So after having a lovely time at the Korean Lolita meetup early this Summer, I was excited to attend some more events and wear pretty dresses again! The always lovely and cheerful Haenuli decided to put together a meetup this month just for English-speaking/Foreign Lolitas living and visiting Korea this time around, so I was very happy to get an invite!

♥ ♥ ♥

For this event we met at the Seoul National Museum and had some nice tea at the cafe inside!  The museum is huge and MANY rooms are free to walk in, so it is worth a stop by if you are in the area and enjoy that sort of thing.

For this event I got to wear one of Haenuli‘s newest dresses, the Sleeping Beauty print! My hair is currently a hot mess because I am growing out my roots a bit before bleaching blonde again, so I had to rock a wig which was a little hard since it was so hot! That wig color is actually what my real natural color is though haha it has been a while since I saw brown hair on my head!

♥ ♥ ♥

German Lolita Kerstin had the new Sleeping Beauty dress as well+ matching bonnet, she looked like a real porcelain doll in it!

Ah the print is SO pretty in person and insanely soft (*_*)  Look at all the details, even the white collar has textured fabric!

 Every time I look at the dress closely I notice more little details in the sewing or art that make me love it more.  Check out those pretty dangling crystal hearts from the branches~ I had no idea custom printed fabric could achieve this quality of detail aside from getting something mass produced. Extremely impressed! I can do a full review of the dress in another post if people are interested

Everyone at the event was SO sweet, I was happy to meet them all!

Two teachers from the USA, Student studying here from Germany, and a Lolita visiting all the way from Russia on vacation ♥ 

Miss Valerie had a Choo Choo Cats cellphone case! YEAH! ♥

Since it was a casual meet up boys were allowed to come (usually you do not see boyfriends or boys at the events here, it is just girls and I think they prefer it that way) so I dragged Nara along!  Nara speaks Russian, so It was a rare chance to hear him speak a bit a bit with Alissa^^

For this meetup I was SO sleepy though, I had been up till 8am that morning for the Korea VS Japan Olympic Soccer match~ so I was running on steam ^^; haha just give me an IV drip of strawberry tea please.

Kerstin and I had matching dresses AND bling phones!

Such a pretty dress pattern! Cuteness!

I need a pair of Lolita shoes~ How sweet are Valerie’s socks too?? ♥

After tea and a few photos we made our way to one of the many exhibits to see some of the treasures on display!

Most of the exhibits at the museum were ancient Japanese pieces~ very pretty! They had everything from robes, to pottery, to wood block originals on display.  Sadly since it was really dark and the glass was shiny I was unable to take any pretty photos of the art itself~ but whatever, this is a post about the Lolita meetup anyway 😛 forgive me! lol

I think everyone wanted to really talk vs look at the art after a while haha

After everyone had enough of the art we made plans to take some Purikura sticker photos~

Lets make our exit~ we totally blend in ^^;

I think Koreans found our little group especially amusing because of the outfits of course, but also because of the fact it was a group of foreigners. An old man asked Nara what country we came from, the land of princess of course!  I think they could not figure out if we dressed like this because we came from someplace, if it was a costume, or what.

I was very surprised, but most older Koreans that day seemed *sincerely*  interested in the clothing and what was going on VS the “are you insane?” glares or yells that occur when my more colorful friends visit here. I think the traditional shapes and conservative nature overall of the dresses made them appealing and perhaps a little nostalgic…well, aside from the fact they are candy-colored anyway haha!

After a quick train ride we made it to the closest Purikura studio! Time to primp for some sticker photos!!

Haenuli has her serious business face on to decorate those photos! MORE SPARKLES!

I made Nara take one with me too~ He can obviously not contain his joy.

and a few final shots before everyone parted for the day!  Some had to leave early to catch the KTX, so the event was a bit short (also added time to take the train to the sticker photo location) so hopefully next time we can all meet and talk a bit more.  It was really great to meet everyone that came and I hope more of these events get organized in the future!

As far as I know, a foreign Lolita Korea club for facebook, livejournal etc is not around (or active) so if anyone does make one please do let me know and I will add your community link to the post.  Not many seem to be here (maybe 5-ish total depending on the time of year) but enough seem to come and go that some sort of board or facebook page would be useful I would think ♥  Of course, you can always participate with the Korean Lolita community~ I will try to post more general info and links in the future!

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15 Responses to “Foreign Lolita Meetup in Seoul ♥”

  • I love Haenulis design! I think the Korean Lolitas must be happy to have her xD
    Btw you wrote Katherine instead of Kerstin, she’s a friend of mine so I thoought I’d tell you about it 🙂
    And … I love your blog!! <3

    • Elle:

      haha oh no, thank you for correcting that for me! I remembered incorrectly XD Forgive me Kerstin! So glad you enjoy the blog, thank you for visiting ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Ahh your dress is so cute! All of them are. And I love the styling on your wig. Maybe I need to get myself a wig since I’m always too lazy to style my actual hair… =D

    P.S. Moving the submit comment button to below the captcha was very helpful!!

  • Custom avatar suleriel:

    Ahhh, I would so love to join. I just came in few weeks ago but sadly didn’t pack any of my lolita gear with me. I’m located far out in Boryeong >< I really love the prints & designs. I wonder if I'll try to purchase an outfit during the duration I'm here ^^;;

  • You look really cute in that wig!

    Your dress and the print on it are incredible.

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! I seriously thought I was going to sweat to death though, it was so hot that day so I am sure IRL I looked a bit scarey! haha
      Yes, the print and detailing in that dress it SO beautiful~ the designers involved are such talented ladies (and sweethearts!) I cant wait to show some more things by them 😀

  • wow I didn’t know there were a bunch of foreign local lolitas in Korea. Hopefully I can make it to one when I visit. Thank you for another awesome post.

    • Elle:

      My pleasure! They have another small tea party coming up soon, so I will post about it in a few weeks ^^

  • Custom avatar Myu:

    You guys looked so cute! I so wanna do lolita one day! *_* Btw, what purikura stall did you guys go to? Me and my friend are planning to visit Korea and wanna know where we can do puriura and karaoke. ^_^

    • Elle:

      We went to the one in Sillim, however they have a studio in Edae and Gangnam as well + many other locations. I will try and make a post on the locations soon because I know lots of people want to know 😀 ♥ ♥

  • omaggg your dress and wig are so cute *u* They look so good on you!

  • wow~ another meetup! XD That’s so awesome that a special meetup was organized for foreign lolitas~! ^^ everyone looks so cute~~

  • Custom avatar Yoon Seo:

    I went to that EXACT 스티커 시진 place before! QuQ (probably)
    I can’t believe I (probably) went to the same ‘purikura’ as you ;v;/ <3

    • Elle:

      hehe aw that one is right around my house actually! ^^ I live by Borame park, so I go to Sillim a lot now that the area is so busy with things to do. ♥ ♥ ♥ If you check my old posts or in the search bar, I reviewed a really cute cocktail cafe around it called “Apple Tree” that is so sweet if you have time to see it! It is right next door to this purikura place ^^

  • Hello! I just found your blog and I really like it! Pictures are super cute! I was wondering, since you’ve been to Korea, do you maybe know if there are any lolita shoes shops in Seoul? My friend is visiting there soon and I wanted to ask her to buy me some shoes :3 I hope you will have a great day! Greetings from Serbia ~ ^^

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