Last week Nara and I had a chance to visit the yummy pizza snack chain~ Kono Pizza in Gangnam 강남구Kono Pizza is originally an Italian chain, but nowadays they seem to have a restaurant in every country EXCEPT America~  Have you had it before?  This was my first time even hearing about Kono Pizza, so in the beginning I assumed it was a clever Korean Franchise until I dug around online.

Anyway, it is freaking delicious ♥ I’m so glad we have a Kono Pizza in Korea! OM NOM NOM

Kono Pizza in 강남구 is a sit-down location with outdoor seating and AstroTurf!

The first Korean Kono Pizza apparently opened in 2006, and as of 2012 the franchise has spread out a bit more.. I think we have about 10 locations in Korea now~ UPDATE! Sadly in 2014 many of the locations in Korea have closed! I suppose the concept for street pizza at a higher price was hard to sell to Koreans 🙁  according to the website, the last location is in Suwon.  You can see if one is in your area by checking out the listing HERE

Basically the gimmick is you are getting all your pizza goodies in a nice thick crispy cone to eat on the go! Kono pizza has food stands and sit down locations, so the menu choices can vary~ in Korea they seem to have a majority of the original Italian cone types (so you can’t really make your own crazy concoction at this place) and 2-3 sweet versions for dessert!

Slow and Fast is true, since the cones are made to order + have to toast a bit you end up waiting 5-10 min

The inside of the Apgujeong Kono Pizza is very stylish~ Nara and I really loved the interior when we walked in! The location is very modern and clean, a really great place to sit down and snack or chat for a while.


So after drooling over the menu for a bit we decided to get the pollo e curry and pollo e fungi Kono’s today in the large size!  They have a smaller size, but it is really small mini snack size and we came hungry for dinner.  Actually the large is still kinda small too though, it is about the size of an ice cream cone so if you come hungry you will have to order a bunch if you want to be proper full…maybe…of course we could just be pigs lol.   Ahh the pictures looked so good though, we ordered  and sat down with wide eyes to wait for our stuffed cone of awesome.

After ordering the staff quickly set to work on our cones.  Apparently the cones for this franchise are made in Italy, pre-cooked slightly, flash frozen, and then shipped to the locations worldwide.

Once the Kono is stuffed with goodies~ it is time for a spin in the special Kono oven!

The wall has this cool light up line of all the places they have opened a Kono pizza franchise.

Each table has a stack of magazines to help you kill time while you wait for your food.  Nara picked one up and found something he wanted right away… DON’T MAKE THOSE PUPPY EYES AT ME, YOUR BIRTHDAY WAS 4 MONTHS AGO 😛

On the cone base they have an adorable comic about how to eat the Kono Pizza~ careful it is hot and you are supposed to eat it kinda in a circle motion so that the cheese does not goo out of one side where you took a big bite lol.  When you get these they are HOT so the inside is like magma~  we gave it a min or two to cool down because I tend to burn myself on cheese a lot because I will not wait… haha I’m serious.

After 5-10 min of waiting our toasty Kone set arrived! We had a coupon so we got a free little chicken salad and sodas with our two large cones~ the salad was nice and fresh with a sweet dressing, but super tiny since it was just a little side order.  Ok salad whatever, CHECK OUT DAT CONE THOUGH!!

HOLY CRAP~THESE ARE SO GOOD!! It was so yummy, and the cone tasted like a really great pizza crust with the perfect amount of crisp!  It is one of those snacks you have to eat slowly, but I wanted to just inhale the thing!  I ordered the chicken curry flavor which was a nice yellow curry and mild, Nara got the mushroom chicken which was also amazing and had just a touch of spice to it!  After eating a large and the mini salad we were still hungry though, so we got one more large mushroom chicken to split and…

A nutella cone which was also crazy yummy!!  I thought it would be filled with nutella, but actually they just smear it on the inside, fill it with a very delicious light custard/cream of some kind, top it with nuts, and toast it. It did not sound like anything too special on the menu, but I am SO glad we got it mmmmmmm.

Final verdict was this place was totally worth the visit, but we did end up having to buy a lot to fill up… and that can get expensive since each cone was about 6,000won a piece.  It is fun, but a little pricey for what you get~ worth at least one visit or a stop by if you are shopping in the area and want something filling, but not a full meal! Those cones they bake them in are perfect though, makes me miss the NY style pizzas back home.  All the vegetables and misc ingredients tasted super fresh as well, we did not feel heavy after the meal which is a good sign.

They are a little tricky to eat the first few times though, so bite with caution or a river of cheese may come spilling out! lol

If you are on the go you can also walk up to the outside window and get a takeout version of your cove that comes in a very cute box. Clever!

Oh also, I am not sure if this is the case for every location~ but the one we ate at had some imported beer

Originally I had Seoul addresses and directions to this place, but  they have all closed except for one in Suwon apparently!  Please check the official site for information on this, if I find out a new location opens in Seoul I  will adjust this post again ^^

♥ ♥ ♥

Korean Kono Pizza Website

Have you visited Kono Pizza? Which is your favorite? Any new locations spotted in Korea? Please comment below and share your info with others!

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18 Responses to “Kono Pizza in Korea~ Relocated”

  • i think i just drooled a little…. lol.

  • You should also mention, that certain food, Korea pronounces them WRONG.

    ie – ‘Pollo’ (supposed to be pronouced “po-yo”, they say “Pol-lo”)

    ‘Crepe’ (supposed to be pronounced “Kreyp”, they call is “Kreh-peh”)

    If you pronounce it how its supposed to they won’t understand lol – Konglish

  • OMG. i need to open up a shop and do this in america.

    • Elle:

      for reals, I can’t believe USA does not have one of these! They need more crazy flavors though, this would make an amazing food truck idea

  • Um, no fair! I’m already hungry and this looks sooo good… now I’m starving!

  • :O *drools* that looks awfully good and delish! >O___<

  • Custom avatar Ariana:

    I missed Kono pizza … somehow they disappear from Singapore.

  • Those look so delicious!!

  • Custom avatar saya:

    I can assure you, I’ve never seen anything like that in Italy. I’m quite sure it is NOT an italian chain… guess the average italian would be horrified by such a “insult to pizza” (which is by far more important than, lets say, the pope).
    But they do look yummy. I like the idea, although it could really be dangerous eat that cone while still hot…oh well, bring it on! After spicy chinese hotpot I guess my mouth lost sensivity, nothing scares me anymore hehe

    @Nara: well if “pollo” is supposed to be pronounced following the italian way, then “pol-lo” is perfect. Otherwise, I guess spanish “po-yo” is the one everyone understands 🙂

    • Custom avatar saya:

      Okay, nevermind. It’s italian, you were right, and I’m so going there now that I know its existence haha

      • Elle:

        lol yeah, unless they are lying on the official site. I’m sure it was made with tourists and starting foreign franchises in mind

  • Custom avatar Karen:

    I love your blog! I wish I would have found it sooner, I only have 2 weeks left in Korea can you please tell me what exit is this place at? Is it the Sinsa? Thank you!

    • Elle:

      Glad you enjoy the blog! Check the map at the bottom of the post 🙂 It can be found outside Shinsa station, you can exit a few #s, but exit 8 (from what I can remember) is the easiest. Just eyeball the map and keep walking because it is down one of the streets with lots of other restaurants and shops so you should hit it eventually 😀

  • Custom avatar Gaby:

    They look so so so delicious~ 😀
    I wish they had these in America :O

  • Custom avatar Tiff:

    Also closed 🙁
    Just went today to sinsa, excited to check it out but it’s been replaced by some tomato cafe something

    • Elle:

      Ugh will update this too! I am so sorry, things go out of business way too often in korea, its insane :/ sometimes they close before I can even finish my post! I really appreciate you letting me know though, at least I can update the info so others do not search for nothing

      • Elle:

        Ok I just checked and they have two locations left in korea. One is in suwon which is a bit far, but the other location is still in seoul! You an find the address here 서울 영등포구 양평동3가 80-2 😉 according to the website!

        • Custom avatar Tiff:

          No problem! It’s not your fault! Thanks to you we get to check out interesting places! Actually Suwon is 20 mins from me since I’m located in Songtan! Thanks for looking up the locations! And glad to help out others with updates!

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