Korea has really been embracing the whole K-pop wave that has been going on in Asia for the last several years now… and yes, this extends to snacks as well!  In the airport you can get candy and chocolates as souvenirs with drama or K-pop themes, but for today’s Korean snack review we will be looking at at line of snacks you can get at the convenience stores right here in Seoul~ The K✰Pop Snack line by Lotte!  These can be found at misc snack shops depending on the stock, I run into the various types of these at random so I think it may be something that is a bit better stocked in tourist hot spots since I have a feeling these are meant to appeal to them VS everyday Korean fans. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Each snack contains one collectable K-pop card (86 are in the set currently apparently) from a different group, some boxes are random, and some snacks will say it is a random card from XXX group so you have an idea. These are all repackaged versions of popular snacks here for the most part, so they make great gifts to bring home! Grab some K-pop Cheetos for your friend! lol  Anyway, lets take a look at the snacks I have tried personally~

Name:    K✰Pop Choco Biscuits (케이✰ 팝 초코비스킷)

Calories: 195 per serving

Maker: Lotte


These always stared at me on the shelf at my local store asking to be bought. You don’t see true novelty snacks every other day here like you do in Japan, so I was very amused that this was even around in a normal store… usually these sorts of things exist only for kids shows or at the airport like I said! So yes, K-pop cookies! Complete in a glamed up box with dancing lady silhouette! My box told me specifically that my box would contain a collectable card from Kara/ T-ara inside  in English and in Japanese, so that solidified my opinion that this is a tourist treat.

The biscuits themselves have a nice design on them with “K-pop” stamped in the center, I felt so hilarious eating these.  Maybe they are made from the K-pop stars that never made it big? lol Korean Soylent Green… ok I’m weird, anyway!! The biscuit is a very standard and not so sweet cracker with a nice layer of chocolate on the bottom that is semi sweet like most Korean chocolate snacks I am noticing. I thought the cookies looked very nice, but I wish the biscuit had more flavor… they are a little too cracker-ish and the chocolate does not save them with that issue.  Still though, its not BAD and being the lovely lady that I am I totally ate the whole box in one sitting while working tonight…whoops.

The prize K-pop card was inside below all the cookies in a safety package~ here is who I got! A pretty card of Ji Yeon from T-ara The card appears to be a nice collectable quality, its on a nice heavy paper, high gloss, good color, and has a nice shine/foil stamping with the stars signature/name in the bottom corner,

The back is a black and white shot of the pop group + ID number for the card

K✰Pop Jump Gum (케이✰ 팝 점프)

Yum: ♥ ♥


This pack is just a simple (but yummy) pack of fruit gum that comes with one of the 86 cards or a limited edition.  I really liked this gum because it was like Juicy Fruit gum with little red tart flavor crystals in the stick.. the flavor does not last long, but you are kinda buying this for the card anyway!  Here is the card I got as well~ front and back!

K✰Pop Tok Tok Choco Ball(케이✰ 팝 톡톡 초코볼)

Yum: ♥ ♥ ♥

Tok Tok is hands down my favorite candy I have tried out of the bunch!  I wish I could find this in normal packets so that I did not have to pay extra for the K-pop version!  Its basically a chocolate covered peanut, but they have it in a really nice and crispy shell… they are kinda fun to eat!  Only bad thing is you get hardly ANY in the pack… maybe 17 peanuts. Boo!

In this packet I *think* I got a special card because its all foil… and childhood taught me that the full foil things are the “Special” ones lol. If you see these and want to buy a snack this is a fun one to try, you do not get a lot for your money sadly, but it does taste good!

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15 Responses to “K✰Pop 케이✰ 팝 Snacks in Korea”

  • They look delicious!
    Love how various companies cash in on the popularity of music. Merchandise is so wonderfully weird. Especially concerning teen idols.

  • i bought nibs to collect the Shinhwa trading cards :X

  • Custom avatar Tara:

    So, I’ve had the yellow K-pop Cheetos before…I was so excited because I thought they were actually going to be the real cheese flavor that is impossible to find here….sadly, they were not

  • Custom avatar Yael Blumenov:

    These biscuits look so yummy! I love the box they come in too 🙂

  • Custom avatar Tiffany Brook:

    I love these biscuits. I’ve actually tried them before when I found them in an Asian supermarket in my city. They’re delicious but the packaging it really cute ^_^

  • Custom avatar Sydney James:

    Korean packaging is always so pretty! I once had a canned mandarin beverage that came in a mysterious looking Korean can. It was awesome!

  • Custom avatar Glynis Latosky:

    These all look so sweet. Great post about the biscuits! I need to try them someday 🙂

  • Custom avatar margarita:

    is there anyway i can order some or something? this would be a totally cool thing i can give to my friend 😀

    • Elle:

      I have checked some online snack shops, but none of the ones I found sold these K*Pop items from Lotte. Do you have an Asian or better yet, Korean market in your area? Most states now have one if not several Korean markets.. even in Florida we had some in a few towns and a GIANT one an hour away. They would be a good place to check since its a fun kinda snack worth selling, but it is def not a common one so it may be tricky.

  • Custom avatar Irene:

    am trying my very best to find it in singapore but fail. is there any chance you know which site sell its and willing to ship to singapore? or if you would be able to help me buy?

    • Elle:

      I’m sorry I do not know, and I can not help with buying online. Please google for a Korean shopping service if you need it 🙂

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  • I really like Korean Snacks. I really want test all korean food.

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