Oh Egg bread…how I love you.  The first time I had this was maybe in 2009 when we came to Korea for a visit, and when we moved the first vender I insisted we visit was for 계란 빵 .  Egg Bread is pretty easy to find in areas that young people flock, I always see a cart outside the malls and University areas~ often its in its own dedicated little cart (like most street food) so if you cant read Korean just look for someone cracking eggs and flipping an oval-like metal mold. Easy!  Its a fairly basic snack, nothing too crazy~  first sweet batter is added, one egg is cracked in, shake of salt, flip to join the two sides~ and done!  The result is a nice, sweet, eggy treat that is cheap and satisfying.

When ordering they will usually give you a price for about 3 since most people buy a few.  You can always buy one, but naturally you are getting a little better bang for your buck if you just buy a few + they are not huge so its very easy to eat more than one! On average we normally pay about 2,000원 for 3 of them or 700원 each

pouring~ pouring~

Cracking~ Cracking~

The Chinese characters (한자 hanjja) on the bread at this vendor = the symbol for good fortune and luck!

noming~ noming~

The BEST egg breads are not overcooked,  when the yolk is soft boiled with the right amount of salt dashed in they taste AMAZING.  If the vendor is distracted or lazy and they get overcooked or under-salted the taste too bland and dry.  Ah the fine craft of street food cuisine.

Another just as yummy version you can get has the egg cook on top of the bread~ sometimes even with a bit of cheese!


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7 Responses to “Korean Street Food- Egg Bread ♥ 계란빵”

  • Great, now how many eggs am I going to go through while trying to replicate these? XD

    • Elle:

      haha it will be worth it! Seriously, I bet you could do this with pancake batter~ The only trick would be getting the timing right. OOOOOH maybe I can try to make a DIY version and share my results? They would be in heart molds of course hahahaha

  • Custom avatar Amelia:

    oh my goodness…
    i stumbled onto your blog while searching around for cute korean things (yes… that is the kind of thing i do at 5am..) and these look AMAZING!

    please please please do try to DIY them and share with us the results, i am sat here trying to work out if we have anything here in the UK remotely like it!

    you are so very lucky to be living over there!

    • Elle:

      Thanks Amelia and welcome to the blog, hope you stay around! ♥ I really will try sometime, I think I can do it with a pancake mix and egg… I will have to ask around! These are super yummy though, I know people in the UK and USA would love them *_*

  • A-nom-nom-nom! I can’t wait to try these. I’m arriving in Korea in six days, and I have to admit that I’ve spent the better part of the day lost in your blog. So many cute things! It’s only increased my excitement!

    • Elle:

      You are coming at a good season to eat these, when it is cold even more street vendors seem to pop up because it is extremely satisfying on freezing nights. Bring extra vitamins if this is your first visit, everyone is sick atm because the cold just hit and all the coughing without hands + spitting makes it way too easy to get infected atm! ^^ haha just a bit of advice anyway!

  • Custom avatar Meia G.:

    Wow, this sounds soooo good. I wonder if it would be possible to make this at home like a pancake?! I totally want to try it. 😀

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