Here are some of my nails that I have had done OR do myself here in Korea!

Korean nail art is a little plain with colors so sometimes I go a bit brighter vs most girls~ my ideas are always a watered down Japanese nail design or something I see in magazines here, but a bit more fun.  Koreans like to have one blinged out finger on each hand if they do anything “fun” it seems,  so I usually try to do that as well with my ring fingers! I will update as I do new nails

♥ ♥ ♥

My nail box has a mix of USA, Japanese, and Korean gear atm~ So I will list out whatever I remember using for anyone interested. For nails I do myself at home my final clear polish is Seche Vite (Which is awesome) or UV Gel if time allows.

Random nail salon in Seoul did this when I asked for something “Summer”

Salons like to alternate colors a lot here!

More Daiso Polish! Its really good for only 1,000 won♥ I believe this is called “Peach Cosmetic”

Daiso brand Organic Farm nail polish in Pastel- Mystic Aqua, Pastel- Pink Whisper, Sparkle- Blue Cubic

The names are English, but written in Korean super tiny at the bottom~ so if you want this it will be faster to just eyeball the color at Daiso!

Did these myself ♥

Channel Nail Polish #495 Mica Rose + Revlon #912 Posh Pink + Etude House Juicy Cocktail Silver Sparkle

Rose foil stickers from Etude House + tiny bling blings from Daiso

I made these after watching Creamy Mami ♥ the purple is#705 Lilacism from Essie

This was inspired by a girls nails I saw on the metro here in Seoul~ She had a french manicure and her ring finger was covered with white flowers! I did that on every nail and picked a sparkle pink for my ring finger though! The stickers are from the brand “Skin Food” here in Korea I believe, but lots of stores sell them.

The ring is by the Japanese brand 6% Doki Doki♥ I’m making a Korean version of it soon muhaha!

I had these done at a small shop around Borame~ Just one color with airbrushed design.

I paid about 25000 won, overpaid for what I got so I have not been back to the shop 😛

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13 Responses to “Elle’s Nails in Korea”

  • wow, to get it done is sure expensive, and it’s not even that cute.. 😐 I love all the colors! gah! especially the lilac one! yay! now I know what I will buy hahahahaha… xD

    • Elle:

      Yeah that place was a disappointment~ My friends here filled me in on a really famous place to get them done here all fancy like the pop stars, but its $100 so I have not been yet! Nails are cheap or pricey here, it really depends.. its always a bit of a gamble for me though since I am picking blindly half the time due to the lack of girlfriends or Yelp here! (-_-;)

  • Ohh your nails are lovely! I definitely like the purple dotted one! I’ve never heard of Organic Farm before and I presume this is somewhat ‘organic’ right? Been look for nail polishes that are free of nasties ^^

    xx d

    • Elle:

      Thank you! haha sadly I would not put too much weight behind the name “organic” here, Korea loves making things appear very natural~ but because the brand is just a cheap Daiso polish I think they picked that word in English because it sounded nice, not because it was actually organic or anything 🙂

  • Custom avatar terra:

    I love how you do your nails! I’ve been trying different things when i do my nails, but I’m just a beginner so they’re no way as awesome as yours has turned out! How do you get the perfect dots on your nails like the ones on the purple nails? ^-^

    terra <3

  • Custom avatar jr:

    i started going to a Korean shop here in New York to get nails done and i LOVE LOVE LOVE them.My nails last so long.I guess they use quality gel FOR GEL MANICURE compared to “other” places i have gone…..
    My nail tech (from Seoul) told me in KR nails are so popular now but very very very $$$$ COMPARED TO USA..SO INTERESTING

    • Elle:

      Actually I find the best nails are from Japan, in terms of quality, skill, and on average if I pick a random place> Top nail places in Korea use the same technique (more Japanese style I guess you could say) although much simpler designs are usually ordered. Sadly here the manicure quality is extremely poor overall so be careful if you visit, we have so many nail salons, but ones that will do a good job are very hard to find or expensive! Most of the gel used that is really good is Japanese or American brands 😀 I’m glad you found a good place to get your nails done though! In the end its all up to the tech and her skills~

  • Custom avatar jr:

    thanks Elle 🙂

  • Custom avatar Alina:

    How much does it cost to get pink and white acrylics done in Korea? I’m visiting Korea for a few weeks and I want to get my hair and nails done. I want to get french acrylics but I don’t know how much they cost. Would you please find out for me?

    • Elle:

      Hi Alina, sorry I am not sure since I did not go to a salon~ I will say that I found the prices average or overpriced for acrylic and the quality was not very good 🙁 Japan does nails very well, korea is very hit or miss so it is risky to pick a shop blindly!

  • Custom avatar Isabelle:

    Hey Elle! Have you heard of Konad nail stamping? I heard that it’s made in Korea, and I was just wondering if you have tried it. If you have, what did you think of it?

    • Elle:

      Yes I have, actually they have a store for it in Gangnam if you live in the area 🙂 I thought it was fun, but the paint is really sticky and hard to use correctly for me! If you apply it the right way it looks nice, but for every 1 design I got smooth, I would mess up 4 others…. also some of the more detailed plates of pearls or small designs never came out sold for me~ I always had a break or missed gap :/ If they improved the formula it would be a bit easier, but I ended up just never using my kit after a few nail sessions and stuck to sticker designs which always look nice!

      Also, may be worth mentioning~ but I seriously never see anyone in Korea actually using these kits even though it is a korean thing! Most of my friends had no idea what it even was when I mentioned it, they just use stickers as well.

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