Recently K-pop singer Hyun-A released a new single here in Korea that seems to be doing quite well on the charts~ “Ice Cream”!  I am not a fan of the song really, but I love the look of this video… it is kinda crazy, fun, and WTF all over the place!  Shall we take a look at some K-pop eye candy?

♥ ♥ ♥

If you have not yet, you can watch the video on her official youtube channel HERE


A wild Psy appears!  Remember him from Oppan Gangnam Style? lol of course you do…

 Psy is looking stylish as ever hehe~ he likes the truck as much as I do!

 Let’s go!

The amazing graffiti on the ice cream truck was painted by JNC Crew, it is one of the best features of this video!!

Inside the truck is some sort of crazy ice cream lounge!

SCARF DAT FREE ICE CREAM PSY!  Gotta say though, I really think they could have used some cuter ice cream in this video… it was really cheap looking.  Is it bad that I could tell the ice cream was cheap just by watching this video? haha.  They should have done a color swirl!!  Anyway~

HyunA peeks in the truck! She looks so cute in this hehe


HyunA takes to the wheel of her crazy ice cream truck in a beautiful Ashish runway piece! If this name sounds familiar it is because he was the designer they used for G-Dragon’s “Crayon” music video I blogged about here.  K-pop really loves sequins atm or something hehe!

HyunA sports a ton of really cute Chanel accessories in this video~ I love how they are playfully mixed in with all the crazy styles!

dat gold comb!

Gotta love those cheap “bride to be” glasses with all those expensive clothes hehe

The next scene is seriously so odd.. people are protesting with super WTF English signs, some of the dumbest I have had the pleasure of laughing at all year.  Korean Konglish is weird because it always makes kinda sense in one way, but completely not in the other.

This just in: WTF are these people protesting about?  More at 11!

Hyuna runs over the poor clown and also “Shell we drive”? lol seriously Korea….

Hidden gem: deerpy cotton candy girl. She was so funny in the whole video


Mashed potatoes?  How hard is it to get some cute ice cream for this video…. (-_-;)

Deerpy cotton candy girl is deep in thought after Hyuna steals all the men.

Cue the gratuitous latex bubble scene! Ah, HyunA is wearing pinch braid extenshions it seems~

What does soap have to do with ice cream? *_*

Whole lot of amazing going on in this shot lol

Meanwhile~ back in soapy boobie land….

In case you are wondering, the patches on her cleanup crew say “Air force” lol yeah, just because~

All the guys are popping outta those shirts! hehe

Ahhh I love that hat with all the pins!

The parts with her riding on the guys always get me… she looks kinda mean!  Stop making troll face Hyuna 😛

The way he flails and scoots around on the ground with sand while she is on top always makes me think in my mind that….

…..she is riding on some giant sea turtle… lol is that weird??? Maybe it is just me haha


lol thx


Are these tattoos real? HyunA’s are really fake doodles in this video, but his look pretty legit!

Love that eye makeup!

And check out what HyunA is sporting in this shot~ BOMGOM!!  The indie Korean accessory brand made with toys that I featured here just the other day!

 Asking for it….




This video is going downhill very fast….

I love how I can not walk around Seoul without sleeves on my shirt for fear of being stared at for dressing slutty, but this can be shown on TV here no problem lol. Oh K-pop, you make your own rules.

RAR! ♥

I bet you taste like ice cream~

haha so what did you think of  HyunA’s “Ice Cream” video?  Do you have a favorite scene, outfit, or goofy moment?  Share in the comments below!!

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17 Responses to “HyunA “Ice Cream” ♥ K-pop Eye Candy”

  • Custom avatar Jaime:

    What is her necklace in the photo after the girl serving cupcakes? It’s a cameo of something. It’s cute!

    Also is this supposed to make sense or just a bunch of random fun things thrown together? I like the colors and fashion and how it feels like some insane avante gard film of cuteness. The song doesn’t grab like the others you posted in the pass. That “Crayon” song gets stuck in my head!

    • Elle:

      yeah! I wonder where that came from, seems like something from Etsy… we do not have many pieces like that style here in Korea so I wonder! Most videos here really make no sense to me haha I just take them as visual eye candy… this one especially. They fist time Nara saw it I was laughing so hard because he kept yelling at the screen when the bubble scene came on like “OK WHY is this even in the video?? Bubbles with ice cream??? WAT?” lol. Really not a fan of the song at all, but yeah~ visually I like this video just for being an insane weird cluster of things XD

  • Custom avatar margarita:

    I only watched this video once because it started to get really uncomfortable lol and I thought if someone walked in they would be like *0* whaaa?!?!?! Lol hmmmm is this video banned in korea yet? Seems like they would for something like this. Its so awesome that you mentioned the derpy cotton candy girl, I think I will watch the video again for giggles. I also really like the jewelry pieces you featured in another post, they are too cute.

    • Elle:

      Yeah I know right? I am a tad shocked because it is a little bit risque for tv here, but worse seem to have been slipped by the censors lately.. its odd what they pull down now! We saw it on TV last week several times, so maybe they don’t see anything wrong with all that cream being sprayed on everyone at the end haha. The crowd actors are super funny in this, it was hard to pick which screen grabs to use in a few scenes hehehe

  • Custom avatar Alicia:

    I have three scoops ,That cute oppa with the sick tatoo, secound scoop those jeremy scott adidas, third scoop strawberry ice cream with sprinkles and A cherry on top. XP

  • awesome commentary!!

  • LOVE! i actually didn’t watch the whole video… your comments are better than the video! ahhahahahaha.

  • I was wondering why that ice cream looked so weird, mashed taters. LOL

  • Custom avatar Vanecherry:

    Jeremy Scott Collection! jajajajaja

  • Custom avatar Moni:

    Lol that music video has some crazy style indeed! If I only the song wasn’t so… meh. I liked Hyuna’s “Change” but now she uses this chipmunk cutesy voice that’s awful xD

  • Custom avatar Kitty:

    I didn’t like the song much, but loved this post! Batman! He is gone! bahaha 🙂

  • Custom avatar Ameli:

    I liked this video concept but it felt like a lot going on.
    The screen caps are amazing, do you cap them yourself?

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, it is a weird ride for sure ^^ yes I do! Any video I feature here I find the HD download online and cap + edit them myself~ I like to freeze frame lol

  • Custom avatar Dani:

    I really loved the fluffy white steering wheel cover the ice cream truck had!

  • Custom avatar Danielle:

    LOL. I thought the random “Batman, He is Gone” sign was funny!
    I didn’t care for the song itself. But all the colors were so fun!

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