Hanbok is a term that can be used to refer to all Korean traditional clothing in general~  Through the years it has gone through a lot of changes and the current “true formal style” often reflects the look of wealthy Koreans in the Joseon Dynasty which features a range of  stunning colors and designs that have been modernized into an endless amount of choices in color and details.

♥ ♥ ♥

Along with the formal variations, a new style called “Fusion Hanbok 퓨전한복” has emerged over the last several years!

♥ Traditional / Modernized / Fusion ♥

Fusion Hanboks are a super cute modern version of the Hanbok and come in a variety of styles for all ages! For this article I will be focusing on the more youthful variations which are a bit more dramatically updated and often featured on celebrities.

If you get down to the details though, most Hanboks being sold today are essentially “modernized” in many ways

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Pop stars modeling a party dress version of Fusion Hanbok + accessories

This modern, sometimes party-dress like Hanbok is worn by girls for special occasions….wedding parties, important birthdays, graduations, events where a bit of formality + traditional attire is preferred or would be nice ♥ So When can I buy one of these to wear a Hanbok and look cute? Unfortunately Korea does not have holidays like Japan’s summer festivals, Coming of Age Day (成人の日) and new years when most girls look forward to wearing traditional or unique modernized Kimono/Yukata out in public while they celebrate.

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In Korea wearing Hanbok feels like just a lingering formality akin to a tuxedo, and Fusion Hanbok just provides a trendy alternative.  Traditional attire is not worn out in *public* for events very often since most Korean celebrations where it is customary to wear one like Seollal, wedding, or birthdays are often celebrated within the family home or in a party hall VS  festival and holiday celebrations … I was a bit surprised Korea did not have some sort of outdoor festival you could walk in Hanbok with others!

It seems one of the best opportunity for girls to show these off is at Graduation Ceremonies when Hanbok is often worn! ♥

I think these new fusion pieces are an attempt to make wearing them out something to look forward to for a young girl or teenager, which is a really good idea since traditional Hanboks can be a lot to manage with the huge skirts!  I wish Koreans wore Hanbok more often, and speaking as someone who owns a traditional styled Hanbok and has tripped around and felt overdressed~ I think these are SO much friendlier for younger girls to wear.

♥ ♥ ♥

Fusion style pieces are very cute and still have the same spirit at its core as the formal Korean attire, so hopefully they are being enjoyed.  I think they work best for little girls and younger women who are attending formal events or weddings as a guest and still want to look cute and attractive with a dash of traditional.  They even sell modern traditional shoes that look like Korean slippers, just with a heel! ♥

CUTE~ ♥!!


Family sets are also available in this new fusion style, often these are used for things like family photos and available to rent just for the occasion needed.  These sets come in modern colors and give the photos a nice combination of traditional AND fun tone. They look so adorable, don’t they? I know lots of people laugh, but I have always wanted to take matching family photos… I think with small children this is especially fun!

Fusion hanbok is also available for men, but aside from the more western formal variations (like the vest example above) the change is mainly in the colors offered vs a drastic change like the girls versions.  Men wearing hanbok in Korea nowadays is quite rare, now they usually they opt for suits and ties at formal events and celebrations.  If they do wear one it is most often when they are adults for Hanbok wedding photos or a special birthday celebration like Baek-il 100th-day celebration for babies.

♥ ♥ ♥

For guys in modern Hanbok it seems to be all about matching your family or girlfriend in the end!  Little boys however, wear them often for celebrations~ I see lots of 1-5 year-old boys dressed in fusion and traditional boys hanbok for events!

Many sites online sell these and rent them within Korea such as Moran Hanbok , Sonjjang, and Dang-cho.  Surprisingly most online shops have buttons for English speakers to mail them and order!

Prices range anyplace from 50,000-150,000 won to rent ($50-$150 USD) or 150,000-500,000 won ($150-$500) to buy…but this could cost more or less depending on the design, seller, and quality.

♥ I will be renting or possibly buying one of these for my wedding later this year, so I will post a review of this style and of a renter/seller eventually on the blog so stay tuned! ♥

Now~ Please enjoy these other pretty pictures of modern fusion Hanbok.




 I did not take any of these photos, but I did edit many of them a LOT for this page!  Argh some Korean shop photos really wash out the colors and contrast! Anyway~ the photos are all copyright their respective photographers/brands/etc.

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19 Responses to “Fusion Hanbok ♥ 퓨전한복”

  • Custom avatar Nishi:

    A lot of my Korean friends wore these for our graduation last spring. I had no idea it was a modernized hanbok because they just looked like colorful, poofy dresses. It wasn’t until I asked them that I found out. I kinda want one too now.
    On a side note: Ah! You’re getting married!!! Congratulations ^^

    • Elle:

      Oh finally! I have been looking for someone that actually SAW them being worn, because I have yet to see them in action!!! Do you have any photos you would not mind sharing by any chance??? I would love to add them as examples ♥ Was this for College Graduation or High School? Aw thank you Nishi!! Actually, I’ll be doing a blog about what happened this week or next + this works out perfect because now I can blog about weddings in Korea and actually (maybe) have a clue! haha

      • Custom avatar Nishi:

        High school graduation. I would love to share pictures if I had any, but all the photos I do have are with us in our caps and gowns on. I’m kicking myself in the butt right now for not snapping some photos of us after the ceremony. T^T
        I’m really looking forward to it. All I know about Korean weddings are from kdramas, and I’m not sure if that’s the most reliable source of information…

  • Ahhhhh! I love the vibrant colors of Hanboks but never knew of Fusion Hanboks. So cute! I completely approve of this idea for your wedding, too! That should be fabulous! I can’t wait for the pictures/reviews! And CONGRATS by the way!

  • Custom avatar Zanna:

    Oh, these are absolutely gorgeous! I have seen fusion style yukata before (mostly in lolita fashion) but never hanbok. Since they are a variant on traditional wear, do you think it’s considered disrespectful to wear them on a non-traditional holiday? I know in fashion there are always rules to bend, but I try to remain respectful to different cultures.

    Also, congratulations on getting married this year! You and Nara seem like such lovely people, I hope you are happy for a long, long time!

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you Zanna!♥ ♥ ♥ Yes, I love the modern yukata + Wa Lolita style you are talking about and was very happy to see they exist in some form here!
      Whereas Wa Lolita is a fashion sub-genre, Fusion Hanbok is still very much a party dress… just with a hanbok twist. I’m thinking its not disrespectful since its not a true Hanbok, just inspired PLUS they are for special events too~ not just fancy holidays! If I wore one out just on a random day I think people would look at me strangely since its a kind of party dress and I am not at a party..but any fashion outside the norm is looked at strangely here. As long as its of the shorter party dress style I don’t see how it could possibly be offensive ♥

  • Custom avatar jini:

    =) def looking forward to seeing more doodles~!!!!! <3

  • Custom avatar Dexie:

    These are adorable! I feel the need to invest in one of these as a nice party dress. 😀

    • Elle:

      If you do I demand a photo! hehe I cant wait to see one of these shops in person, I bet they look just as cute IRL ♥

  • God those are all so beautiful!!

  • These are sooo pretty! I would love one of these (or all of them)… =D Can’t wait to see what you end up renting/getting!

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    Wow! Thanks for the post <3 I've always loved to have one of those fusion style matched with my husband and take a photo with them xxxx

  • Custom avatar Danielle A.:

    Not only are the Hanbok fusions gorgeous, but I am loving all the accessories including those adorable heels!

    • Elle:

      I actually just grabbed a pair of those to wear with my normal hanbok! I really want to get a modern one sometime though, they really do look like a ton of fun to wear ^^

  • Custom avatar Joanne:

    Hi i would like to rent Hanbok for my D & D,this month 21st ..

    Please show me more choices ,because we actually more than 10 persons .

    Joanne Tan

  • Custom avatar Danielle A.:

    These look so neat, and pretty!
    I look forward to seeing what you adorn for your bridal shower.

  • Custom avatar Shirley:

    what’s the difference between modernized hanbok and fusion hanbok?

    • Elle:

      A “modernized” one may have different (non traditional) colors or elements to it, maybe slight tweaks to the design to make it a bit more current for girls~ but it is still a hanbok as far as Koreans are concerned ^^ the “fusion” ones are more like hanbok-inspired and are commonly the party dress cuts above the knee or maybe a long strapless dress with a similar flowing skirt and sash like a traditional hanbok you see!

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