I will update this post with a nice price listing soon, for now please read up on my general post on the subject HERE about the pinch braid method they do here. If you get extensions in Korea (good or bad), had quotes, or are aware of places worth checking out PLEASE let me know!  I am trying to put together a nice list eventually and am unable to visit and try every single place I find XD could use some help lol  If you try a place on this list let me know!

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Please keep in mind, I am usually calling for quotes on a full head (80-100 grams average amount) of hair 18″-22″ in length.  If you need a smaller amount or shorter length prices can be about 50,000 to 100,000 cheaper at some locations. I am also listing places that offer a proper range of blonde and other colors, if you just need black or darker browns you can easily go to any shop in Edae and find someone to do your hair!

Demon Hair

Location: Edae

Price Range:  (double check) 200,000-300,000 won for full head

Hair/Colors offered: Blacks and Browns, some with slight wave. 18″ max, most in stock is quite short

English Speaking Staff: Unknown

Pros: Lower prices, apparently popular.

Cons: Limited hair selection. Braids came out rather thick in my thin hair and only one stylist worked on me so it took forever

Comments: If you bring your own hair they will attach it for 100,000. Avoid getting dye here though, they turned my hair green.

Lucy Hair


Price Range:  500,000-100,000 won

Hair/Colors offered:

English Speaking Staff: Yes




Balbie Soo


Price Range:  350,000-500,000 half-full

Hair/Colors offered:

English Speaking Staff: Owner speaks some English.



Comments: This location offer keratin bonded extensions, ring, and pinch braid “twist”style.


Mini Hair

Location:  Hongdae

Price Range: 100,000-150,000

Hair/Colors offered: seems to be a good range including blonde

English Speaking Staff: unknown

Pros: lots of color choices and low price


Comments: This place only does the keratin bonding method


Family Hair

Location: Itaewon

Price Range: Starts at 200,000 won

Hair/Colors offered: apparently any texture or color, but they have to order them.

English Speaking Staff: Yes

Pros: Deals with mainly foreign clients. Experience with African hair.

Cons: just based on phone call, but they only had 14″ in stock so you have to have hair ordered.

Comments:  So “Family Hair” in Itaewon was suggested to me by a reader, but I found the two people I spoke to really rude on the phone!!! The phonecall was so meh that it put me off from ever visiting (you know those types of calls) BUT many people do seem to like them online. Maybe they are just bitchy on the phone because my wallet is not open in front of them? Whatever.

They are only worth mentioning because if you have Black/African hair and need work done~ braids, dreads, weave, relaxed, etc this is apparently THE place to go in Korea.  You can see a facebook page filled with her happy clients HERE and everyone does look amazing.  If anyone braves a visit for extenshions (or anything!) and has info to share or is going sometime and would not mind me tagging along to take photos for a proper review, please do drop me a line.  If this is a place that will actually do African hair properly here it deserves to be blogged about more as a resource for sure~ regardless of the phone bitchiness.




Price Range:

Hair/Colors offered:

English Speaking Staff:





Places I have found via naver that I have to look into more


http://blog.naver.com/yo6712/130120494765 (Ulsan)

http://blog.naver.com/inttu25/40137873922 ~

http://blog.naver.com/dodoboha/140156436747 (daegu)


http://blog.naver.com/mores_poly/100110382164 (Myungdong)


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4 Responses to “Hair Extensions in Korea~ Locations and pricing”

  • Custom avatar Lauren:


    just wondering if you know of anywhere in Busan to get keratin tape-in extensions??
    I am moving there in 9 weeks & will die without my weave 🙁


    • Elle:

      Hi Lauren~ sorry, I have never lived in Busan and do not use any Keratin methods so I have no idea 🙁 I know some places in Seoul do the heat bonding kind with small strands and keratin, but for Busan hopefully you can find some more info online! If you have textured or light hair I would bring a pack or two of your favorite here, I have never been able to find my color blonde here…. I always have to get my hair done in Japan or order the hair online :/ that is just me though

  • Custom avatar lisa:

    hello Elle,
    we just move to Ulsan 3 weeks ago and my hair extension was horrible now and seems losing lot of hair. hust wondering if you happen to know a place to visit and have my hair done. Thanks your help will really be appreciated.

    • Elle:

      Hi Lisa, I’m very sorry but even though I have been looking for two years I still have not located a place for extenshions that I can recommend. Every one I have went to over-charged or did a horrible job braiding the hair… now I just get my extenshions done in Japan when I visit :/ because they do such an amazing job and keep all hair colors in stock. Korea tends to only keep browns in stock and dye the hair to match which is really not great for the hair since its already dead lol. If price is not an issue, you could try “suins hair” in Seoul, just google for her sites. She caters to foreigners it seems, but I find her very over-priced as a result.

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