Although Hanbok is only really worn on special occasions like holidays, birthdays, graduations, and weddings it is still very much a part of the Korean fashion culture today and is always inspiring and evolving into new forms. Hanbok often finds its way into fashion editorial shoots for magazines here (Korean Vogue often does Hanbok themed shoots) as inspiration and to celebrate Korea’s heritage, countless runway shows have had pieces inspired by the traditional clothing, textiles, and details. It seems that almost annually Korea will also host runway shows dedicated to Hanbok, usually involving modern high fashion twists or re-imagining the beloved historical clothing.

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The Hanbok’s elegant high waist, flowing skirt, and iconic otgoreum 옷고름 tie have inspired designers abroad as well, such as the example below from the Christian Dior 2011 runway show for Spring. I enjoy looking at Hanbok fashion as an artist because it always has a beautiful juxtaposition of hard VS flowing and organic VS almost a geometric aesthetic that makes up the clothing.

The way its so bound and stiff at the top, yet such a full flowing shape for the chima 치마 (skirt) makes for a very beautiful and feminine silhouette~ Don’t you think?

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Anyway, please enjoy these Hanbok High Fashion & Runway Images!

♥‘HanBok’ Fashion Show in Seoul, Korea 2011 ♥ Photos ⓒ Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images♥

♥ “Hanbok – Environmental Love Story” by designer Park Sul Nyeo. Photos by

♥Carolina Herrera Spring collection 2011♥

♥ Christian Dior 2011 ♥

Hanbok Fashion Show in Seoul, Korea 2009 ♥


♥ 2010 FW SEOUL FASHION  via ♥

♥ Sandra Oh Wearing a Hanbok Fusion Dress at the 14th Annual Screen Actors ♥

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