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Summer is here, so time to bust out the short-shorts and oversize giant t-shirts so big that you swim in them~ this is a popular look here in Seoul.  Around Edae today they had these adorable shirts out on the racks, I love kitties so I could not resist.

Outside of the store “For the people” in Edae which sells cute cheap clothing~ Trendy and basics!

The shirt is by a brand here called “Kira” who is a cheap impulse purchase rack brand pretty much, every so often I run into shirts with artwork by this artist~ always really adorable.

This little kitty set me back  just 8,000won ($8) and I saw a few cut and color variations of this shirt around the area so I am sure its an easy find atm if you are in Korea!

I also picked up a pair of pastel pink denim shorts to go with it~ just 10,000won ($10) and I ended up getting a size Large… Shorts are tricky for me here because I have wider hips and thighs compared to most Korean girls… sometimes they are one size and sometimes they go up to XL, its random.

You can find lots of cheap $10 shorts in Edae and Gaangnam station!! Just look for the racks, trust me ♥

The wing ring is a common style here atm that you can find in a rainbow of colors (and a few wing sizes too!)for about 2,000-10,000won depending on how savvy a shopper you are ♥ The Bracelet is from H&M.

♥ ♥ ♥ Over-sized Kitty Shirts for Maximum Korean-Style Cuteness! ♥ ♥ ♥

♥ ♥ $18 on Yesstyle HERE ♥ ♥ Comes in White too! Clicky!

If you are NOT in Korea, but like this shirt you should check these out~

Yesstyle had a ton from Korea and Japan (although they are actually all super Korean style) Cats on shirts in Korea is popular, so I am not surprised~ but they have some really cute ones I actually see here so that was a nice surprise + the prices are not bad at all!  Click the images for the related shop link

$28 HERE this shirt also comes in GREY

PERSIAN WITH TIARA? YES! This one is awesome *_* $18 HERE and comes in white and a pretty tan

This one is so cute as well~ and comes with a collar for $20 HERE Grey is my fave IMO

And last cute one I spotted was this one HERE for $35~ Bit more, but it has a cool pocket and forever unamused kitty face.

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