Hello everyone!  Recently I have been getting a lot of mails about what happened and if I decided to stop blogging about Korea since I am currently in LA while Nara works at Disney on “Big Hero 6” (go see it soon!!)  Last year they hired him to animate on the project so we packed up everything and came back to the states!  I just wanted to say that I am STILL going to blog and I still have a huge amount of backlog posts that I am always talking about, plus on a normal year we do visit at least once for a month so I am bath and forth to Korea even though we changed locations!  This Oct 25th Nara and I are finally getting married in LA, followed by a Korean wedding in Seoul on Nov 15th.  Nara has been super busy with work, so I have been doing the wedding things on my own so it is sucking up a HUGE amount of my time ~_~  I am sorry!  I have also started my home business back up selling art as Miss Kika (www.misskika.com) and have had an exciting year selling paintings and making shirts and stuff.  The wedding eats all my free time that should be blog time, so I just wanted to let readers know that I will be back to work on this page for sure after November once my time opens up again since each post is really time consuming for me <3  I miss blogging so much though!

In the meantime, some locations I have featured have since closed or things have changed.  If you learn something please do let me know and I will adjust the blog info to avoid confusion!  Since I am not in Seoul and have been so busy this year I have not had time to keep some things up to date which is super needed in Korea since things open and close really frequently D:

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a lovely summer and if you see Nara and I around Seoul this November please do come up and say hi! I hope after my wedding I can write some helpful wedding posts or at least I will have photos to share haha!



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15 Responses to “I’m still alive!”

  • Custom avatar Candice:

    that is such a relief 🙂 Ive always been checking this blog daily to see if you posted anything but now I recently found you on instagram so i resort to that to make sure that your not dead 🙂 But welcome back and take all teh time you need 🙂

  • I really miss your blog posts but it has been fun seeing you post your artwork via instagram you are really talented and deserve all the praise in the world. Best of luck with all your wedding preparations! =)

  • I am hitting up the Cat && Dog Cafe’s soon. As well as the Daiso in Hongdae. ♥ Can’t wait till you are back. I am sure like myself, others miss you as well.

  • Custom avatar Judy:

    Congratulations on your engagement Elle! Good thing LA has a great Koreatown in case you want some dukbokki ;p. Good to see you are doing well!

  • Yay! I’ve missed your awesome posts. 😀 But we totally understand – weddings and business…quite the load.

    Are you guys going to move back to Seoul when Nara is done with the movie?

    • Elle:

      Thank you 🙂 We are not sure at this time! Right now he is on the next movie for Disney so we are seeing how we like it here long term for now, we do miss korea though!

  • Custom avatar Lilia:

    Dear Elie,
    Loved your blog that I found by coincidence searching for things to do in Korea as I am travelling there for two weeks in a couple of days.
    I would love to exchange more with some nice people living there or who lived already there.
    You have a wonderful blog and I wish you all the best in LA.
    Kiss, kiss

  • Custom avatar Ananana:

    I’m looking forward Elle! ❤️ I’m a huge faaaaaan and hope it would be real soon tho. Have a good life with your man. #Fighting!

  • Custom avatar Ananana:

    I’m looking forward Elle! ❤️ I’m a huge faaaaaan and I hope it would be really really soooon tho. Have a good life with your man. #Fighting!

  • Custom avatar Yoshi:

    Yay, glad you’ll be back ^-^ I’m looking forward to reading new blog posts, and till then I’ll keep following you on Instagram ^-^ Can’t wait for your wedding pictures 🙂 The things you’ve already prepared are awesome(ly cute) 😀 <3

    Best wishes

  • Custom avatar julie:

    Glad,you still continuing this blog, I was afraid you weren’t blogging anymore. If you have a chance to look this adorable korean stationary website called,”http://www.afrocat.co.kr”. I really want to know if there is an international shipping or any other english website carry her brand. I hope you will able to review once you go back to South Korea again. 🙂

  • Custom avatar Sam:

    Your blog has been such a huge help, and I’m going to Korea from the end of October till sometime in November. Wow, I’ve been so terribly excited for Big Hero 6 and the fact that Nara animated on it is just so amazing. I hope I bump into you both and the best of wishes for the both of you! 🙂

  • Custom avatar nagrom:

    we’re all glad you’re not dead!

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