I have an immature fascination with toys,I absolutely love looking at them~ the sculpting, details, construction, and just concepts really amuse me!  Back home I would sometimes just walk around the toy section and look at them, so naturally I am always excited to check out toys here in Korea since it is an entirely new world of brands and things to discover.

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One thing that I always find amusing is Korea’s attitudes towards poop, it is considered cute and silly it its own good-nature way here~  We have piles of stickers, toys, heck even a play called “Doggie poo” dedicated to the stuff, kids love it of course. Poop is cute in Korea..at least to Koreans anyway! lol

맘마먹고 방귀뀌고 응가 싸고 On the box = Eat NomNoms, Make Fartsies and Make poopies. YUP.

We have potty training toys back home, but in Asia it is really taken to a different level and tone that foreigners just are not used to~ a good example of such a toy today is the farting doll 콩순이 Kong Suni who is a popular girls baby doll and play set character right now.  She eats, farts, and in one set even comes with a little potty that has a flush-able smiling poop!

Who does not love a pooping doll? Whatever, I just saw Hello Kitty poop so I am numb to being shocked over cute doo doo. Bring it on Korea!

Push Kong Suni’s tummy and she goes 뿡~뿡! 

That is adorable….I think?  Well, maybe not that green fart…..

Don’t you hate it when you 뿡 colors?

The food she comes with is the spring style feeding spoon they use on lots of other dolls back home.  I used to have one that was cherries with a spoon you would dip down and the food would appear like *magic*~ when you pressed down the food on the doll’s mouth it would snap back.  I think I loved that cherry spoon + jar more than the actual doll come to think of it… haha. It was scented and I remember it smelled so good, I would just smell the jar all the time.

The toilet set  flips the poo over so it disappears when she flushes her cute potty. Looks like tamagochi poo

You can pick from two different farting Kong Suni dolls right now~ The first one is  “방귀대장 farting boss “ and comes with a bowl of food that she eats out of the spoon.  The other version is “응가대장” which means “The pooping boss” and she comes with the food and flushing cute poop potty.  Both fart when you press the tummy and are advertised with this feature on the box in every corner possible, so it is surely the main selling point…. hurray!

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대장  is a fun word here in Korea and means the best (king or maybe boss) and 응 unng is kinda the noise you make when you take a poo…get it? UNNNG! CUTE. That is your Korean lesson for the day lol.

Price for this doll is around 25,000원 – 35,000원 depending on where you buy her.

You can find her on g-market HERE or at E-mart and Toys R Us locations in Korea.

Just watch the ad for these toys on youtube, you will get the gist of it lol

♥ ♥ ♥

What do you think about toys like this? Would you have liked this as a kid or would you buy it for your little ones? 😀 Is this cute or disturbingly cute for you? When I lived in Japan I saw equally amazing fart and poop toys for kids (including an actual kids doll that shot out a brown plastic poo when you twisted the arm… not making this up, they used to advertise it on tv and it freaked me out so much the first time I saw it lol) but I think it is even more present in the kids toys and marketing here in Korea.  They just like potty humor here in general ^^;

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12 Responses to “Kong Suni Fart Master Baby Doll 뿡뿡!”

  • Custom avatar Amy B.C.:

    omg that is so funny! Though genuinely, it’s pretty cool to hear about cultural differences like this. When I was a little girl I did have a doll that peed, but it’s not quite on the same level, is it? XD
    The farting may be a bit questionable for me (though oddly I find the poop kind of cute?), but the doll herself is really adorable! Her clothes too! And even her bowl has a little bow, haha, yep, I’d say even with the farting she’s still cuter than most of my dolls were!

  • Custom avatar Han:

    This is quite possibly the greatest toy on Earth…I WANT!! HAHAHA!!! >___<

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    Hahaha I love it! I totally had that cherry spoon toy too! I still remember the smell, it was half awesome, half nasty.

  • Custom avatar caz:

    Il be honest it freaks me out 😛 The doll herself is super cute but I csn’t get my head around the humour 😛 I do love those spoons that make the food disappear though 😀

  • Custom avatar Jayadeva:

    Omg! Where can we get this from in the States? I need this for my daughter…and for me! Hah! Btw, I came across your blog via the Pulse news app. Great blog! Love the Hello Kitty post too!

    • Elle:

      Any links to buy are listed at the bottom of the post 🙂 Gmarket (which is like amazon for korea) does offer international shipping sometimes! Glad you enjoyed the blog! 🙂 Sadly since this is a Korean toy your best bet will be from Gmarket or ebay if you get lucky.

  • Dude I need this doll to help with maddie’s potty training!

  • Custom avatar Lisa:

    The cherry doll was Baby All-Gone! I had her too and those cherries smelt awesome! xx

  • Custom avatar Hilary:

    Definitely had Baby All-Gone growing up! Even as a college student, I still remember that doll and enjoy those memories.
    Plus, that spoon never stopped smelling like cherries! It was awesome.

  • Custom avatar Meia G.:

    When I was little I remember drawing a picture of a little girl pooping and I thought it was the funniest thing ever, but I got in soooooooo much trouble. -_- (Deep shit. hahaha) It would have been nice if the people around me had more of a sense of humor. I would have loved that toy. XD

    In other news, it’s cracking me up that google is showing laundry detergent ads on this page. LOL

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