How? I dunno… I hear you need something like a 401K, Mini van, and terrible dancing skills. Right?

This is apparently a slogan to promote the new white version of this phone. OKAAAAAY~

Dear Korea~ I don’t know what “The Black Experience” is, but I’m not sure how authentic it will be if its hosted in Korea.

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8 Responses to “LOL Korea- Racist?”

  • Someone would be shot in the USA if this was on a phone! haha!

  • Custom avatar Tara:

    Makes me laugh every time!

  • Custom avatar Jen:

    I agree with Sydney. Wouldn’t get away with that here in Australia! well maybe for a few days before the complaints list got to high.

    It is funny though. I wonder does that marketing work on Koreans? I mean if someone put up how to live black things would get out of hand very quickly.

    • Elle:

      I think this is just a classic case of them not understanding the humor of what they wrote in English~ like they maybe think “having the white life” is a fun way to market a line of white colored products not realizing how weird/wrong it is in English to a native speaker haha. This is kinda the case at the Mr. Pizza chain here who markets itself for Women (apparently?) so they have all these “For the love of Women” signs in the stores. OH KOREA.

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