Lets play “Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game”~ a super cute Korean game!

The game is very straight-forward, simply take turns stacking plastic ice cream scoops till someone knocks it down!

Here are the goodies out of the box!  Lets get it set up so we can play!

And here is the game set up and ready to go! Not much to it, but it sure is cute and fun!

So taking turns you start stacking!  You can hold the cone or use the plastic stand… holding is really hard *_*

One fun little feature to this game is that the ice cream scooper actually picks up and holds each scoop! This makes stacking a little tricky because you have to pres the button to release the piece, so you can easily knock your ice cream tower over if you press it too high or firmly.

♥ ♥ ♥

Since you only get one cone with this set (they do sell an expansion set to give you more scoops and cones) you can not each play while holding a cone and passing the scooper like in the example illustration though!

So after a few failed attempts of stacking, Nara and I finally got the game going. It is really tricky to place those scoops nice and straight, they are very light and get wonky really easily so it got hard very fast!


and after passing just a few times the game was over! wuh wuh wuhhhh~

HAHA YOU LOSE NARA! He always wins at games, so this was a DELICIOUS VICTORY.

Loser had to buy the winner real ice cream muhahaha!!!!

We managed to stack them all, but it was not as easy as we expected.

 Overall, this is a really cute simple kids game that is just fun to handle and play with… I mean it is scooping ice cream, how is that not fun?  I love the details of each flavor and if I had more money and space to waste I would consider getting the expansion pack to make it extra difficult.  Since it is so simple we only pull it out to mess around every so often, but it is a hilarious game to play when you are drinking ^^; especially if you have to hold the cone.

I am totally obsessed with fake food, so it is a given that I would love this game I guess *_*

Buy the “international” version of this game online! Box is not as cute, but it is the same thing!

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4 Responses to “Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game”

  • Custom avatar Deborah:

    OMG, just saw this at our local budget stoe and thought it was some kind of kids toy to make ice creams XD, I’m going to get one right now 😀

    • Custom avatar Deborah:

      Got it, our box is different from the Korean and international one, will make a picture 🙂

      • Elle:

        Awesome!! I think if you put it on photobucket (or any host) you can post it here in the replies with html! Happy ice cream stacking XD

  • Custom avatar Rachel:

    Just bought this today at HomePlus! Gonna take it back to the US and play it with my family. Thanks for posting about this. ^^

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