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Images © Elle Girl Korea – Feb 2012 – Photographer 목나정

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5 Responses to “Elle Girl Korea ♥ Little Miss Pink”

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    This pictures couldn’t be prettier!!!!! <3

  • Hi! I am so glad to have found your blog!~ I am a huge Korea fan 🙂
    Btw, do you have recommendations for Korean magazines (particularly Beauty and fashion related) that can be bought in USA (San Francisco area)? Thanks!

    • Elle:

      Glad the blog is of some interest!! I am not sure what is sold in CA since I only bought Japanese magazines in Japan town, but I am sure that the book stores in Korea town down by Sunnyvale have plenty for sale. That is also where we used to buy our groceries at Hankook market, it is huge if you have ever been ♥ Here is my post on Korean fashion magazines here http://cuteinkorea.com/fashion-magazines-in-korea/ I have a few more to add to it, but maybe it will be of some interest!

  • Thanks for the quick reply! Where exactly is Korea town though? Ahh..I am aware of Hankook market and we are a huge fan of the Korean BBQ just next to it!

    • Elle:

      Pretty much that general area!! They have a all the shops and the mini mall with Paris baguette in it, kimpap, etc 🙂 Just explore that area of el camino and you will find several dvd rental places, book stores, and beauty supply shops. It is like a mini korea ZONE I guess haha

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