Hanbok is the name for typically any form of traditional clothing here~ Even though it is only used primarily for special occasions and holidays in modern Korea now, it is still very much a part of the culture as a whole and comes forward in a lot of modern design, art, and fashion. Korean Vogue is sold as a monthly magazine here with about 50/50 of the content being original from the USA version and the other half being things targeted to the Korean Market in particular.  Over the last few years, Korean Vogue has become well-known and admired in many circles online by international viewers for its amazing Editorial Photography that is unique to the Korean issues.  Often they feature Hanbok or Hanbok-inspired spreads, often to showcase exceptional Korean designers.  I absolutely adore the images in these magazines~

♥ ♥ ♥

Since Hanbok is such a common theme for so many of them, I thought it would be nice to collect them all in one post here! Please enjoy these images


♥ Vogue Korea.(May 2009) Photography by Kim Kyung Soo ♥

♥ Vogue Korea (year unknown) Photography by Gun-Ho Lee ♥


 ♥ Vogue Korea (May 2011) Photography by Bo Lee, Designs by Hanbok Lynn ♥

♥ Vogue Korea (Feb 2010) “Some Flower in the Snow”  Photographer Kim Jung Han ♥

♥ Vogue Korea (Oct 2010) “Harvest Feast”  Photographer Ogh Sang Sun ♥

♥ Vogue Korea (Feb 2011) “Happy Bunny Girl”  Photographer Lee Gun Ho

♥ Vogue Korea (Misc)

If I missed any you think should be added here please let me know!

♥ ♥ ♥

All images and content within posted here are © Vogue Korea

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4 Responses to “Hanboks of Vogue Korea”

  • Custom avatar AJUKU Girls!:

    Super kawaii LOVEEEEEEEE. Our girl Kung pow will be sporting those long braids be on the look out. Much love

  • Custom avatar Bex:

    Love these photoshoots! So artistic, and such beautiful photography. I don’t think many Americans know about hanboks–I’ve only recently learned of them myself and created a board on Pinterest for some of the gorgeous Korean Vogue images I’ve come across. How wonderful to see them here on your blog!

    I am in the process of applying to teach English in Japan/Korea (whomever hires me, ha!). I’m an East Asian Culture major, so it’s been my dream for many years to live in Japan and Korea, learn the languages, and experience the culture. As you mentioned, there are so many cute Westerner-in-Japan blogs, but I haven’t had much luck finding Korean ones – I’m not just interested in teaching, I want to find all the fun, cute stuff too~ So how serendipitous that I found your blog~

    I came here after seeing the video of your fiance’s proposal. <3 I don't cry easily, but I have to say that tears were streaming down my cheeks throughout. I wish you both so much happiness!

  • how lovely! The first set is probably my favorite.

  • I really like the harvest feast photo’s!
    They remind me of those old paintings! Looks really good!

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