Today I’m going to be doing a review on one of my oldest (and favorite) circle lenses I own, GEO brand “Magic Circle” BC-102

GEO is a large and very popular producer of cosmetic lenses in Korea, the “Magic circle” line seems to be one of the older or maybe more modest line of lenses in terms of size and detail compared to what is out now. It’s a fairly easy line to find (maybe because its so basic?) and all the colors available are black and brown with misc detailing around the outer ring just to enlarge… not really change color. BC-102 lenses are 14.00mm in size which is the smaller size (if not smallest) found in circle lenses that I have seen around.

Here is a photo of BC-102 in my contact lens case.  As you can see its VERY close to the JPG sample image~ and the detail in the lines is very nice.  I have light Hazel eyes, so  when I wear black outer ring circle lenses they looks VERY scary on me normally/for every day wear.  Brown rings like this are great though, they give me the Doe-eye enlarging effect, but the color blends much better with my iris so it adds to my appearance without screaming for attention lol.

Here we have GEO BC-102 in my left eye and nothing in my right.  Sorry the photo is small, I only have a cell phone for photos currently! As you can see though, the result is enough to notice… but not SUPER OMG DOLL EYES WTF drastic.  That’s why these are still my #1 faves! The darker outer ring is definitely still occurring even though its brown, but instead of being a harsher black its a lot more blended with my color.

♥ ♥ ♥

here is me with my BC-102 GEO Lenses CAMERA POSE! ♥

I’m not sure if this applies to most non-Asian eyes, but I find 14.00mm to be the ideal size in a circle lens for me without looking goofy.  When buying lenses I always stick to sizes as close to 14mm as possible for that reason, no jumbos sizes for me… I would scare small children. You can read more about my thoughts on circle lenses with non-asian eyes in genera; ♥HERE♥  if you are curious!

 ♥ ♥ ♥ Where to buy ♥ ♥ ♥

Since its a basic lens by GEO it’s fairly easy to find in stock at the stores online and offline since its one of the original styles!  If you are not in Korea you can buy online from many sellers, but take care to only buy from authorized sellers~ GEO lenses can be bootlegged.

One authorized and popular seller is ♥ ♥ Pinky Paradise ♥ ♥  ~ which has these for $19 USD + a dozen other popular lenses! Take advantage of the free shipping and coupon codes, they can be stacked!


Very comfortable! I can wear these for about 6+ hours without any issues.


Perfect enlargement for ME, but not as large as others. Subtle enlarging effect vs most, but def still noticeable.


Doesn’t really apply in terms of color CHANGES, but brown on light eyes creates a nice blended outer ring and enhances a bit.

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4 Responses to “GEO Magic Circle Lens BC-102”

  • Custom avatar Jazlyn:

    sorry,I know this post was posted in Feb but I’m curious to know what is the price (in won) of the GEO BC-102 you’ve reviewed. & maybe the place you’ve bought it from?

    Thank! Appreciate it! 😀

    • Elle:

      Hi Jazlyn! I am so sorry, I actually bought those lenses over a year ago online before I moved to Korea from a online blog in California… I don’t even remember the name because it was a random place ~_~ I think I paid about $18 for the pair at the time though. I’ll be doing a revamp of this post, my white girl circle lens post, and adding all the ones I bought since I moved (I have a bunch of awesome ones now!) soon~ Just waiting for my boyfriend to have some free time to use the fancy camera so we can have some proper pics 😛 Sorry for the lack of an answer, but I will be correcting this soon! ♥

    • Elle:

      Good news Jazlyn, I found a seller of lenses and they have these in stock~ ♥ I checked to make sure since these are my faves! lol
      I’m going to update this page with the shop link+ image to the item tonight at the bottom, so check later for a place to try if you have not found a pair already ♥

  • Hi Elle,

    I have a question. I really like those circle lenses, but i have green/blue eyes. I want brown color lenses but my question is, will u see my green/blue eyes still a little when i wear brown color lenses? Or does it full cover my natural color eyes?

    Thanks! I really like ur blog btw 😀

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