This week I bought a new really cute kitty mug and some amazing Japanese hot cocoa mix from the store. Since it was imported it was not cheap, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would be yummy!  I really like hot cocoa (yeah I know it is summer, I like ice choco milk too! lol) but here in Korea most of the shops make it all watery and gross.

This also gave me a perfect reason to open up my adorable cup lids Nara’s Mother had given me a few months ago! These sorts of lids are common here & are usually a soft silicone that goes over your tea or coffee cup to keep it warm.

♥ ♥ ♥

I have to say, these cat ones (plus a bow design) are the cutest I have seen yet though XD  I actually ran into the same ones in Tokyo Hands for almost 1000 yen (over $10) a piece, Japan loves to mark things up (*-*) these can be bought in Korea for about $2!

The hot cocoa mix is by Meito and cost me around 10000 won ($10) but it should last me quite some time.

When making the cocoa you can mix it with water or milk, I always opt for milk… it is just not the same with water!

Oh also, those covers worked REALLY WELL. Found one from Korea online that I will post at the bottom!

The package said it was a milky/creamy cocoa mix and I was not sure if it would be true, but yeah! They must add a little powdered cream in because it was very creamy and delicious!! If only I had a little whipped cream

here is a shot in the store of the other version of my kitty mug!  I went with the happy version, but this little guy is super cute as well♥

 My other favorite design is the ribbon style!  You can buy this on Amazon HERE ♥ I have the hot pink!

Amazon has the lids up for sale and they are cheap!  I have the bow one too and it is SUPER cute♥

Some ad-block plug-ins disable viewing these links above!  Please allow to display ads to see these + other products I refer to in posts! They are hand picked links to related items (or ones I actually buy here that can be found online) so they are not useless, I promise ^^

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27 Responses to “Japanese Cocoa with Korean Kitty Goodies”

  • Oh! I’ve seen the cute kitty mug on Amazon before, and I love it. They had a panda one, too! (That’s how I found out.) I love the lids! I need one for my coffee cups! 😀

    • Elle:

      I do not drink coffee, so it took me way too long to try these lids, glad I opened them at last though because they will be great for my cup noodle and tea after I dunk the packet in. Handy and cute = win win for me XD My kitchen is going to look like a toy store someday….

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    *throws money at screen*

    Gah, I wish you could ship those out! I want them just like I want everything else you’ve posted. I noticed that they also make a cow and a mouse cap.. And strawberry and cupcake ones??

    (I feel like I’m starting to sound like a broken record every time I post on things you’ve bought and I want. Which is nearly everything.)

    • Elle:

      haha I wish I could handle shipping things out too, but man Amazon only sells them for like $3 that is way better and it is the exact same thing! I am shocked how much stuff I find on that site now honestly, but it makes things easier for those of you that want one too so MUHAHAHA TEMPING YA. Seriously though, I love the little caps~ I think I am going to buy some to give as gifts since my family all drinks coffee throughout the day!

      • Custom avatar Lianne:

        I think I was searching wrong on Amazon. lol. Ebay for the win!

        • Elle:

          Did you check the links at the bottom? I posted direct links to the lids down there plus they are just $3 XD

          • Custom avatar Lianne:

            I was looking for the links you mentioned but couldn’t find them..

          • Elle:

            They are right above the comments ^^ they are amazon links, if you have an ad blocker maybe it is blocking them? I promote LOTS of things via amazon now since they are on that site, so if you can disable it on my blog you should be able to see a lot more product links on other posts too. If it can be bought online I always link it!

          • Custom avatar Lianne:

            ah! It was the adblocker. Totally didn’t realize it. Thanks!

          • Elle:

            xoxox I’m going to put a text warning about it from now on since a few of you had it on and could not see them! 😀

  • AH!! I need something like those lids. No matter how hard I try, during summer there are always at least 1 or two little fruit flies in my room…and then they end up in my drink! Blah~ These are a perfect solution (and way cuter than the paper I currently put on top of my mugs)

  • Custom avatar Bunny:

    I can’t find the links you are referring to. Maybe I missed it? HALP! D:> I want this…

    • Elle:

      Scroll up, just above the boxes with pics to other posts I did is a row of 5 amazon links to related goodies including the cup toppers! ♥ ♥ Do you see them? I have a decorated line image above and below them 😀

      • Custom avatar Bunny:

        I believe one of my Google Chrome extensions may be interfering because I am unable to see them. I’ll just…fuss with the settings until they show up. 🙂 Thanks!

        • Elle:

          Ah maybe! Yeah, if I write about a product I try and find the related one on amazon so people can buy them (like the keyboard stickers post and stuff!) so they are adds, but handy ones haha

  • Custom avatar Katricia:

    Where did you get that kitty mug!? I definitely need one of those in my life! 😀

    • Elle:

      I got it at the craft/school supplies section of my local bookstore, but I believe places like Art*Box here sell it + another variation of the mug 🙂

  • Custom avatar bho:

    I definitely have to buy one of those silicon things for my morning coffee, especially if they work! Now I’m really curious and will have to try it.

    Thanks for the tip about the lids and also the Amazon link. The warning about the ad blocker was very helpful too, I was wondering where you’d link them too. 😉

    • Elle:

      My pleasure!! I found that they worked VERY well, I was really surprised~ Going to buy one for my mom because she is one of those ladies that liked hot coffee at the desk almost all day *_*

  • whaaaa cute lids! man asia…why u so good?! i may get one of these..chris and i tried this wonderful birthday tea…its so sweet…i may use that to keep my tea warm for when i start working at the office 😀

  • I just had to order two of those mug lids.. they are too cute! I’m always putting small plates on top of my drinks.

    • Elle:

      haha I still use plates when I am making ramen or something XD you will like the covers so much more for drinks though, they work super well!!

  • Custom avatar Gia:

    Your mug >_< I WANTS!

  • Cute cups with lids!!! Is there a taste difference with Japanese hot cocoa and American? Maybe I’ll have my friend send some to me. Mmm 😛

  • I absolutely love it. What great gift ideas for my secret Santa this Christmas. There is both a Japanese and a Korean shop in our local shopping centre so I will be sure to stake it out!

  • So I know this is a little old, but I found those same cat covers in Forever 21 in America about last year! They sold them for about 2$.

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