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Have you checked out my sister blog Rainbowholic on the side bar before? You should!  Kaila is an amazingly fun girl from the Philippines currently living in Japan and sharing her adventures with the internet, and yes~ they are extremely cute!  Recently we decided to do a sort of “International Kawaii Exchange” of cute items from each of our countries ♥

귀여워 X かわいい Exchange!

The box is here! Rainbows from Rainbowholic~haha how appropriate :D

To help, we gave eachother a few keywords ~  Kaila’s words were “Rainbows, puppies, clouds, lace, and wings”  with strawberry as the favorite flavor, and my keywords were ” Roses, bows, kittens, outer space, and pastels” with Strawberry or Dark Chocolate as a fave flavor!

The goodies did not dissapoint! Look at all that eye candy and real candy! *__* She sent me several boxes of Pocky, stickers, origami paper, hard candy, snack crisps, post cards, cute nail buffer, kitty ring, and an awesome Kawaii DIY clay set!


I love Marie~ Now I have a mini Miss Milk ring! lol

Nara was EXTREMELY excited about the snack crisps, apparently he used to eat these all the time as a kid… so he kind of attacked the pile and ate them all rather quickly.  Several flavors came in the box, but my favorite was the “Ramen” flavor!

She also sent an awesome bag of hard candies flavored like popular Japanese drinks! These really tasted similar to the drinks, Japan never disappoints when it comes to flavors of candies! My favorite was the CC Lemon flavor (not pictured because I ate them all haha) it tasted just like the drink and even was a bit fizzy!

I used some of the stickers she sent right away on my dresser items!  I just bought this bottle for my face toner~ now it is extra cute!

Kawaii Kitten EXPLOSION of stickers and origami paper!

Ok I suck at origami, yeah I know I should be good at that sort of thing because I am an artist and all that~ but nothing I make ever comes out right haha even paper airplanes!  This paper had a cute little tutorial to make sweet pencil notes which seemed semi possible for me to do~ Ahh I actually made one!! SUCCESS!  I want to make a few for my pin board~ but maybe I will just force Nara to make me some paper cranes as payment for all of the snacks he ate….

I was extra excite to try out this sparkle clay kit and make some cute rings and necklaces!!

And just for a peek, here is what I sent her! Strawberry Pepero, camera keychain (because she takes photos), candy + lace hair clips, teddy lace pin, Hanbok sticker paper doll, Korean snack stickers, neon wing earring set, my favorite spicy Korean ramen, choco crisp treats, and polka dot socks!  haha Your money goes quite far in Korea with certain things! :D especially since I know where to shop now ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

You can read Kaila’s blog about what she received HERE

Since  Kaila loves puppies I hunted around for a cute shirt~ Korea has SOOOOO much cute Kitty stuff, but finding puppy things was a bit harder!!  Finally I cam across this adorable shirt by KIRA on the way home one day, and it was only 5,000 won~ Jackpot!  If the art looks familiar it is because I loooove Kira shirts, they have several designs floating around the shops in some areas for very cheap ♥ I bought a Kitty one just recently HERE which I love ^^

Time to tackle the craft kit since I am sure some of you are a bit curious!  I was kind of nervous so I just stared at the kit for a few weeks afraid to mess with it… I am always like that with craft kits. PRESSURE. I used to play with clay a lot when I was younger, but I do not use it very much anymore so I was paranoid I would open the stuff up and just waste it all lol.  The kit came with two mold styles,clay, rhinestones, plus several parts to make the pieces into jewelry like ring bases, necklaces, hooks, etc.

The clay was that cloud fluffy kind with lots of sparkles (you cant really see them in the photo I guess ^^;) It is a really interesting texture of clay to work with and dries very light.

Set right to work making some goodies~ crafting like this in front of the TV is so relaxing…

And here is my finished ring!  I actually had some cute plastic ring bases and other goodies left over from my gallery piece with My Little Pony Project earlier this year, so I was glad to out them to good use!  I think it came out ok~ I gave it a clear glaze to be extra safe when I wear it!

These are my first three~  I still have lots of clay left though!!  I think I will make a broach next since they are a bit easier for me to wear

♥ ♥ ♥

Doing this exchange was a lot of fun, thanks again for all the awesome Japan treats Kaila!  I want to do this with other countries so I can see world-wide cuteness~ hopefully soon I can do this again with a friend or someone!

If you had to send a small box of the cutest items to represent your country what would you send? Comment below and let me know! If it sounds extra cute maybe WE can do an exchange next time :D

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26 Responses to “귀여워 X かわいい ♥ Korea x Japan International Exchange!!”

  • All of the little crafts you made are so cute! <3 And the puppy shirt you sent to Kaila was adorable!

    Cute items to represent the USA? I think that would result in a trip to Target! I love their kid's t-shirts and their dollar section is amazing!

  • You two are just adorbs. <3

  • I’m so glad you demo the Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay, I’ve been contemplating about buying that on eBay. The Exchange sounds fun!

    • Elle:

      Glad it was of some interest! My only gripe is the clay does dry a bit quickly so make sure you keep it in a bag or tupperware if you are messing around with a smaller piece~ this set came with quite a lot though, I was surprised! :)

      • Custom avatar nagrom:

        where else can i buy this particular kit besides eBay?I love to make my own jewelry from polymer clay, but I’ve never seen some thing like this!

        • Custom avatar nagrom:

          or tell me the proper name of the kit? so i can buy it for me self by googeling it

        • Elle:

          I have no idea since this was sent to me from Japan directly, I did not buy it online. The clay kit is called something like Fuwa Fuwa Mousse Clay, I think the box just said “kira kira (sparkle sparkle) accessory kit” if I remember correctly.

  • OMG !!! I’m really happy that my stuff did not disappoint, haha! I knew you’d like the DIY kit and you’ll make awesomeness out of it so I bought it! hihihi. And wow, did not know umaibo (those snacks your fiancee loved) was a childhood snack way back! :D

    WEEEEE! <3 <3

    • Elle:

      Thanks again! That was a lot of fun :D Sorry it took me so long to post this hahaha!! Yeah, I think he said they used to import them in London or here in Korea when he was younger~ but he was crazy excited about it hahaha ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I got to eat like, two of them lol he snagged the rest XD

  • those hanbok sticker paperdoll are so adorable <3 <3 It's fun seeing both your blogs! Kaira-chan is my good friend <3 <3

  • Never saw a fluffy clay before O_O That’s amazing *-* It gets hard like other clays? Well it looks hard, but still unbelievable O_O

    If I could send something cute from Brazil, I would probably choose sweets, like brigadeiro and beijinho. But I don’t think it’s possible to send them, but it’s easier to find the main ingredient in supermarkets. It’s also easier to find cute clothes, accessories and beauty products… But since my city is like NYC, where you can find people from all over the world, we have lot of stuff from other places ^^

    Brigadeiro (chocolate), beijinho (yellow) and bicho-de-pe (pink)

    Hope someday we can become traders friends *-*


    • Elle:

      It is very interesting! It dries, but it still feels a bit soft and airy which is nice because if you wear it the piece is very light! Almost like a marshmallow maybe…

      When I do another trade if I need a Brazil I will let you know! I am interested in doing trades with everyone eventually :D For me it is about time on my end to buy items to send to you guys though, but if people want to send me cuteness that showcases the country they live in I can paypal them the $25 usd hehe

  • Oh my gosh… what a cute exchange!! I’m dying over here!

  • Wow Japan always has cute stuff to offer! I would really love to swap with someone is Asia mainly Korea because I am currently learning Korean and would love some books or magazines to help me learn Korean, plus some cute stationary. Anyway if we were ever to swap I would probably send you some popular make up cosmetics, snacks, some stuff from my shop, and anything else you would like from the states!

    My blog:

  • oh my goodness, those kitty stickers are too precious! What a lovely exchange!

  • Custom avatar Caz:

    That little craft kit is adddooorrraaabbblllleeeee!!!

  • everything is so cute~ but that craft kit looks absolutely amazing~~! ^^ i love the sparkly clay~~~

  • Ooh, she bought you such cute stuff! I love that hard candy and have a bag of it in my backpack for school right now. My friends always steal it from me. ^^

    One of my friends brought back some of those snack puffs for me too, but I haven’t tried them yet. The clay kit looks so cute and I love how nicely everything came out!

  • Custom avatar Suzanna:

    Ah, That sounds like such fun! For cute things in the US, I’ve learned to scour odd places, always keeping an eye out. You can occasionally find good quality things in the party aisle at places like Walmart, and it’s always good to check out the dollar or craft sections in Target.

    I tend to collect trinkets from various online artists and people from conventions that I think someone I know might like, too! Also, as a bit of a Disney fiend I love going to DisneyWorld or Downtown Disney and picking up things there. Even just the pressed coins can be a great momento and so much stuff can be crafted into jewelry and the like. :)

  • Custom avatar Juls:

    Korea and Japan loves fighting with each other e. Competing yes I mean.

  • Custom avatar Maeva:

    I love this kind of axcange, I had a penpal friend from Korea and she sent me some stuff but it was more like traditionnal stuff like a pencil case or those dolls . I also send her stuff from here but it’s been a way too long time since we write to each other :( I’d love to do that kind of thing with people from all over the world as well to learn about each country (AND FOOD *-*).
    About cute things, well, I’m not sure where to find them in France. Of course there are shops like Claire’s but every country have them isn’t it ? Maybe in the kids section in clothes stores or shops with everything from bathroom to kitchen.

  • Custom avatar Elaine:

    It’s so cute and such a great idea :)
    I live in Australia, anyone wants to exchange with me???

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