Cute Korea Thrifting Haul!

The other day I was in Edae (as usual!) and stopped by one of my favorite Ajuma’s shop~ she is has this TINY little hole in the wall (more like a gap between two buildings) that she sells socks and one  rack of thrift store clothing. Most of it is terrible, but wow~  once in a while I find something amazing in that pile!! This time she had not one, but two pastel 1980’s dresses that looked so cute I could not say no!

When thrifting for vintage clothing in Edae you have to be quick, girls snatch them up fast!

Pastel palm trees! haha I love it!!!!  The sleeves kinda poof a bit odd, so I may take them to my seamstress to fix

Seashell pattern dress with pockets! It is a little long so I may hem and stick the sleeves up a tad + I think I want to replace the buttons with solid white shaped hearts or shells.

I was super excited to wear the Mermaid pieces I collaborated with Locketship on

The candy colored mermaid girls matched the fabric perfectly!! ^^

Each of these dresses set me back 15,000 won~ I kinda like her now so I feel bad haggling  for a little less even though I should have ~_~ They are like new with no funky smells or wear in the fabric though, so fair enough I suppose ♥

I am an 80’s child raised in Florida so these fabrics are VERY nostalgic for me. I bet my Mom had a shell dress like that!

All bows belong to Milk apparently ♥ Thankfully he is not shedding yet….YET.

Do you want to know some places to score vintage clothing in Korea? Let me know!

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6 Responses to “Haul~ Totally Rad 80’s Dresses in Korea”

  • omg! how I wish I had one of those dresses 🙁

  • it’s so cute your dress!♥ lovely!

  • Custom avatar Vss3t:

    Hi Elle! First of all, LOVE ur blog!
    I’m going to Korea this coming Oct and can’t wait to shop there! But I’m quite aware that most clothes are in Free Size sold there. I’m a UK size 8-10, 160cm… Would I be able to fit in them comfortably?

    • Elle:

      Hello! So glad you enjoy the blog, many more posts are on the way as soon as I finish my move ^^ I will be writing a fit guide based on my exp in the future, but I am from the usa so I only know usa sizes to compare. Most girls under 130lb, 5’5″, b cup bust, and size 7 us shoes have no problems shopping, the thinner and shorter the easier obviously. Korean girls are into very loose fit and long clothing so lately it has been a lot easier for larger sizes to shop in the younger areas though ^^

  • Custom avatar Vss3t:

    Wow!!! Sounds like I’ve just hit jackpot!!! I can’t wait!!!! Thanks!!!

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