The other day I was walking through Edae, and in the large seating area/steps that surround the large APM shopping center I spotted something strange for Korea… a cat just hanging out in a doggy shirt at the park!!

Korea has a lot of stray cats, poor things are dirty (and this guy was super dirty-looking!) so I was worried maybe he was abandoned, but he had a collar on!  Thinking maybe he had escaped from the local cat cafe or was lost, I sat down near him and called him over hoping I could get a look at his tags. He was a total sweetie and came over right away and flopped right down next to me for pets while I looked at his collar. haha that was easy~

I texted Nara the number and he called the owner while the two of us just relaxed~ but Nara called right back and said the owner was apparently with the cat! What??  After that an Ajuma came over and he jumped up and ran right over meowing the whole way! She gave him a pat, made a comment about how warm it was now and pulled off his shirt before going back to her chicken stand.

Turns out this guy belongs to one of the food cart Ajumas that line the main street of Edae during the day ♥  She brings him with her on quiet days and he “Goes to play in the park” she said. haha too sweet!

♥ ♥ ♥

The following day I saw him again and he had had a fresh bath so he did not look quite as bad ^^ I’m glad he has a nice home. Many older Koreans are afraid of or hate cats, so I was really happy someone older took him in~  apparently he was a stray she adopted.

If you are ever in the area (seems to be allowed out before lunch, after that the area gets too busy) and see him you can sit down, he is very friendly! Ahh I have totally forgotten his name atm though, I need to check his collar next time I see him.

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3 Responses to “Kitty in Edae enjoying the sun”

  • Custom avatar bho:

    Aw, that cat is so cute! I adore friendly cats, I’m glad I’m not the only one is not afraid of approaching strays. ;x

    • Elle:

      haha yeah, most are really scared of people here so if I see a stray I try to at least run into a mini stop to buy him some Ham or something. It was hard to be too afraid of this guy since he had an outfit on and was just relaxing in the sun hahaha even my own cats will not let me do that XD

  • Custom avatar caz:

    What an adorable cat!

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