Apparently Minon has closed down!!  The situation is a bit strange though, they paid to have painting done and just disappeared~ so the workers left letters on the outside of the shop for a month.  We visited again in Oct and the letters are still posted, but the shop was cleaned out on the inside 🙁 RIP Minon.  If they return or re-open I will be sure to let you know!


Looking for an adorable kitschy cute cafe in Seoul to sip on some tea and enjoy a cupcake? How about Cafe Minion in Hapjeong 합정 (outer Hongdae 홍대)

The cupcakes here are all very heavy cupcakes, so one is usually my limit!  They have a lot of rich cream cheese icings that I do not come across too often in Korea, most cupcake and cake places here use a very light almost whipped cream thing for icing… its not very good :/  This place uses actual toppings though, thank goodness! Many have a similar consistency, but the flavors of each are pretty unique here so enjoy trying a few kinds!

When we came to visit in the winter they had some milk out for a kitty on the rooftop, and eventually he came to join us for drinks!  Turns out his name is “oreo” haha perfect name~ While looking through some other blogs on this cafe I found a few pics of a litter of kittens around the cafe, I guess Oreo and his siblings were born on/in the building someplace and have decided to stay around ♥

Nara originally discovered this cafe while he was looking for a place to have our cupcake proposal, and a few weeks after he really wanted to take me here on a date because he liked it so much~ he just could not have the event at this location in the end because it is very narrow and small.  That being said, for dates or just having a nice relaxing coffee this place is wonderful~  It is very peaceful and relaxing!  Since it is on a side street in Hapjeong it is not as packed inside or busy outside like some of the other cafes~

♥ ♥ ♥

Hapjeong really is this kinda magic little cafe land though, always fun to explore the side streets because you never know what you will find.  It is one of my favorite areas to go on a lazy weekend or afternoon.

standard selection of drinks here, prices are not so bad considering the area ^^;

The red velvet cake Nara got today was not really true red velvet (sadly it is hard to get a real red velvet cake here in Korea…they never get it quite right!) but it was still pretty good. The icing was very thick and sweet!

This was my “Oreo Cheese” Cupcake, it was like eating a very creamy oreo cheesecake, really good!!!

They have the basics for drinks on the menu here and the cupcakes have a few staple flavors while a few do seem to rotate around seasonally (special holiday flavors or decorations) some examples of flavors usually offered are Dark Choco, Oreo Cheese, Green Tea, Strawberry, Earl Gray, Mint Choco, Blueberry, and Red Velvet.

Cost per cake was around 4,500원

   If you like richer cupcakes like “Sprinkles” back home I think you will enjoy Minon Cupcakes a lot ♥ Bring a book or grab one of the ones they have up the stairs and enjoy yourself.

♥ ♥ ♥

I have a few photos on this post by other bloggers reviewing the cafe on Korean Naver.  If the photo is un-watermarked it does not belong to me and is click-able if you wish to visit the Korean blog it came from ^^

View Larger Map


Minon Cupcake/ 미농컵케이크

서울특별시 마포구 서교동 410-7



Price:  $$

*** NOTE!!  They have some construction going on atm so the last few days I have gone to take more photos, but the shop was closed!  If you plan on going you should call first just to see if they are open ~_~; It is the building right next to them that seems to be under a lot of work, so I hope they will only be closed for a week or two.  I will remove this when I find out they have re-opened… because I want more cupcakes!***

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8 Responses to “Kitchy Cupcakes at Minon Cafe (CLOSED)”

  • Custom avatar momo:

    i’m so happy that i discovered your blog a few days ago! i’m leaving for seoul tomorrow :3 hope we have time to go there, too!

    and btw, your artworks are great! i always loved the sugarpill packing, so i’m even more glad that i stumbled over your site <3

    • Elle:

      Oh yay, have a really good time when you visit! It is a little hot right now, but not rainy so you should have a great time atm 😀

  • a miss kika cafe needs to happen..

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    Wow, I’m backlogged on a lot of your posts! That oreo one looks really really tasty. I hope you get to try the earl grey one! I wanna know how it is despite the fact that in the photo, it has a mountain of frosting. lol

  • Custom avatar Grace:

    hihi Elle!!

    i stumbled upon your lovely blog about Korea! happy for you that you are enjoying life there with your fiance…

    i will be travelling alone to Seoul from 18 Oct to 25 Oct…any advise for me?
    please help me thank you very much!

    Btw how do I go to Cafe Minion Cupcakes from Hapjeong cupcakes? Can you tell me written instructions please? Perhaps, you could email me if it is not too troublesome?

    Thank you very much. I will be eternally grateful. I love your cute blog!

    • Elle:

      Hi Grace, Hope you have a nice visit 🙂 directions + map are posted at the bottom of the post! Best of luck, if all else fails you can have a cab take you since they are cheap here.

      • Custom avatar Grace:

        Hi Elle,

        okay, thank you so much for the help babe:) hope i will be able to find my way there.
        cannot read/speak korean!
        how do you do it?? are you fluent in the language now?:)

        • Elle:

          Everything is bilingual here for public transport, dont worry you will be fine if you just follow the subway directions 🙂

          I can read and communicate, but I can not have very deep conversations yet lol

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