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Sanrio put together a large exhibit at the Tri-Bowl in Incheon called Hello Kitty Planet!!  This went on from 2011 till the spring of this year (yes, sadly it is over now if you are reading this and wanting to go) but we managed to find out the last month it was open and made a special trip out to go check it out for my birthday back in April!

~ Sorry the photo quality varies in this post!  Nara brought his camera, but I also used my cellphone for some pics ^^;~

All of the trees outside the Tri-bowl had puffy Hello Kitty bows in them!  It looked so amazingly cute, really good idea for a party!

Nara prepares himself for the Kitty-ness….

♥ ♥ ♥ It’s PARTY TIME ♥ ♥ ♥

The building they had Hello Kitty Planet in was pretty awesome. They really do look like bowls ♥

Photo bombed!  Also~ Hello Kitty Giving Tree lol

Well the outside seemed promising enough! Here we go~


Along the left wall they had several photo frames you could jump in with characters!

Nara’s favorite Sanrio character is Baby Cinnamon

The main hall of Kitty Planet was a dozen pop up areas for photos + playing as well as scenes set up with tons of props, little buildings, and hello kitty dolls! The amount of scenes they had was very surprising, it took us almost an hour to check them all out and appreciate all the fun little details they threw in.

I think Korea put a LOT of this together themselves because it was filled with a lot of “this and that” used in the displays (lots of it seemed store bought or not to scale at all). If this was a show 100% shipped over from Japan I really believe it would have had a bit more detail and custom plastic or resin buildings vs misc handmade, but regardless it was still insanely adorable and I was happy Korea put on such a large show!

The day we came it was TOTALLY EMPTY too~ I guess the chaos had died down after so many months!  No matter though, we had the whole Kitty Planet to ourselves so we did not have to worry about getting knocked over all day by running kids or Ajumas.

Hello Kitty’s Bedroom

Family tea with Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty’s Garage and wheels! Bitty screwdriver!!! *_*

Front of Hello Kitty’s house ♥ Badtz Maru seems to be on a park date with My Melody lol

Hello Kitty High School!

Hello Kitty Art Class~ Even Mimmy showed up

Music Class

Hello Kitty is shocked to find her whole class has skipped school to party on the front steps.

Weirdest area of the kitty town was a Hello Kitty Nightclub… yes, it was totally a club.  They had K-pop blasting on a screen behind them and Kitty at posh tables with… I wish I was kidding… TINY LITTLE BOTTLES OF ALCOHOL. Not fake ones either, these were the mini kinds you get at the liquor store just emptied out.

I saw mini Midori, Bacardi, Grey Goose, etc… WHY KOREA? Part of me is loling, but the other part kinda thinks this would not be ok with Sanrio officially and this show was supposed to be for kids *_*

Spider Kitty protects the city, while Kiki and Lala hover in the sky above~

Behind the Kitty towns they had an interesting seating area with various Kitty emotions and such

Hello Kitty wedding goodies!  Someone send me some of these for my wedding XD

Upstairs they had several areas with things to view~ the first one we came across was a toy display room with cartoons playing for kids to watch.  They had a lot of misc kitty items from all over the place, but they had them all behind plexiglass and the room was really dim, so we could only snap a few!  Overall the lighting was really dark in Hello Kitty Planet actually… not sure why they made it like that!

The final area of the show was a Hello Kitty upside-down house! haha not really sure WTF Kitty is doing up there…

I love this Hello Kitty couch!! Can I get it in adult size???

I think these are supposed to be giant hello kitty slippers!

And of course, what house (or event in Korea) would be complete without a Hello Kitty bathroom and potty goodies?

This final room was a bit of a sad disappointment though, weird scale, dirt all over the floor, tub filled with dirty plush Kitty bodies, wtf chair next to the toilet, and the toilet itself looked USED like they found an old one at the dump and just put a cushion on it…. but wait. I lifted the seat and to my horror something was actually inside the potty….

Hello Kitty crap WITH a bow.

This alone was worth the visit, thank you Korea.  Bit amusing and horrifying at the same time.

I had so many photos I decided to split this post up into two~

Did you go to this exhibit in Korea or any other amazing Hello Kitty event? Know any other fun Sanrio things to do in Korea?  Have a favorite Sanrio character? Comment below and share!

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13 Responses to “헬로키티 플래닛 ♥ Hello Kitty Planet in Korea (Part 1)”

  • 오마이갓~ This is amazing! ^______^
    That last room reminds me of an exhibition my project group made for a class when I was studying in Korea! The theme was “rest room” and they had an actual toilet as well as several paper squatty-potties on the floor, and paper silhouettes of people doing bathroom things! >_<;; One girl made a paper "poop" to put in one of the "toilets" and she thought it was just so cute and funny! ^^;;

  • Oh man, I want to go here! It makes me think of a children’s museum I went to when I was a kid. It was one of the most fun places I’ve ever been. Speaking of which, one of my dreams is to visit the Ghibli museum in Japan. Have you been there? :O I can’t believe you took that poop out of the toilet, ahaha.

    • Elle:

      Yes I have been to the Ghibli museum (and to a lecture Miyazaki gave in 2008 or 2009 that was fascinating) :D It is very sweet (a bit smaller than expected + no photos allowed of the inside) kind of like walking through several artists studios and desks, lots of sketches on the walls and goodies ^^ They also have a Totoro short they screen that is very adorable, about a baby neko bus

  • Custom avatar Hiro:

    Ahhh! This looks amazing. I’m going to Korea very soon, so I’m sad it’s already finished, I would have loved to have gone! *_* I can’t wait for part 2! ^^

    • Elle:

      Yeah it is a pity it had to end, but at least you can still go to the Hello Kitty cafes and stuff :D ♥ Thank you, I will have part two up in just a few hours!

  • Haha omg. This is ridiculously adorable, except for the last part, which is ridiculously disturbing. Guess they really thought through the details! LOL.

    I love your bow!!

    • Elle:

      So glad I could bring a little horror into your day! :D Even as a Hello Kitty fan I had the same reaction that you did in the blog ahaha

  • Custom avatar Liz:

    I have Hello Kitty wines and I read that they have Hello Kitty beer in some countries too, so maybe Sanrio would be okay with the night club scene…? Although I guess hard liquor is a bit different.
    Love the dizzy pic!

  • Custom avatar Tina Hernandez:

    Aww i wouldnt mind going to that…

    • Elle:

      It was a lot of fun! We went at the end so it was nice and empty, lots of couples on dates actually haha! Part two has even more pics ^^ <3

  • Custom avatar mm:

    so, can i still get it if am going in November 2014?

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