Since I was about 13 and I started buying me “Seventeen” magazine I have always been a fashion magazine hoarder. Not so much to read the articles, but I love window shopping on the pages like a little kid with a holiday Toys-R-Us catalog… yes, sometimes I even star things I really want as well. My eyes are greedy!!

Anyway, due to my love for looking at as many things crammed into an issue as possible (also personal fashion tastes) I really fell in love with Japanese fashion magazines since each issue really had SO FREAKING MUCH in it! Japanese Magazines have been my go to for about ugh… 13 years now? God I’m getting old!

Japanese love to slam your face filled with tons of unique and delicious content. YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION♥

When I first moved here I was hoping Korean Fashion Magazines would be as numerous and diverse as Japan’s so I set out to buy a dozen. Over and over I was disappointed though! A lot of the fun magazines from the 90’s have been discontinued, and now if you go looking you will often find a stack of Korean Fashion magazines that are essentially reprints of US magazines with some tweaking and new articles geared for the Korean Market…. but they all feel so similar after a few pages.

♥ ♥ ♥

Sometimes in one of those huge books you will find 2-3 interesting or unique outfits/items… but overall it always seems to be the same affair as magazines back home ~  they are getting better in recent years, but still not as clutter-tastic and colorful as I would like

To my joy, Korean bookstores often have a small selection of Japanese fashion magazines complete with the free gifts. The most commonly stocked ones are Japanese Seventeen and Vivi, both really nice magazines!! Anything else you may have to go to a large bookstore ( like 교보문구 ~ the one at 광화문 is the largest!) where they have many more choices, but not EVERYTHING.  I love Ageha and have yet to find it here~

Prices run around ₩8500- ₩9000 I have spotted the following here, but more are being added all the time!

If you want to know more about a magazine in particular just fire up google, so many sites all about them!

If I missed any that are common here, please do let me know so I can add it! Often shops only seem to get a few in every month, so sometimes they do sell out!

What is your favorite Japanese fashion magazine to read?  Do you buy imported magazines in Korea? Where is your favorite place to buy them?  Comment below and share with others!

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5 Responses to “Japanese Magazines in Korea”

  • Custom avatar Nishi:

    I’m going to buy one next time I go to the Japanese market near my house. I’ve always wanted to get one, but I was too shy. I can’t read it, but at least I can look at the pretty pictures *u*

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    Ohhhhhhhh Nylon! I would love to get my hands on copies of international Nylons! Love that mag 😀

  • Asian magazines are so cute. I find that I love imported magazines so much; when I go to the book store, I gravitate towards all the magazines imported from the UK (especially Imagine FX.. but it’s so expensive!). Thankfully they seem to re-print stuff like UK Glamour for the United States to sell at a more reasonable price. I also love how Japanese magazines also come with furoku. That sort of thing is almost unheard of in the states!

    • Elle:

      Ditto! I really dislike most American magazines atm (except for teen vogue because they USE THE WHOLE PAGE) because its like one thing per page. I want spreads of things and tons of choices, combo options, etc… Japanese magazines are SO WONDERFUL for that reason, not just because I’m fan-wanking on Japan lol. I was hoping Korean magazines would have similar layouts, but they are just as minimal as the ones back home, its so annoying and most of the single page outfits they show are so bland.

      Gah I’m so bad, anything that comes with furoku here or in Japan I buy… haha I cant help myself. Korea gives out a LOT of free gifts, but they are often samples VS cute unique gifts meant just for that give-away.

  • […] bags from Japanese magazines, they give out such lovely things as reader gifts.  I can buy some Japanese magazines in Korea, but it costs extra and they never have […]

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