The other day my friend Tara texted me to check out the new “Crayon” video by G-Dragon because it was awesome.  Tara has known me for about 6 years now and drives a pink car here in Korea~ so yeaaaaah I trust her! lol.

♥ ♥ ♥

G-Dragon is the stage name for singer Kwon Ji Yong 권지용 who launched this song as part of his 2nd solo album “One of a kind” on September 15th after a 3 year hiatus.  If his face looks familiar it is because he is also one of the leaders in the popular Korean K-pop group Big Bang~ he has always been noticed here as one of the more stylish pop stars and he definitely does not disappoint with his new music video!

G-Dragon’s single “Crayon” debuted at No.7 this week (One space above the STILL popular “Gangnam Style” by Psy) and is being described as an electro hip-hop number.  Since this is G-Dragon we are talking about, naturally the video is filled with awesome eye-candy to gaze at~ Lets take a look at some of the fun stuff featured in the video!!

Watch the music video for “Crayon” online HERE  on BigBang’s official youtube channel.

Haters say whaaaa? Sporting sexy Thom Browne (TB-002-B-Flip) sunglasses

G-dragon is seen reading a notebook labeled with his nickname “쥐대골/ jwee dekol” while he observes his other self. The origin of 쥐대골 came from an appearance he made with Big Bang on a program here in Korea called “Radio Star“.  During the show a famous comedian (not the best English speaker and much older in years) was trying to pronounce the name of the leading member of Big Bang. Since his English is not so good (and also maybe to be funny) he answered “uh….쥐.. ..  쥐대골?”

♥ ♥ ♥

쥐 대골 or 쥐 대가리  can be translated into English as “Rat Head or Rat Face” in Korean and the name stuck with G-Dragons haters who continue to use it to this day when talking about him online.

G-dragons Family Guy sneakers are Vans  ( Old Skool Sneakers) are designed by artist Mina Kwon

Mina paints in a 2nd message to G-Dragons Haters ♥ Sadly this was not very visible in the final video

Mina Kwan’s work is often of American licensed characters flipping the bird, given “gangster” makeovers, or depicted in modern “hip” settings . You can check out her website or tumbler for more illustrations. This sort of thing is actually quite popular in Japan, several shops and brands are dedicated to these sort of “remixed” American character pieces~ Osaka’s Amerikamura アメリカ村  came to mind a lot when I watched this video.

Here is another pair of sneakers Mina made for G-Dragon~ “Wild Young”

Gotta love that Keith Haring bow tie! That piece is apparently a collab between Uniform Experiment x Keith Haring and seems to be a Japanese brand like most of the other fun pieces in this video ♥  The bone dangle earrings are from Top Shop, but sold out a while ago!

Featured a great deal in this video is the Japanese brand Ambush by m-flo rapper Verbal and his wife Yoon.

They first began designing in 2002, but the label “Ambush” was launched in 2008 and their unique pieces have been worn by celebrities like Lady Gaga, Rihanna, and Odd Future to name a few. Collaborative efforts include Louis Vuitton (Kim Jones), A Bathing Ape®, TOPMAN, Georg Jensen, Mattel (Ken™ 50th Anniversary), WTAPS, ZIPPO®, Cassette Playa, and more

The pendent featured in the video is from G-dragons special collaboration with the brand Ambush to celebrate his 2nd album launch~  only 8 of these will be made (since 8 is apparently his lucky number) and also 88 screw pendants in 3 color-ways.

The hat shown is by the Japanese head wear brand NEMES (ネメス)  and costs about ₩55,00- 78,000


 Gotta love that 8 Star Dragon Ball tattoo on his shoulder! That is pretty awesome

that Jacket is all kinds of awesome!!!  Oddnessweirdness K-pop style blog was awesome and able to identify it as a piece by designer Alex Mattsson

It is so glorious *_* like rainbow marshmallows

G-Dragon’s Crayon necklace was apparently custom made for him by Ambush~ I wonder if copies will start appearing around Seoul, sometimes that happens.  If so, I will be sure to share the news with you guys.  I know a lot of the claw pieces can be found in Namdaemun if you want to DIY~ I have totally seen them before.

Chilling with my Bearbricks in front of my paper boom box!

Does anyone know who makes those awesome fish sneakers? I have been hunting around without any luck so far!

The crazy jungle bird pants have been identified as AltuzarraRedwood Tropical Printed tailored trousers”

G-Dragon’s arrow earrings are made in Korea and can be purchased from a few accessory shops here in Korea for around 7,000원! Check ebay, gmarket, or check out the punk boutique Street Market in Hongdae we feature in another post here! That is where I bought my own pair ^^ They also have them on their online shop HERE

 Those little power cars are very popular toys here in Korea.  The week of children’s day you will see tons of people selling them in every color on the side of the road!

 G-dragons Crayon denim jacket that he wears with all the rubber ducky gear in the field was a custom painted piece by the Korean artist Balko.

Here is an awesome clean shot of the custom jacket from Balko’s blog ♥


Balko has actually worked on other pieces for him, including some special “Crayon” jackets for his dance crew to use on Inkkigayo on 9/23/2012

You can check out the video to see the jackets in action HERE if you are interested!

YIKES haha~  At least those skull clips are cute XD  I saw a bunch on etsy… now I am really tempted to get some….not because I saw G-dragon crossdress wearing them or anything though… I swear lol.

lol someone ran out of the bathroom with his pants down ~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


In case you are wondering, yes you can buy the Wonder Woman and Rocky robes G-Dragon is wearing in the video!  I saw the prices range from around $30-50 USD on a range of sites if you fire up google.  The Wonder Woman robe comes in a few versions, but the one with the star tie is the coolest!

If you have not figured it out yet, “Get your crayon” = “Get your crazy on”



haha is that sailor moon?? XD

I love this room and that jacket! HELLO RAINBOW MAGIC MAN *__*


G-Dragon’s amazing sequin rainbow pants are by the designer Ashish ~ his designs are all pretty glorious!  You can see more of his runway shows on Vogue online HERE

Rocking party in his Andrea Crews shirt!  Apparently this line is from Paris, France and features mainly one-of-a-kind items created from vintage pieces.


Also Neff Brodie sunglasses  ♥

 I love those miss-matched neon socks and details in this black outfit


 Eyeball headband? AWESOME. Eyeball stuff is has been a Japanese trend for a year or so now, it trickles in to Korea from time to time~ but mainly just for tourists to buy.

Get your Cray~on.

Kudos to the K-pop style blogs who managed to identify many items in this video!! I was looking high and low on naver for a few things, and these bloggers had hawk-eyes and managed to find the sources, woah!  I assumed most pieces were just handmade here, but it is cool to see they are from actual collections and can be purchased… well depending on how deep your wallets go anyway! Check them out for even more video/celeb brand identifications

kworldstyle | oddnessweirdness

What did you think of the video?? Do you like G-Dragon’s solo work or prefer him with Big Bang? Got any cool info or tidbits to share? Comment below!!

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25 Responses to “G-Dragon “Get Your Crayon” ~ K-pop Eye Candy”

  • Custom avatar momo:

    i already listened to the song a lot before the video came out, and to be honest i expected something different. but i love the video anyway!

    thank you very much for your entry, it’s great!

  • amazing. thanks for posting about this. everything about this video is brilliant: rainbows. brand names. collaborations. witty song title. and the eye candy that is g-dragon himself.

  • Custom avatar Cicely:

    Oh ma freakin gawd how i would riffle through this guys jewelry box!

    • Elle:

      We need to get you into stores here girl, I swear to god. Pop stars would LOVE your things, Nara actually turned and said that to me while he was reading this post today lol he said “omg Liz.. you need to collab on some K-pop stuff with Cicely like NOW if this is the stuff they like here”

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    That’s always cool to know where artists/singers get their outfits/accessories. Though G-Dragon is not really something impressive to me (except his pants) but it is interesting. Thanks for your entry. I would love to know where Korean females like 이호리 get their outfits XD

  • Custom avatar Nadia:

    I meant female singers 😀

  • Custom avatar Percy:

    This was great so was the one on PSY and Mighty Mouth. For me ts great to find these sorts of blogs, it give me a better understanding of Asian fashion and the way trends flow.
    It helps I love the music too XD

    Please keep it up I’m really enjoying them. Could you maybe do one of a female artist? As its been mainly male focused so far.

    Thank heaps for posting this with the links.

  • Custom avatar Oddness/Weirdness:

    Thanks so much for the mention! Very nice of you… I see you found other items like GD’s artsy jacket… I had no idea about that. I’m also looking for those tropical fish sneakers but no luck so far. FYI I love your blog. I see I’ll be doing lots of perusing of your posts, for instance that shoe shopping post.

    Once again, thanks!

    • Elle:

      You are very welcome, thank you so much for all the great info! I meant to mail you last night, but fell asleep first haha glad you found me though! I dont know how you do it haha I was searching all over in Korean thinking a Korean blog had surely found something and BAM you had it all down! Your posts are so interesting as well, please keep up the good work and if you don’t mind I would love to source you again sometime~ Oh please feel free to use the info about the jacket if you are interested in adding that to your post ♥ I thought for sure all those pieces were custom made here in Korea, I was really surprised most came from actual designers.

      Those Sneakers man… ugh! I thought maybe he bought them here in Seoul, but the only crazy pattern brand we have that sells shoes for men really is joyrich and I dont think they come from there.

  • Custom avatar Tessa:

    Hello Elle, I’ve been reading your blog for some time but never had the chance to sit down and write to you till now!

    I want to say your blog is simply amazing and always a pleasure to read. It is really obvious that you put it so much hard work, consistently at that, into this blog.

    I hope you will never stop blogging ~~

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you so much Tessa T_T I appreciate the comment very much, they keep me motivated hehe! This blog has been such a pleasure to work on this year, I hope I can keep this up and keep finding interesting things to share with you guys ♥ ♥ ♥

  • Custom avatar Kuri:

    Love this! My 18 month old niece loves to rock out to this song. [She’s a K-pop fan just like her auntie ;)]

    I really enjoy your posts on music videos, I hope you’ll post more =)

  • Custom avatar JSho:

    I want to know more about the clothes he is wearing while holding the drum set or in Picture 50 Please!!!

  • I do love Big Bang, but I absolutely ADORE G-Dragon, he is my favorite K-Pop idol because of his original and extremely colorful style :3 and I especially love his solo albums, plus the one he did with TOP. This new song is great! It’s very catchy and as always G-Dragon’s style is amazing :]

    • Elle:

      Agreed!! ♥ ♥ ♥ His style is very interesting, I will try to feature some other fun stuff from him soon! xoxox I found him on some socks here recently lol!

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    The lead singer is GOOORGEOUS O.O But the guy with the “RELAX” fuzzy sweater…he will be in my dreams, I think what was cute about this blog was the guys ♥_♥ oh yes and the clothes of course ^^

    • Elle:

      haha XD yes he is super cute! Nothing beats cute guys in cute clothing, it is like extra awesome wrapping paper muhaha

  • Custom avatar CP:

    Hey Elle,

    Nice write up. I have a questions though. I’m planning on dressing up as G-dragon from the crayon vid for Halloween. I want to try and make the claw bracelet and I took your advice and went to Namdaemun. I walked around for an hour and a half and couldn’t find and claw pieces :(. Is there a specific accessory store that has them? Appreciate it if you can help me.

    – CP

    • Elle:

      Hello CP, sorry you did not have much luck~ it has been a long time since I saw something similar to the claws (I did not run into any this month when I visited) but actually the building I go to I do not know by name at this time or the vendor… I kind of always go by memory right now ^^ its the bead market connected to the giant fabric supply building if that makes sense to you. I will try to feature the area and give directions in the future since I love that area~ but it will not be in time for Halloween sadly. If you do not have any luck in Namdaemun, perhaps you can find something similar (although a bit pricey) in Garosugil~ best of luck! If all else fails you can try sculpting clay ^^

      • Custom avatar CP:

        Namdaemun is like a maze but I’ll try and find the place you are talking about. Halloween is around the corner so I have little time. If all else fails I might just resort to clay. Thanks for the speedy reply. You have a new blog fan! 🙂

  • Custom avatar Ji-Jung:

    awe oh my goodness this made me smile so much ^__^ he’s grown i bet he is just re-living his childhood and alot of other peopes.

  • i think you should do Epik High’s Don’t Hate Me. even tho i guess it’s not overly fashionable, it’s fun!

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