Meet my new baby boy “Milk”!!

Nara and I are engaged, but here in Korea we cant live together so it gets really lonely in my apartment + I don’t have much of a social life here sadly…… I really want to get a dog and was sighing about it a lot this spring, but I have to come and go a lot so it is a bit too much for me at this time so I decided to hold back.

Our antisocial Gogo and hyperactive Bibi

Nara is not very interested in dogs, but has been begging for another cat for the last few years! We adopted two which are currently being watched by my parents back home (first year here was chaotic…could not put them through that)   but he wanted one more~ a white kitty because he said he always wanted one that color as a kid.  Although I LOVE cats, I kind of fought it because that’s a lot of pets and hair to deal with + we have the two back home waiting for us while they catch lizards on my parents patio everyday lol.

Well this week he made the decision that he wanted this dream white kitty, and started looking around and sending me cute photos… oh that’s so evil! He said he got a fire lit under his ass about it after I posted the Choo Choo Cats article…. whoops!

♥ ♥ ♥

At first it was just to look… but yeah, we know how THAT goes haha what liar, I tried so hard to fight this!  Honestly though, I am really lonely and I just can’t take my other two kitties here due to space and distance (they are all the way in Florida) ….but I started making peace with myself that maybe one more would not be SO bad.


Very cute, but very expensive Scottish Fold kitten ♥

Since this was Nara’s kitty quest I tried to sit back and let him do his thing, although the kitten would be living with me.  He was open to adoption, but since he wanted a specific color (and odd eyes/ one each color..although this was not a must) this time we also hit up some fancy pet store and breeders here.  One amazing store we visited that is a great clean place if you are looking for a large selection of higher end cat breeds is Cattery in Seoul they have every kind you could think of and all the kittens are happy and healthy + some of the Mommy cats are roaming free in the store which was nice. The also sell puppies, but mainly smaller toy types ♥

Cute little Angora girl! Her nose was so pink ♥

Cattery is the middle men with breeders + the buyer so they do mark the pets up, but they are very kind and helpful + they have a great selection… as bad as that sounds to say for a living creature *_*.  We looked at a Scottish Fold and two Turkish Angoras, the Fold was so sweet and timid.. but she was about 1800,000 won ($1800.00) which was hard for us to justify.  Scottish folds generally cost $1000+ here in Korea due to demand right now.

♥ ♥ ♥

The Angoras are a cheaper breed in Korea ($100-$500) but the two they had just didn’t feel right for the personality I wanted, sometimes you just kind of know, you know? We decided to wait and Cattery was kind enough to give us the contact info for a breeder that supplies them with kittens~

Very timid Scottish fold kitten with ears unfolded

A few days later we went to the breeder, it was way out on the edge of the city haha took over an hour to get there!  They apparently had several white odd-eyes kittens ready to be sold, but by the time we arrived they had one tiny little boy left.  He was so cute (sorry no pic of him!) but poor baby was 90% deaf in both ears… odd eye cats are often deaf in one ear (the side with the blue eye) but they cope just fine.  Nara was worried that the little guy would have a hard time with 2 other cats in the house (who are a little bossy…) so we told them we would wait a bit more, and they agreed he needed a home with less cats.

♥ ♥ ♥

We also met another sweet Scottish fold with partial folded ears, beautiful eyes, and an interesting long face ♥  he was very shy and timid…still did not feel like the *right* one for us, but I really thought he was a such a sweetheart.

Quiet little boy

Before we left we noticed they had 3 fluffy baby Persians though, so Nara asked if I wanted to take a look~  I always wanted a Persian so I said yeah! Two had the flat face which Nara and I are not too fond of, but this little guy had a traditional (normal) kitty face and big grey eyes.  He was calm, but still responsive to everything around him~ Nara let me hold him, but it was a boy and I had wanted a girl so I just intended to enjoy him before we finished up and left for the day…

 While Nara talked to the breeder about what he was looking for so they would know when to call us again, I placed the little guy on his back in between my legs.  Heart melted.  He just stretched out very still and watched everyone with paws folded. I waved Nara over and we watched him just chill and act cute, he would glance around the room and back to us….aaaah cutenessssss. .  I said “oh man… this little guy, I like him!!” and Nara agreed. We found our new baby.  He is also the 2nd baby out of 6, so he should be nice and healthy!

We knew we wanted to name him something white….I liked “Cream” and “Milk” the first day, but “Milk” fit him in the end.  He is now “Milk” “Milky” and “Milkis / 밀키스” after the milk soda drink here! haha! I am so happy we got this little guy, he has a very sweet and such a gentle personality so I am trying very hard to make sure he grows up into a friendly and happy adult.

I’m glad he is mellow since our other cat Bibi is very hyper and never sits still unless she is asleep lol.

The first few days reminded me of when we first brought Bibi home as a tiny baby though, poo everyplace and you are just following them all around the room~ but now he is settling in and feels right at home on my poofy pink bed with the stuffed Alpacas!

Speaking of poo… he needed two baths so far because of that (._.) I felt so bad, but at least he smells better now.

He has such thick hair that it took forever to dry him though.  Poor little baby~

My little Prince ♥ haha!

Mommy please stop farting around the internet and play with me!

Nara is extremely happy as well of course, he calls a lot to make sure Milk is ok and not too hot since it is summer…thoughtful Father lol.  For the last two days Milk has been right on my desk while I work, which makes me super happy because my other two cats hate my desk~ the company is really nice… even when he knocks my tablet pen over or plops down on the keys.

He is still too young for pet snacks, but when he gets older I want to show a few off on the blog. We found an awesome pet shop by my house that has all these crazy cat treats from Korea and Japan that I found really amusing~ so you guys may too!

we also hit up G-market for a few adorable Korean Kitty goodies like this fancy bed *_* we picked out the blue one!

And some super pretty collars! Blue and pink to match his bed!

super tempted to buy this one too… even if he is a boy *_* WHATEVER!

he was hanging out the whole time I wrote this post =^.^=

♥ ♥ ♥


Cattery in Seoul – one of the best stores for specific cat breeds.

Moacat – HUGE Korea Cat sales and adoption forum~ like a Korean kitty craigslist

Animal Rescue Korea – Foreigner community for pet postings, rescues, and adoptions here in Korea!

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28 Responses to “Kitty Shopping in Korea~ Meet “Milk””

  • he’s so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! i love the name too. he looks like a perfect match for you, sweet, attentive, and cuddly!

    • Elle:

      Thanks Revruby! 😀 Hopefully he gets used to wearing bows, BECAUSE I AM THAT KIND OF MAMA! hahaha

  • I just want to cuddle his face!
    Although my Mimi isn’t a persion (she’s a chunky white odd-eyed), seeing an itty bitty white kitty again reminds me of when we got her (and oh yes, she too needed baths..aaah! — she was a stray, though –clearly someone lost her early on..cannot imagine how much they spent on her — she was hanging around homeless at my brother’s work, starving, for a couple weeks — he fed her chicken..then stole her).

    ANYWHO, YAY MILK! (never thought I’d say that sentence, ha!)

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    OMG! He is such a beautiful kitty! I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend to get another cat but put it off since the next few months are going to be busy.

    It’s a shame that you weren’t able to check out the local rescues though. You should check out “Birth of a Family”. It’s a show where K-Pop groups raise shelter dogs so they become adoptable. Warning, you might cry.

    That sucks that even though you guys are getting married, you can’t live together! It’s because Koreans are very traditional, right? I definitely watch too many dramas.

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to more of your pet posts!

    • Elle:

      😀 Aw thank you! I will have to check out that program… ahh I bet I will totally cry though. I cry SO EASY with animals in shows and movies ;_;
      We had checked some of the listings to adopt since we had adopted Bibi and Gogo we actually found at 6months old outside Dreamworks where Nara worked! He had a Scottish fold or Munchkin cat in mind at first though, so we jumped in a few shops and this happened hahaha.

      Exactly right about the living thing, I got a house across the street, but it does get lonely so this is just what I needed! I’ll post some more interesting pet stuff soon, I think everyone is going to love all the clothing and things they sell here ♥

  • Custom avatar Ally:

    O….M….G…. that is the frigging cutest kitten everrrr!!
    I just wanna smush it to death! He looks a little like Marie from the disney Arosticats movie 😛 only the real life version (and male) but otherwise really close 😉 You can put up more blog posts about your kitten, I love to read them!

    • Elle:

      Thank you Ally!! Ahh Nara’s English student came over and was saying he looked like Marie too! I love her… maybe I should buy him a stuffed version for a girlfriend? lol XD

  • Custom avatar mark in Maine:

    Very nice post! love cats as well, but don’t have one anymore.Too many hungry Eagles around! You did very well not to fall in love with the first one you held.
    Very pricey too. Now you won’t be ~quite~ so lonely!

    • Elle:

      omg I saw something about that on TV, thankfully mine are all indoor cats or screen cage/patio only *_* Yeah those Scottish folds are very expensive here, we expected a bit of a markup due to the color and the fact this is Korea, but it was just a bit too crazy! We *did* consider it though haha dodged that bullet

  • Custom avatar Crystal:

    This post is the death of me! Isn’t it funny how animals are? They know who their parents are even when mom and dad don’t ^^. Milk is beyond adorable and I’m so happy you have a little comforting companion while you are there! I look forward to more photos of your darling and LOVED reading this blog post. Welcome to the family little Milk☆彡

    • Elle:

      Thank you so much!! Haha yes, I have a feeling he will be making a lot of appearances in future photos ^^ Thankfully everyone seems to be a-ok with getting spammed little fluffy kitty pics… he IS korean I suppose XD

  • What a perfect baby! I love him! His face is cuter than can be! I love that you’re trying to raise him to be calm. I too have a CRAZY black cat that never sits down.

    I’ve been begging my husband for a 3rd cat for years and it has always been “when we buy a house”. Well we close on our house in two weeks so it looks like i’m finally getting my 3rd baby, hehe.

    • Elle:

      hahaha aw man, I totally understand! That was exactly what I would say to Nara, “when we get a house we can have more” but ahh… right after we bought Milk I said “you best be buying a house for all these cats” lol we shall see. Congrats on the new home btw!!

  • There is so much cute in this post that it’s almost too much to handle!! Man, this makes me really, really hate that I’m allergic to cats. Universe fail!

    Also that picture of Bibi totally cracked me up… hehe.

  • MILK IS SO CUTE. I love how hes always kinda makin this “O-O” face!! xD So cute! I love his big eyes <3 I hope he gets along with the other kitties!

  • Custom avatar caz:

    awwwwwwwwwww! he really is the cutest little kitty 😀 My kitty is also hyper, it can be quite annoying but when she comes over and sits on my knee and rubs her face on me its all ok 🙂

  • AWW!!!! The photo of him with the alpacas is just TOO MUCH CUTE!! Glad you found the perfect new flatmate 🙂

  • What a chill kitty~ <3 His attitude reminds me of one of my cats~ ^^

  • Custom avatar M:

    What an adooooooorable little kitty!!!!!
    I can’t have cats cause of allergy, but Im just so happy to see pics of cute cats! 🙂

    He’s so cute he almost looks like a stuffed animal or cartoon come to life.

  • Hi! I’m very glad I found your blog through the lolita meet you posted on egl ^^
    Very nice to read! Your Milk is super cute and very beautiful! I’m curious to see how he looks when he grows up ^^

  • Custom avatar Chow:

    Hi, your blog has been very helpful. am searching for a cat cafe when i visit S.Korea for my summer program at Edae. I have a cat too but the pet supplies in Singapore are kinda expensive, especially scratch post. Could you please tell me where you purchase your pet supplies? Thank you 🙂

    • Elle:

      Hi Chow! We buy a LOT of our things on and at local pet stores, things for pets (aside from fancy imported things) are actually quite reasonable I think~ it depends on the items though. Korea has many things like clothing, pet towers, beds, toys etc that they make here or china cheaply… especially if you like unique cute things for your pet. For food, ah~ since Korea imports everything from mainly USA or Japan it can cost a bit more~ however you can buy in larger bulk sizes and that reduces the cost a lot. If you want cute things for your cat to enjoy, you should give English version a try!

      • Custom avatar Chow:

        Elle, thanks a lot, gonna check out gmarket right now!! can’t wait to order a new toy and scratch pad for my cat. but i don’t think i can get a cat tower, kinda hard to ship back to singapore haha.

  • Custom avatar Donalyn Garcia:

    I like your cat 🙂 He is so cute xD And your blog is very helpful xD

  • Custom avatar Donalyn Garcia:

    I am so lucky I found this blog.. It’s my dream to go to Korea Someday, now I have an idea on what to buy for my pet xD Thanks

  • Custom avatar Jess:

    I hope you don’t mind me asking but, how much did you have to pay for Milk?

  • I know this is a pretty old post, haha, but did you feel like the Cattery was a pretty ethical place? Like, they took good care of the animals and all that?

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