Continuing on with the Hello Kitty-tastic event they held at the Tri-Bowls in Korea from 2011- early 2012~ Here is part 2 of my visit to Hello Kitty Planet!! Crafts, Art, Pretty Potty, and more~

To read part one please CLICK HERE~ ♥

As you walked down the hallway to the main exhibit room they had hundreds of colored Hello Kitty bows hanging, stuck to the walls, trees, and making little shapes! It was so pretty, really good idea of the event to do this ^^  I am glad we came at the end too, because at this point they had mountains of colored bows from previous visitors!

They had a small table you could sit down and color your own, write your wish on the back, and hang it to the tree to make it come true!

I had to do one!

Nara did one as well! ♥

Stylish Oppa!!

A large portion of the 2nd floor was a Hello Kitty gallery of sorts. In the Fine Art area they had some really nice pieces, but a lot of really terrible ones or odd that did not seem to fit at all…. not sure what the curator was thinking. Snapped photos of some interesting ones though…

Brace for Hello Kitty nightmares.


Hello Kitty has clawed her mouse conjoined twin?

Some DJ that wears a Kitty suit? I really did not get why this was in the gallery.  Amusing I guess…

Kitty likes to par-taaaaay.

Lets play a game and list how many things in this photography piece are not ok to have up on a wall at an overall children’s event.

The legendary Kitty root, known for its healing qualities

Another hall upstairs had custom Hello Kitty vinyls on display. Some came out very cute, a LOT looked very ugly though… the blanks were painted by businesses (I’m guessing ones that funded this event maybe?) and overall seemed like a total waste of a great exhibit idea~ just like the main fine art gallery. Korea has so many great pop and character artists, you would think they would have found some people that actually painted for a living to participate :/ Anyway, we snapped pics of a few…

Hello Kitty by the very cute clothing brand “SOUP”~ well painted.. but come on SOUP, you could have done better.

13book is a really cute stationary/ office supply / misc home goodie store here in Korea

In another corner they had a craft area set up for kids to color in pages, make buttons, or kitty collages

one hilarious worksheet was how you thought Hello Kitty would look in 2050…

Korean kids have a good sense of humor…or a twisted one. Not exactly sure lol

Hello Kitty through the years~

Moving back to the bottom floor we peeked into the last large room of the exhibit~  A playroom for little ones to run wild if they had to burn off some energy.

Not much to it, just lots of padding and some giant balls to kick around haha.

Of course since it was Sanrio they had a gift shop, however it was kind of basic and many things seemed to be Japanese imported vs Korean-made so the cost was much higher.

Nothing was printed special for the event or anything, so I actually made it out without buying a single thing…shocking.  We did go on the last week though, so they could have had way more things when they first opened ^^;

Final stop was the restroom before our long train ride home~ haha even the bathrooms had a bit of Kitty cute!

Nara taking fancy photos in the mens room

and my sad grainy cell phone camera in the ladies room ahaha.

Thanks again to 나라 for taking me here~ it was a really fun birthday trip!!

Not many guys can stand the level of cute that he can lol

The hair bow I wore to this event was made by my adorable and very talented friend Chubby Bunny~ It is an official Sanrio Hello Kitty bow and you can buy your own in a range of colors at various locations in the USA or through her online shop HERE

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8 Responses to “헬로키티 플래닛 ♥ Hello Kitty Planet in Korea (Part 2)”

  • Custom avatar Aby:

    Hi Elle, love your website btw. Anyway, where did you get your hello kitty shirt/jumper???? Love it! I want one for my self 🙂

    xoxo Aby

  • Wow. Just wow… and yes I’ll know I’ve met my mate by how much cuteness he can endure!

    Amazing amazing post.

    Btw I REALLY struggled with leaving a comment. I first missed my task and then couldn’t figure out which image was the seed.. lol

  • okay nevermind, it looks like the other tasks are far easier. 🙂

  • Oh my goodness~ I think I would have spent hours at the kids’ craft area! ^^;;

  • Haha wow such a random exhibit but looks like lots of cute stuff! BTW, Nara’s photography watermark/stamp is pretty snazzy. =)

    I’ve been eyeing those Chubby Bunny bows for a while now…

  • ♥ . ♥ OMG!!! if i was their it would be a hardtime for my friends to take me outa their cus i looooooove Hello Kitty. i’d go crazy and admire evrything, i’ll look like a anime character going crazy for the cute things lol ^___^. u r so lucky.

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