Korean Magazines ~ What to buy?

What are some cute Korean Fashion Magazines??

This is not a complete Korean Magazine list by any means, just some I feel would be of interest! When I first moved here I had NO clue was was available, it drove me crazy because it seemed like every shop had different choices depending on the demand. Hopefully this will be of a little use to some people who are not sure what to even hunt for while they are here or even online if they want to buy an issue! These are just my general impressions of the magazines I have purchased here~ if you are a regular reader and have info to add or other magazines to suggest please do let me know!

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As you can see, most of the magazines currently in Korea are foreign, but have around a 60%/40% split of Korea content mixed with the original content. Also the covers of fashion magazines here feature a surprising amount of English text… I’m guessing the imports did it to look “cool” and the Korean magazines want to look fancy so they use English article titles as well.

If you live in Korea and want to buy some Japanese Magazines you can find my list of what is currently imported HERE..

nnonn : currently my favorite magazine here…. when I can find it!! Its Korean clothing ONLY~ The main mission of the magazine is to showcase various online shops or boutiques, so each shop has a 2-7 page feature usually… this allows for a lot of interesting styling and feels a little more “hip” to whats on the rack that month vs the posh import magazines. Articles in each issue are usually limited to cool events…weekend thrift markets, cute cafes, and fun boutiques~ Lots of places I want to visit I actually read about in this magazine. This is a tricky magazine for me to find some months… they always seem to sell out before I can get one!

Costs ₩3900

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CeCi : Korea popular fashion magazine targeting young women from around 20-early 30’s. Deals with fashion trends, shopping advice, articles on beauty, surveys, celebrities, a bit of everything. The main style is a softly feminine & professional look most of the time, usually nothing too crazy. I tend to read Ceci if I have a choice of magazines in front of me at the cafe or salon, it is usually everyplace. Issues feel very hit or miss though + its filled with a lot of articles and 200 adds for skin whitening creams~lol. It can get a bit text heavy if you don’t speak Korean since its a lifestyle magazine.

Issues come out monthly and currently cost ₩8,900

Vogue Korea: Just like Vogue back home, only its been localized for Korean trends and Celebrity fashion highlights a bit. Mainly runway and designer content like back home~ a great perk to this magazine is they consistently have REALLY awesome photo shoots unique to the Korean magazine. Its seriously worth buying sometimes just to get those awesome photos so you can clip them and stick them on your walls to gaze at!

Issues come out monthly and currently cost ₩6,000

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Vogue Girl Korea: Similar to Vogue Girl in the states, a more youthful and trendy version of the original magazine~ I find the clothing much more interesting and inspiring in this VS the original Vogue here due to the brighter colors and fun details they throw in, it is a bit more exciting!  Some articles have been localized for Korean tastes and each issue features a beautiful fashion photo spread unique to Korea (Just like Korean Vogue) so I always look forward to seeing those!

Issues come out monthly and currently cost ₩6,000

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Elle Korea: Nothing much to say here, same as Elle back home for the most part, just localized a bit for Korean tastes.

Issues come out monthly and cost ₩6,000

Elle Girl Korea: younger sibling to Elle magazine, and similarly focused on beauty, health, entertainment Issues. Like all “girl” magazines, the style and mood is a bit more playful and hip VS the original magazine. Elle Girl Korea seems to have a nice balance between USA source content and Korea content + articles plus also has Korea geared editors picks and lovely photo shoots showcasing Korean brands. While the clothing is a nice mix of designer import brands and Korean brands, most beauty-related highlights in issues I own seem to be predominantly western designer brands only (bobbi brown, channel, MAC, etc).

issues come out monthly and cost ₩5,500

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Allure Korea

issues come out monthly and cost ₩6,000

Marie Clair Korea

issues come out monthly and cost ₩6,500

Harpers Bazaar Korea issues come out monthly and cost ₩6,000

Nylon Korea: Originally an American magazine that focuses on pop culture and fashion. Its coverage includes art, beauty, music, design, celebrities, technology and travel. Its name references New York and London. Korea’s Nylon feels the same as Nylon back home, just some added content (mainly articles) to showcase Korean talent and hip locations/events in particular. Lately they have been making the magazine much thicker and doing more Korea-geared shoots which are very nice and useful if you like a more modern and bold style. If you like buying this magazine back home you will prob be pleased since it feels exactly the same in spirit, just Korea-focused a bit more.

Issues come out monthly and cost ₩6,000

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Cracker Your Wardrobe : Korea’s popular street style fashion magazine that highlights unique people from all over the world and internet + cool local events. Most issues feel like a FRUITS+ ETSY+ that creepy hipster guy at the coffee shop hehe. Some outfits are really crazy and odd…but it is really refreshing to have a magazine like this here in Korea. Lately this magazine has gone from a bit bizarre to slightly more “mainstream” friendly which I like, but others may not.

Issues come out monthly and currently cost  ₩3,800

Maps : “influential infrastructure of fashion, sub-culture, and various culture” It feels like a bit hipster/artsy/street~ a cleaner more polished street style for sure. It feels like Nylon Magazine refined older brother with a bit less content. Lots of interviews and spotlights on hip shop staff, artists, designers, photographers, and just interesting features on professional people in Korea. The street snaps are several pages of international photos + a nice amount of people from Seoul which is great… I think they actually show more street snaps from Korea VS Cracker. I cant tell if this is a true Men’s Magazine though…some girls outfits are shown, but the clothing and models featured (at least in the issues I have read) are Male 80% of the time.

10 issues a year~Current cost is ₩6,500

WannaGirls : Fashion, Beauty, Design, Culture, Art

Bling: Info Coming soon

If you know of any amazing Korean fashion Magazines here please do share with me and I will check them out and add them to the list for others to see! I’ll be adding blogs for specific Korean magazines as I run into issues worth sharing

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9 Responses to “Cute Magazines in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Cheryl:

    I really like the Korean counterparts of the US/Europe magazines, mainly for the celeb pictorials. I like Elle Girl, Elle, Vogue & Marie Claire the most out of the seemingly mainstream magazines. HighCut, 1st Look & Ceci are the others I love, again, mainly for the pictorials, but they seems to be my current favorites.

  • Custom avatar Hani:

    I have some of the list of Korean magazines:

    1. Cindy The Perky
    2. Singles
    3. Instyles
    4. Cosmo Girl

  • Custom avatar Anais:

    Hi. I tried to click on the links for the scans of Ellegirl and Ceci but they dont seem to work..

    • Elle:

      ah sorry about that, it is because I have not added any elle or ceci posts so far! In the meantime you can use the search bar at the top of the site to search for related content 🙂

  • Custom avatar Jazmine:

    Do you know of any magazines offering photography internships?

  • Custom avatar Jazmine:

    Do you know of any online fashion magazines that are
    based in Korea? If you know any information in regards
    to this would be great!

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