Today I would like to share with you the adorable Korean accessory brand Enakei! For girls who like very feminine pieces with a cute twist!

To start, if you look at art online a lot you may recognize the artwork of this brand’s artist! It gets swiped a lot online and used in free layouts, banners, bling gifs, etc around social networks like several other Korean artists.  These beautiful drawings are by the artist Park Suran and divided into two categories~ Enakei which is a more cartoon-ish style and Jennie Enakei which is work that is more realistic (often drawn over real model photos) and has a softer airbrush feeling to it.

She has quite a range of girly styles and has done work for Korean clients like Cathy Cat, Laneige, SK telecom, Love Cat Paris, Daum card, and CD art for singer Min Hyo Rin to name a few. She has been working for several years now, so even if you simply google search her name you will get pages and pages of her beautiful art. She has been working since 2006 and Park Suran keeps busy for sure!

Enakei is also the name of her accessory brand which launched in 2011! This line features her softer style work on advertisements, bags, wallets, mirrors, etc alongside a line of cute hairpieces, pins, stockings, jewelry and more. Pricing is a little higher for this line, but not unreasonable at all~ things usually fall in the 6,000-19,000 won price rage for accessories and 50,000-70,000won for larger bags. 

The jewelry is often brass with silver coating, and bags are all made with synthetic leather.

Being such a cute Korean brand, Enakei has its fair share of celebrity fans and appearances on shows!

Enakei Character Haul

One of my favorite things from this line are the plastic layered cute character pieces made with the Enakei artwork!  Korea has lots of pretty bows and jewelery, but these are unique to the brand + rocked by celebs here so I just had to have a set!  Right now they make 5 pin styles, so I bought one of each plus one style as a hair clip.

These are technically from the Enakei children’s line if you are looking for them, but whatever!  They look awesome on hats, bags, shirts, straps, you name it ♥ how can you not like that adorable face and details on each of the girls? It is a very romantic and sweet kind of cute.

they are so much fun ^^ I love the little splash of cute color the pins add to my shirts or jackets

Nara uses them as well on his jacket for a kind of deco-dandy style!

Where to buy Enakei

Enakei has several locations throughout Korea, often these are dedicated sections in large family-friendly department stores like E-mart and always seem to have adorable unique displays for the brand and a wide range of products available VS what they sell online.  Currently Enakei is sold at 15 locations, but the company has a goal to have 300 mini shops set up by 2015, these will most likely be in E-marts throughout Korea given the numbers stated.

My favorites from this brand are actually the hair pieces, bands, and clips that are intended for little kids. Korea is kind of like shopping for me back in the USA, I usually find more of what I like in the kids section vs the adult haha~ only here the section for younger shoppers has EXTRA cute things!

Since the retail locations have WAY more options vs what is shown on the official shop I highly recommend you visit the stores if you can.  For online shopping I have great news though, the website has an international customer option in the shopping cart, so you can order things from the official Enakei store if you like!!

 ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ Enakei Retail Locations in Korea + directions ♥

♥ Enakei main portfolio site ♥

♥ Enakei online store (limited selection, but international shipping friendly)♥


Found some Enakei things on Amazon + some other similar Korean brands♥ Disable your ad-blocker to see!

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22 Responses to “Enakei: Cute Artist, Brand, & Haul!”

  • Yay for the cuteness! I haven’t heard of Enakie but their illustrations are so cute. Thanks for another cute info, I’m definitely going to check out this brand when I go back this December.

    • Elle:

      My pleasure! Her kids line has some really cute headbands and clips for sure, but the teen line is also very pretty! They are getting lots of placement in E-mart around here, so maybe the brand will be at even more locations by the time you visit 🙂

  • I love the look of her illustrations, especially the more “realistic” styled ones! pretty much in love with that cat watch, too…

  • Oh my goodness! So cute! I’d love one of the purses!

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    ohh the stuff is so cute! i actually don’t know about any korean brands of clothing or accesories, so this is very interesting!

  • I love Enakei! I wrote about on my blog today btw after seeing it on yours and I’ve linked your post <3

  • Oh my goodness, thank you so much for featuring Enakei! I have had many of her images saved on my computer for ages. I had no idea where they came from or the artist. I will definitely be looking her up now. I love those clips!

    • Elle:

      So glad!! Yes I know what you mean, as soon as I saw her work I knew I had seen the art all over the place like on myspace back in the day! Happy I can put a name to the lovely art for some people ^^

  • Oh my gosh so cutteee!! I really want those dresses /outfits in the illustrations… too bad (as far as I can tell) they’re just in the pictures!

  • Custom avatar yume:


  • Everything is so adorable~~
    I really love the illustrations~ but what’s the legality on painting over photographs like that? O.o Not the Korean brands are always ones to strive for legality, lol.

  • Custom avatar Caitlyn:

    I think I’ve been using a knockoff of her headbands since this summer and I never knew!
    I also didn’t know they sold her stuff at E-mart! I have to go shopping today anyway, so I’m going to stop by one of the ones in Ilsan with a branch ^^ I’ll let you know if I buy anything fun <3

  • Custom avatar Jen:

    Thank you for posting about these! I live in San Diego but I just ordered two of the pins from their website. I found your blog last week while searching for posts about Korean keyboard stickers and have fallen in love!

    PS: I also ordered a batch of cute Korean stickers off Ebay too. XD Thanks for inspiring me! And keep up the amazing work. <3

  • Hey!

    I love this brand! Do you know how much the bags sell for in Korea? I’m looking at getting on of the larger ones but all the prices are around $80ish usd. Just wanted to check I wasn’t overpaying.


    • Elle:

      Check the website I linked in the post hun 🙂 its connected to the Korean site so it should have all the won prices listed for anything they are currently selling online!

  • AHH right thanks hun. Sorry to make you reply to a stupid question!

    Hope you had fun on your anniversary.

    • Elle:

      haha not stupid at all, no worries! I remember them being fairly expensive, so best to double check on her shop for sure 😉
      Aw thank you! It was a super short trip, but I snapped a bunch of photos this time 😀

  • Custom avatar Marie:

    Hi, I bought a diary two years ago of Jennie’s portrait on ebay. I was searching for a long time before I finally found the illustrator’s name and I’m so glad there are some items available with her illustrations. But I tried to buy items from the webshop (I followed the guide for foreigners) and it did’nt work. I can’t find the “DGG” button anywhere.
    Do you know if it’s still possible to order for foreigners?
    Thank you.

    • Custom avatar Elle:

      Just checked and the DGG button is still there, maybe check you do not have things disabled on your browser. The DGG button is not on the main layout, but one of those floating buttons on the top of the page layout (it is an extra plugin element and you should see the DGG and some flags next to it) Through this international cart service you will be able to order though the site. Check here again and it will be at the very very top along your browser bar most likely.

      It should also follow you as you scroll down the layout (always staying in the same placement on the top) Hope that helps! If you still do not see it then you have something that needs to be switched off or allowed in your browser settings or perhaps try another browser.

  • Custom avatar shenel:


  • Custom avatar Tais:

    I like this style so much and i just got to know it a few days ago after orgazing my letter papers( big colecter), so i wish to buy stuff from enakei style online, but using english, instead of any asian( witch i don´t understand at all. Does anyone know any online website for buying enakei style?

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