This month the newest Korean fashion trend is NEON!

Koreans tend to like sneakers with neon touches, so before this trend every other person seemed to have a pair of sneakers with crazy bright stripes + you would see small accessories or shirts for sale in solid neon colors from time to time, but now the stores are filling up with lots of shirts, shorts, skirts, bags, belts, and TONS of hair accessories!

Neon and solid neon yellow sneakers are everyplace right now

The first thing I noticed last month was all of a sudden every other stylish guy seemed to have neon yellow sneakers… it is kind of hard NOT to notice them *_*  Now I see several pairs a day in the hangout areas of Seoul + other mixes of neon that are much brighter vs the usual sneakers most people wear here.

Spotted these amazing hot pink Nikes several times this week. Making me want a pair….

Girls are wearing simple muted colors with a pop of neon thrown in, like all black~ but her earrings or belt will be neon pink. It is always just one item they seem to work in to make the outfit pop, it is really striking and I LOOOOOVE this trend here atm.

Neon styling has just started to hit places like gmarket and the cheaper shopping areas, so if it sells well the choices are just going to get better and better.  For now they are selling lots of solid color pieces and shirts they always sold… just swapped out the color for neon haha.  Hair accessories have a HUGE selection atm though, because they are the safest way to try something unique here so girls will at the very least try and buy a neon hair clip or bow here.

Some awesome neon things spotted around Garosugil

 The best place to grab your Neon pieces right now are Edae and 가로수길 GarosugilEdae has all the basics super cheap for mixing up new outfits right now, and Garosugil has lots of higher-end unique designs with the neon worked in to the clothing (think like a really cute clubbing black dress with a neon yellow zipper in the back!)

Just a dash of neon!

Some of the DOZENS of cheap neon shoes you can grab at Edae right now! These ran about 20,000 won a pair

If wearing neon is too much for your eyes~ try an accessory instead!

The awesome accessory chain 못된 고양이 (Bad Cat) has any hair piece in Neon that you could want right now for 3,000 or less.

 Punky Pop things are still popular here, so now you can get lots of skulls, spikes, studs, etc in neon colors.

cheap accessory stores here now have rows filled with neon color versions of the usual designs!


Overall, based on the Naver blogs and what is walking around this month in Seoul~  It seems that Neon Yellow is the most popular color out of everything with girls.  Its blinding neon yellow too *_*  The trick here seems to be to work in the neon, but still look very sleek and sharp with your style.

Some advice I have read online that seems to carry over to what is going on here atm…

♥ Match the neon with Blacks, Greys, Neutral Tones

♥ The idea is to create contrast with the Neon item. Make that area POP

♥ Keep the amount you use very minimal, just a neon bag, clutch, or pair of shoes. Not all 3 at once

♥ In Korea atm neon pink and neon yellow seem to be the most popular colors to wear.

Since this this may be a short term trend here in terms of the scale of neon items in the stores, I say stock up. Korean clothing is usually very muted colors, pastels, etc~ So I have been stocking up on bright things like crazy to work into my wardrobe after this dies down because I like bright colors all the time haha.  Since not everyone is daring enough to wear a neon blouse you can get slightly more subtle colors that fit into the trend right now~  It is a good time to shop if you like colors for sure!

I know this is an international trend that has carried over here, but is is popular where you live at all? I saw lots of neon things in Japan last month, but I have not been back to the USA in a long time so I am not sure if it is taking hold there or just something you only see in the magazines haha.

I bought a bunch of neon things for this Korean fashion trend, so next post I will show you my haul!

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15 Responses to “K-trend Spotting~ Neon Summer”

  • girl…neon is ALWAYS in the USA…seems like almost every summer…which works out perfectly for crayon day!

    • Elle:

      GOOD! haha are people mixing it in with plain black outfits and stuff? Thats pretty much what is going on here, like a blah black outfit with BAM NEON YELLOW HAIR BOW. I really need to ninja snap some girls wearing stuff, they are hard to sneak up on *_* haha

  • That black skirt with the blue and pink lines is awesome! Neon is everywhere here but the styles look cuter there from your photos. Go figure! Are we going to see you rocking a neon outfit?

    • Elle:

      haha of course! I had one on tonight, once I get my roots fixed on my hair (because I dont think 3″ of black roots will look nice in a pic haha!) I will snap some of the things I bought and outfits I wear for this trend here ^^ hopefully they are cute!~

  • I love looking at Korean fashion. So much more fun then American.

  • Custom avatar Cicely:

    You’re killing me with this post!

  • I just saw a crazy neon pink lace circle skirt at Meijer a few days ago~ I was like “Oh, neon’s back again…”

  • Custom avatar Shana:

    Elle~ hehe I have been reading your blog for a month already and I love it!
    I know you must be busy but I would love if you updated on trends a lot more!! I would definitely come read them 😉
    and do you know if high-waisted jeans/shorts are very common? I am going to Seoul this summer after almost 10 years and I want to spend my time to the fullest (probably will stay for 2 or 3 weeks~)

    thank you <3

    • Elle:

      Thank you 🙂 Yeah, right now I am a bit backlogged with locations and brands but once I catch up I should be doing more current trends and daily life type things I hope. Some trends are kinda subtle or boring here though since koreans dress a bit modest overall~ especially atm since it is still very cold! I never really see high-waist jeans or shorts here that often atm (maybe skirts though) everything is pretty standard right now so nothing jumping out just yet. Seems that most girls like to wear slimfit skinny jeans, but mainly more like the stretch denim “jeggings” kind which I love since they are so comfy. Last summer for shorts I saw a bit of everything, mostly its just ultra short and lots had frayed or worn styles. In Japan pastel and ombre are getting very popular so I saw a lot of those shorts floating around since the temp is getting warmer, but not so much here yet.

  • I loveee neon clothes <3. What's the name of the store??

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