train it is SO SO EASY vs something like the railway in Japan~ the Korean metro is all one train line and you just map out getting from point A to point B… most of the time everything you will want will just be on the Green line #2 though, so it is painless. Just look for a place to buy a t-money card at the station and you can fill it up with money to swipe VS buying tickets here, and the machines are in English so they are easy to use.

      Many menus here have the name of the dish written in English above the Korean, but true bilingual menus are very hit or miss~ It really depends on the area and restaurant you visit. Most places should give you no trouble and have pictures for you to go off of, just avoid VERY VERY local Korean looking places since they will usually just have the menu written in Korean on the wall so it is tricky. Dont worry, if all else fails SO many people speak a smattering of english in Seoul that if you are in a pinch you can find someone to help you quite easily nowadays. Hopefully I will have some more posts to help you before you go, I do have a Seoul Metro post planned~ I just have not gotten to it just yet 🙂

  • Custom avatar Cherie:

    HI! i was searching online for recommended shopping in korea and im so glad to have found your blog! 😀 i will be heading there in December this year and i will definitely shop at Edae first! (though im gonna be staying at myeongdong. Just wondering, do they sell knitted wool sweaters in ewha for maybe 10k KRW? cause i was thinking whether to buy em off Gmarket first. I’m also looking for a good winter jacket / trench coat and on gmarket it’s around 30,000 KRW so im just wondering how it compares to Edae. OH and winter boots! So excited!

    Other than shopping for fashion clothes, do you know anywhere where i can buy cheap Ski jackets/ goggles / snow boots etc? Ive been searching online and i get so many korean websites and their prices are around 100,000 KRW ><

    and lastly, im quite into esports! i saw your post about sc2 gsl and wondering where you can find match schdules and how to get tickets? thanks sooooo much!!!!

    • Elle:

      Hi Cherie~ Gmarket is the internet so they often have the cheapest prices in the end, but I like buying in person because online you never know what quality you will be sent….what looks nice in the photos is not always the case IRL. Jackets here can run from 30,000-120,000 for the cheaper styles though, with winter here you want something thick since it does get quite cold though, some of the cheaper ones are too thin and I have to layer them.

      I know an amazing place for ski gear in super cute patterns and designs, but it is a proper Korean brand here and not cheap… but I do not find it extra expensive either. Ski gear is a luxury item here so generally it is not mass-produced by the little factories and found cheaply on the streets~ so you are stuck pretty much with department store brands. Honestly though, you do not want to go cheap with ski gear because you need it to be warm and not crap out, right? *_* haha Doota building has a sports floor that has the brand of gear I like… but crap, I cant remember the name atm. I was planning on doing a feature on them very soon though, so keep an eye out for that!

      For esports atm I have nooooo idea~ my friend is a caster and hooked us up! If you have any requests for future blogs please write me on this post HERE~ http://cuteinkorea.com/request/ and I will add them to the list and try to get to them as soon as possible ♥

      • Custom avatar Cherie:

        thanks so much for your reply! (: im not quite sure what constitutes a good jacket for winter? would a normal wool coat do or do i need one with down feathers? i usually do 3 layers (thermal, fleece, sweater then a coat) since im pretty scared of the cold! just wondering if 20,000 KRW is considered an okay price for wool acrylic sweater? i got my eyes on 2 pieces gmarket but just hesitating to cart out cause i’m not sure what i can get in the streets of edae for that price ><

        ah for ski jackets im looking for around.. 50 000 KRW ish? i read online that sometimes they have sale, especially for older models of ski jackets. Only problem is i dont really know where to go in korea to find them. So thanks for mentioning Doota!! it's in dongdaemun right? i'll be waiting for your blog post on ski wear/ sports shopping!

        Thanks again so much for your help! it's really awesome to have someone who contribute so much to the english speaking community! <3

  • Omg, bless this post. I’m so jealous! Now I’m being lured to attend Ewha.. lol. The sale prices are too attractive *_* I feel like when I go to korea, I’m going to be broke.
    Lovely post, btw. 🙂 love the pink.

  • Custom avatar Grace:

    Hi! I’m so excited to go to Korea! I’m going in mid december! 🙂 How cold will it be? I was wondering whats the best place to shop for cute, cheap dresses etc for teenage girls? I have heard that Dongdaemun, Namdaemun and Edae are good but which one is the best and what times are best to go? I heard that for Dongdaemun its best to go at night but its closed on mondays? Also how much are dresses and t shirts?
    Thanks for all of your help! 🙂
    (ps I love that we get to pick our own avatars! So cute! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Mindy:

    Hi!!! Your website is great and so informative! It is such a gem.

    I’m going to Seoul in mid-december. As I come from sunny Singapore, would like to ask if shopping in December would be mainly restricted to winter clothes.


    • Elle:

      Hi Mindy 🙂 Yeah they keep a lot of winter clothing out of course, but you can still find lots of basics since some of the pieces just stay out all the time! atm I have not noticed too much of a shift for the regular shops, they just added a few racks of long sleeves and jackets or more fur things, but overall it still seems to be the same stuff ^^

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    Thanks A LOT for that one, I never saw this place in any korean tourism website. I think when I’ll go to Korea, Edae will be my fave place to go shopping, I love almost all the girly outfit/backpack/acc I saw here, I could easily spend 200€ haha
    Can I just ask you about the size ? I read that almost street size clothes are in one size but what kind of size is it ? I already know I’ll have to lose some weight before buying clothes there :/

    • Elle:

      Aw your welcome! Yeah the tourism website is kinda horrid, I hate having to use it for any kind of info because it is always spotty, dated, or just not what I was looking for. Sizes in Korea, ahhh I need to do a post on this proper~ but OS free size in Korea is usually a S-M for most average girls. Many Korean girls like to wear very large oversized clothing here as well (so they buy XXL sweaters and such) so nowadays you can often find lots of “free size” clothing styled much larger. Check out my “shoe shopping in Edae” post for info on the shoe sizes they sell here, and for pants/shorts I find sized free or S-L however the hips and legs are a bit smaller…. I would say a Large pant here is ahhhh maybe a 28-29 in jeans.

      • Custom avatar Maeva:

        well I think the tourism website infos are great for a first time or for a short week to see the most important things but it’s better to go through the city to discover more. Thank you for answering my size question, I think I’ll have to diet before buying there haha
        By the way, I just realized it was the area of Ehwa uni, I’m planning to study korean in Seoul and Ehwa is one of my choices. If I end up here, I should be careful with my money hahaha

        • Elle:

          Yes, you pretty much walk through it to get to the school~ I went to Ewha for two semesters so that is why I posted about this area first for a long time hahaha. They have a very good language program if you are going for that, I went to Sogang as well and preferred Edae’s program structure and pace.

  • can you do posts about shopping districts in korea but the one in winter? like the season now? because i’m going later on 26 and i want to see how is it there^^ if you already have it before please sent me the link^^ thank you so very much … I LOVEEEE your blog 😀

    • Elle:

      I will be doing a winter outfit feature in another day or two, but as for the shopping areas now they are exactly the same plus lots more sweater and jacket choices pretty much ^^ Currently Hongdae (the other place I have posted about to shop at so far) has lots of great winter things on sale in the main area.

      • thanks! I’ll wait for it^^
        btw do they sell summer clothes and shoes now that is it winter?
        because I live in a country that has no winter so If i want to go shopping, i have to buy summer clothes. if not then I can’t wear them in my country 🙁

        • Elle:

          Not much light summer clothing since they do not have a demand for it right now, but they may have some shirts, shorts, and skirts around since girls here like to layer a bunch. Dec & Jan are really cold and snowy here so the racks are mainly filled with knits and sweaters. For more choices you should stick to the larger shopping areas like Dongdaemun since Edae caters to the students in the area so the clothing really reflects what is needed for that season.

  • Custom avatar Deisy:

    Hello Elle,
    I really like your site. I’m in business trip in Suwon. I really want to visit Edae.. Do you know what until what time the stores are open during week days?

    • Elle:

      Hi Deisy~ Edae opens a bit later, 12 noon till about 10pm is the average time for most shops, although if the weather is bad or the place is empty they may close a little sooner. Heads up though, Wednesday this week is Election day so many smaller shops may be closed! 🙂 Hope you are having a nice time in Suwon, I have a few things I need to feature in that area when the snow melts.

  • Custom avatar kim:

    i wish i was a size 7 🙁 im a size 9

    • Elle:

      aw my sister is too ~_~ I understand. Another blogger I follow here is a larger size, I think she finds many of her shoes at some special larger-size shops they have here and on gmarket they sometimes sell a better size range vs what is on the street!

  • Custom avatar naela:

    hi there. it’s nice to have your blog as a guide for us who wants to travel to korea especially the 1st timer ^^

    but i have something important to ask. do u know if there’s anywhere i could find halal food restaurant / stall (for muslim) to eat for cheap price? heard from my friend, it’s not easy to find one and if there is, it will be expensive.

    hope u can help me to get the information ^^ thank you

    • Elle:

      Hello~ I’m sorry, since I am not Muslim I have no idea since I do not search for it, but we do have a small Muslim community so I am sure some places exist. If anyplace, they would be located in Itaewon where most foreign food and markets are, although since some types of food are not common here they can be a bit more expensive or extremely… it all depends. Your best bet would be to use google and read up as much as you can

      http://www.freme.com/freme_travel_main/travel_tips_information/food/Korea_FoodGuideforMuslims.html and http://halalmedia.net/korea-street-guide-halal-korean-food/ are some of the many links that came up from just googling “Halal food Korea”. I have not come across a Halal butcher here ever personally, so I am not sure how difficult (or expensive!) it would be to get the meat properly killed in Korea for people~ so that may prove a bit tricky or you may have to stick to vegetarian dishes or Korean dishes Muslim bloggers have discovered to be Halal for you 🙂 I’m not sure if its a helpful suggestion, but if it is ok for you to use “Vegan” diet then I highly recommend reading this blog http://aliensdayout.com/ she reviews many vegan and vegetarian friendly locations throughout Seoul mainly. Best of luck!!

      • Custom avatar naela:

        thanks for the quick reply elle ^^
        and thanks also for the info. i plan to visit there this year.
        i really wish i could find halal food over there when i travel around seoul.
        have a nice day ^^

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Hi~ your blog is so adorable 🙂
    I am going to Korea this summer after almost 10 years! I am half Korean so lots of family live in Seoul~
    I do have a limited amount of money and I am very into fashion so I wanna know which stuff you would recommend me buy with the limited amount of money so I can get the best things out of my money~ like for example, I’ve traveled to Taiwan a lot and I end up spending lots of money in the cheap and fashionable clothes and my money seems to disappear fast o.O

    • Elle:

      Hello 🙂 Well honestly that is going to depend on you as a shopper lol since I am not sure what you use a lot of. Accessories and basics are very cheap here if you need those, and so is makeup~ but in the end if you just shop smart you can many things for cheap prices. I often just spend about 10,000 on items~ you just have to keep your eyes open and not get over-charged.

  • Custom avatar queenie:

    HI Elle,

    Your blog is supercute and very informative! I’m glad to come across this while searching for some items I want to get in korea. Im planning to go there in Oct (will be autumn) this yr, & wonder if those pretty clothes/short-sleeve tops will still be selling in the shops then? This will be my 3rd time there..unfortunately I didnt really shop in Edae last time.. though i’ll make sure i leave my marks this time round! All thanks to U 🙂

  • Custom avatar dawn:

    hello elle 🙂 thank you so much for doing up this lovely and informative post 🙂 i’ll be going to korea next week, and after reading this, visiting edae is a must for me! 🙂 just wondering, to get from city hall to the edae station, do i have to ride the subway in a loop, past euljiro station, or can i take the subway from city hall to chungjeongno, and then to edae? slightly confused by the metro system over there :/

    • Elle:

      Hi Dawn, so glad the blog can be of some help to you~ and I will be doing a subway post hopefully in the near future to lay it out clearly for those of you visiting and worried. Dont worry, the Seoul Metro is SUPER easy once you get here, make sure you look for a booth (which will be bilingual ^^) to buy a t-money card and you can simply charge it with cash and swipe to pay as well, so simple. With all the train lines here you can go both ways, so obviously the closer way on that green line is the direction you will want to go. When you go to the platform usually they are set up side by side, so you can pick one direction or the other~ to make sure you are on the right side just check the destination station which will be listed (in english too) above the doors usually. Dont worry, its so bilingual, color coded, and streamlined that it takes a VERY short time to get the hang of 😉 especially with that green line #2 that will take you almost everyplace you want to go without needing a transfer (gangnam, hongdae, etc)

  • Custom avatar Ice:

    I have come to Korea with a jerk who ignored whatever I wanted to do and planned according to his shopping needs. I was so put off that I decided to venture out on my own. I followed two of your posts and went shopping on my own. It is not about how much I bought. It is my freedom that I have gained. Thank you so much.

    • Elle:

      My pleasure, I am so glad that you could break away and do what you wanted to do! Dont be timid, explore here and you can make your own fun minus the pushy travel buddy <3 have a good time!!!

  • Custom avatar cozygel:

    Hi, What time the shops open. Any good facial there?

    • Elle:

      Hours are posted in the article. This is mainly a good shopping area and for hair cuts.

  • Custom avatar Luxor:

    wooww…haha…I’m so glad I came across your blog. It helps a lot…a whole lot..hehe…I can’t wait to go shopping there. I’ll be there this 30 August with my sister and brother and I appreciate what you wrote here cause it helps me a lot for my travel and now I’m planning to stay close to that area for 2-3 days just for shopping…hehe..Oohh..can I ask you something? Do you know any cheap place to stay nearby? Thank you in advance..^_^…God bless you..

  • Custom avatar jakstarxx:

    are stores on ewha university open on sunday?

    • Elle:

      Depends! Most are open as usual after around noon, some do close on monday tho. Its a little random in korea with monday or sunday closures.

  • Custom avatar Mila:

    OMG i cant wait for go to Korea!! I go in few month and now i know where exactly need to go!! I want go with a empty suitcase 🙂 thanks!!

  • Custom avatar Nikki:

    Just came back from Korea yesterday and have been following your blog for some time now. Was at Edae just a few days ago and omg…I went to Woono too! Bought a lovely bracelet from there for 11000. Loved Kosney too and bought some pretty cards, especially the pop-up hanbok one for 5000! Sadly it’s still under a bit of construction so it had a really tiny selection.

    • Elle:

      So glad, hope you had a great time!! Man, that Kosney has been under construction for a while~ I hope they finish soon because it has been almost 6 months *_*

      • Custom avatar Nikki:

        Yeah I’m bummed. They’ve got 3 floors now but at least one more to come. Really sad the stationery section wasn’t as extensive as you mentioned. Oh well, I hope you will write up those craft posts soon. Found some pretty paper in Insadong but that’s about it.

        • Elle:

          gah they need to hurry up, half of the first floor used to be almost all stationary 🙁 If you are in Edae go to the left next to the gate (in between Blacksmith restaurant and the gate is an alley) If you walk till the end just a few meters you will see a really nice art supply shop on your left. Took me a year to realize they had it back there lol.

  • Custom avatar Nikki:

    Oh man! I’ve left Korea. Real bummer. Was looking for lovely stationery to bring back. Hope they fix up Kosney real good soon. They have some really cool and unique goodies there. Thanks lots for the Edae tip! Next time, hopefully.

    • Elle:

      Ah if you plan on returning keep an eye out for my Art*box post then, it is a great shop for those sorts of things. The other shop I suggested was more for art supplies for people living here that need paint and such! 🙂

      • Custom avatar Nikki:

        Oh goody. Thanks for the recommendation! I love those cute artsy shops. Oh, a paint shop? I did see and enter one of those in Insadong. It was all about painting! Nothing else. Really cool but really crazy at the same time. They’re really focused. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Emelie:

    Hi Elle!!

    First of all I really love your blog and have been reading it for 1-2 years now but haven’t actually commented anything but I have a question. How are the street markets/shopping streets (Edae, Dongdaemyun, Hongdae etc.) during winter I have seen alot of posts about the shopping malls and such but are the smaller shops/stalls still open during winter?

  • Custom avatar Pauline:

    Hi Elle, thank you for your reply in the post on hongdae . Can I ask do you know how will the weather be lok during November 14 – 20 ? Is it very cold? I don’t know which type of clothing to bring for my daughter as she is still young. Can I also check with you is itaewon worth visiting? How do I go to itaewon shopping streets? I only know of shopping in myeongdong , dongdaemun , edae, hongdae. Any other places with nice clothes like edae you will recommend? I am spending 6 days there hope these places are enought for me to shop 🙂 thanks again Elle for your reply

    • Elle:

      For november I am unsure, usually it is brisk but not super cold with snow just yet. I would bring pants and sweaters just in case plus a warmer coat for the night, in Korea you do a lot of walking so keep that in mind.

      I do not recommend shopping in iteawon, they have nothing very good clothing-wise and the korean souvenirs are very over priced + it has lots of naughty pockets at night so unless you know the area you may not be comfortable. If you stay in hongdae, next stop over (you can walk) is hapjeong with lovely cafes and a peaceful mood. You may enjoy that much more! Insadong (cultural neighborhood) is also a wonderful place to visit. I will feature all these locations on the blog soon 😉 Dongdaemun, edae, and hongdae should keep you very busy with shopping though… dongdaemun alone can take about 2 days to shop through all the stores.

  • Custom avatar L Mun:

    hi Elle, nice to glance thru your blog, I believe it will be helpful especially for those who are first timer to Korea.
    this a few question are on my mind since we will be travelling soon to Seoul from 9th – 16th Nov.
    1) how’s the weather during day & night time?
    2) where’s the best area for ladies shopping beside Dongdaemun’s area in terms of reasonable price with good value items.. ^`^ such as beauty products & clothings
    3) is shopping area surrounding Ewha Womans University worth to visit?

    Thanks Elle, for your earliest reply.

  • Custom avatar Lida:

    Hi Elle ^.^
    Ohmy I just gotta say thank you so much for having this blog! >u<
    I read it all the time.
    I'm actually going to korea in the easter, and I'm so excited.
    But I was wondering, do you know if there are hair salos that take in english speaking trainees? I'm going to become a hairdresser and makeup artist, and I want to work in korea. Or more or less, I want to move to korea.
    I also wanted to ask if you know about some nice places I should visit when I come to korea? I know I'm going to Seoul, Busan, Jeju and the, umm the last capital? (the capital that was before Seoul .__. I don't remember the name at this moment)
    It would be awesome if you could recommend some places ^^
    Now my comment is going all over the place .__. sorry.
    Thanks a lot for answer ^.^
    I love your blog <3

    • Elle:

      Hi Lida, some salons staff english speakers (although they are rare so all the expats tend to go to those salons even though they over charge) but to work in korea doing that you either have to marry a korean or find a salon willing to sponsor your visa which honestly would be very hard to find I think. They would want someone fluent in both korean and english, so those spaces tend to be filled by koreans that just studied overseas.

      Similar to someone who expressed interest in studying nail art in korea, I dont recommend it at all. Nail art and hair salons in korea are overall pretty bad sadly… they lack a lot of the very basic skills you are trained as standard in foreign programs. They do not even know how to tint blonde hair after its bleached and often over process hair… ugh its a mess. The trims are nice for the money here, but after 3 years living in korea I still would color my own hair because the salons are so untrustworthy which sadly has a lot to do with the training! ! If anything, train someplace properly and try and work in korea with those skills or open a business there someday ^^

    • Elle:

      Ps if you keep reading the other posts in my blog I feature many places to visit 🙂 enjoy!

  • Custom avatar Rachel:

    Your blog is srsly the best. I’ve looked thru many blogs and websites, yours is the most clear. Really nice pics and i REALLY REALLY like the maps you draw at the end. It’s really really helpful >.< I'll recommend this blog/site to my other friends when they travel to Seoul ^_^

    I dont usually leave comments on people's blog but srsly, i have to compliment you. 🙂 Good job 🙂

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you so very much!! I totally understand what you mean, its the reason I actually made this site! I was so frustrated with the poor information and bad directions. Finding stuff in korea can ve sych a pain even using korean blogs, so the first time we visit a place it cab take quite a bit of hunting! ! Many more posts on the way, hope to read more comments from you in the future ^^ it motivates me a bunch to keep going! ♥♡♥

  • Custom avatar Elizabeth:

    Hi Elle! I love your blog, it’s really helpful! 🙂
    I am planning to visit Korea some time in March next year. Is the weather still very cold?
    And also, in most shops in Korea (not the department stores), do they allow people to try on shoes and clothes?
    Seeing all the adorable clothes in Edae makes me even more excited to go to Korea now 😀

    • Elle:

      Hello! It depends, but last year it was really chilly through almost May! Just make sure you check the temp online and bring at least an extra layer… you do a lot of walking in seoul so if its chilly you are stuck with it! For the department stores they will let you try on shoes no problem (so will street venders) and clothing is ok to try on in those stores often. Just heads up they may give you a cloth bag to put over your face in the fitting room, its to help keep makeup off the clothing. For cheaper stores and street/market style shopping they may let you slip on a skirt or blouse, but many are one size so they will not let you try it on…. I have been a range of weights in korea and noticed that if you are thin and will fit the clothing most places will allow you to try things on to check, if you are bigger and they can see it will not fit you they may just say no. Depends!

  • Custom avatar Izzah:

    Hi Elle! Your blog is my favorite! I love all your posts especially the shopping ones 🙂 I was planning on going to Korea last year with my family but we had problems getting our Visa and we couldnt go. Your blog makes me want to visit Korea so much more! Its so colorful and informative!! Thank you for your effortss.Love from Pakistan xx

  • Custom avatar Thao:

    Hi Ellie. I have been a big fan of u. I always love to be in Korea and yes finally I have about a day to transit in Seoul before leaving for US and I am so so so worried about where should I go in that one day. I want to go shopping but also want to see some highlight of Seoul. Can you give me some suggestions? Thanks.

  • Love your blog ! Super cute and informative ! This is a really good post! Do you know whether the clothes are manufactured in China/Thailand/Korea etc ? I would assume they are cheap because they are from China or Thailand ?

    • Elle:

      Some are made in china (mainly larger mass produced things like for daiso or chain companies like le bunny bleu ) but korea has its own factories that are very reasonable and can handle a large range of things so maaaaany items are made within korea which still keeps the cost low but the quality higher imo. Korea (like japan) prefers to self-produce when at all possible.

  • Custom avatar Thao:

    HI do u know how to get there from incheon airport?

    • Elle:

      Take the subway train connected to the airport, the lines can take you directly to a stop on the seoul metro. From there get on line #2 metro to edae. Its best if you just look at the map, they are bilingual and very very easy to follow

  • Custom avatar catnpevrdn:

    Hi Elle! Do you know the opening and closing hours of most of the shops in Edae?

    I’m loving all the cuteness of your blog, Elle. Keep it up! ^^

    • Custom avatar catnpevrdn:

      Sorry Elle. Please delete this comment. Just read the blog again and found the operating hours of the shops. 🙂 Thanks!

  • Custom avatar baekhyun_saranghe:

    Hello, I will be going to Korea from March 21-31st, may I know if I am able to get summer like clothes? or will the clothes in Edae be all like winter wear? Thank you!

  • Custom avatar T:

    Hi Elle
    I was shoping in this area today because of your reccomedation. Lots of cute stuff.

    I do have a question, sorry if it’s silly.

    It’s my first time in Korea. Many of the shops I went into would not let me try in clothes. A few allowed me to, but most claimed I was “too big” and would stretch out the clothes or wreck them. I am between a size 00/0 or 24/25 in pants am am 5 9″. I am in no way fat or big. I found it extremely rude and hurtful that the shop associates would say such a thing. I did purchase from The shops that did allow me try and everything fit perfect, although a few things were too big (shocker!)

    I wanted to ask if it’s common for shop associates to not let ANYONE try clothes on, or if they assume foreigners are fat and will wreck the clothes?
    Like I said, I don’t think 00 or 0 is fat, and can’t for the life of me understand why they would call me fat and too big for their clothing.
    Ugh my first visit has been so upsetting!!

    • Elle:

      Aw sorry that happened, it REALLY varies depending on the shop though! Many many areas/shops do not allow you to try on things, or have rules that you can try on shorts/skirts but not things that pull over your head due to makeup damage! You are taller for some Korean clothing, so some may have assumed…. some places make the choice for you and say it will not fit lol yes, its because they deal with more overweight foreigners vs ones that fit and understand the concept of free size clothing. Most non Koreans I see are chubby by Korean free size clothing standards, but they dont have that mindset and try to mush into things they really cant~ I have this issue with Korean Shorts,but god knows I try lol! Korean girls really like larger fit clothing for free size the last few years though, so it is not nearly as hard to shop as it was 10 years ago XD some shop keepers need to remember that!

      Try not to take too much offense because they deal with girls trying to squeeze into clothing all day so they get a little grumpy haha. Edae is generally a grab and buy zone, as someone who lived here long term I rarely try on street clothing before buying like many Korean girls, you learn to look and tell if it will work without trying XD most shops in Edae area dont want you trying on things in general regardless of you being Korean or not though, too many girls so the clothing would be ruined by makeup <3 doota/dongdaemun area allows a lot more trying on which is the area I shop for more fitted clothing like blouses or form fit dresses since I have a larger chest and have to try on things sometimes to see if it will button over them hehe! Department stores will also let you try things on as well 🙂 From personal exp over the years, I have found the more Korean you speak and dress the better you can be treated by the cheaper shops because you come off as someone familiar with Korean clothing and not so touristy~ not that these relate to you exactly, just observations I have had <3

      Oh PS if they hand you a cloth bag/sheet thing that looks like a shoe bag that is for you to put over your head when you try something on!

      • Custom avatar T:

        Thanks for your reply 🙂

        I know I shouldn’t take offense, but it was hard not to be upset when I know size 0 is by no means fat, although I do know that yes I am very tall!
        My husband said that as well, that they probably assume all foreigners are overweight and won’t fit the clothing.
        Not to sound rude, but I was thinner than 80% of the shop associates, so I couldn’t understand why they would say I was fat when I was smaller than they were.

        Yes I figured some shops do not allow you to try, but for $70+ for some of the items i would prefer to try it first versus wasting money. The $10-20 items aren’t a big deal.

        Do you buy a lot here in Korea? Or buy from stores back home?

        Thanks again for replying. It was just so frustrating and made me so upset and a little self-conscious. 🙁

        • Elle:

          Did they say you were too fat? Just because they said you cant try things on does not mean you are fat lol dont worry im sure it was because of policy since many shops in Edae dont allow girls to try stuff on. Yup I buy almost all my clothing from Korea or Japan (although I will buy stuff from f21 or H&M in korea if its cute) and I am around a size 4/5 so you dont have to be suuuuper small to shop there~ i can only recall one time a shop keeper said i would not fit into sone shorts and in the end he was right hahaha. korea is a bit larger with the free sizes (s/m) vs Japan (xs/s) so my only concern is usually bust fit or sleeve length since I have long arms I guess XD . I do get most of my jean pants at uniqlo though because free size street jeans/denim shorts are a little tight in the thigh or hip for me!

          • Elle:

            Oh eyeball for dress length while you shop! You will fit everything but sometimes the length is a pain there! I buy tons of dresses in korea but girls wear things really short so I have to add slips under for tush modesty usually and I am only 5’4″!

  • Custom avatar angelina:

    i wanna ask when shopping at hongdae, edae street are we allow to test their clothes? do they allow? or we just try it on on the spot for example a jacket or cardigan. i would need your explaination how is the shopping style in korea. thanks so much if you could reply me.

  • Custom avatar chrystine:

    Hi elle! I m so glad that I found ur blog.
    I will hv a trip to seoul on 19-25 sept. After readin ur blog guess I cant wait to go there!
    I am a first time traveler n I ll stay in gangnam gu district.
    I wish u could help me make a recomendation of what to eat, do, see and buy in seoul.
    Thnx in advance! Waiting to hearing from u soon ♡

  • Custom avatar linda:

    hi.. i want to ask ~ do u know the operation hour for the shops? 🙂

  • Custom avatar laa:

    hey:) i just wondered i f people in korea really wear cute clothes like that…because my friend said most koreans just wear jeans and tshirt when she visited seoul last month,,, but why do thesell those clothes if noone wears them ?

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