Here is an outfit I wore out the other day~ girly, but will not make me roast to death in the summer heat!!

It makes my midsection a little poofy, but I love that belt and the bloomers.  I impulse buy them now because they make great shorts and things to wear under dresses that are too short or may flip up in the wind lol. Please ignore my black roots *_* I am in need of a bang trim and root touch up!

Top– 10000 won  find in Korea

Bloomers– Liz Lisa Japan

Heart Belt – Japan

Brown School Shoes– 20000 won Korea

Necklace– Forever 21

Bag– Liz Lisa Japan

Plush ID case– Yum Yums Japan! I loved Yum Yums as a kid, and IT IS SCENTED ♥

The circle lenses I am wearing are Naturelle circle lenses, the black version!  I got some as a free sample from my local shop and they are SO FREAKING COMFY and I love how they look.  I will do a full review on them soon, I am trying to get a sample of the brown so I can decide which box to invest in since they are daily wears and you need to buy a month supply.

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10 Responses to “Korea Summer Rose Outfit”

  • Custom avatar Char:

    oooo! i love those shoes!

    • Elle:

      Thanks! They are a lot of fun to wear and look really cute with socks *_* I wanna buy more haha

  • Custom avatar saya:

    Those shoes are simply amazing. You can were them with any outfit (or almost haha) and look cute or professional or I love that you’re showing a part of Korea that really few tourists/expats know. Last time I was in Asia I kinda avoided the “cute” side of it, but now….after thinking about it for a couple of years I realized it’s a part you can’t ignore to get modern asia! My bad hahaha now that I’m finally going back i won’t make the same mistake twice 😉

    Ps. I ctrl+stamp your header to use it as a nice badge on my website. Hope you don’t mind 🙂 If you wanna check, I think the link I posted in the comment form should lead there <3

    • Elle:

      Oh thank you so much for posting my blog on your site ♥ The badge looks great! Haha EMBRACE THE CUTE~ I used to think going to far was obnoxious, but when I come home and see my cute things or wear a bow I really feel happy inside. I hope when you return you have a nice visit, I will be blogging about some locations worth visiting very soon… they require a lot of pics to edit so I have been a tad lazy ^^;

  • Custom avatar bho:

    I absolute adore your blog and is totally living vicariously through you.

    This outfit is so adorable and I’m loving all the Liz Lisa stuff! I’ve only recently starting to get into all the cute stuff so your blog and outfits is a great inspiration. *u*

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you so much! haha Liz Lisa is my favorite Japanese brand, so expect it to appear a lot *_* it’s one of those ones that has perfect little pieces for my tastes atm. ♥ ♥ ^^

  • Custom avatar Ama:

    OMG! Your outfit is ADORABLE! Is it hard to find your size clothing/shoes in Korea? I’m a size 8 1/2 in shoes and medium in tops. But I am a little curvy…I’ve been worried about going over to Korea and finding super cute stuff but not being able to fit in them!! I mean, the whole trip is to eat delicious food, site-see,and shop for overly cute clothes! x33

    • Elle:

      I need to do a full post on it, because its a little different for everyone I suppose since we have different body shapes and the clothing is so random. I am 5’4″ 118lb-122lb and around a 34″ C bust.. maybe 32″ atm with size 7 shoes and I hardly ever have any real issues with finding clothing here. If anything, sometimes some dresses will be a little short so I have to wear a lace slip to extend them a bit and shorts are a hit or miss here because my thighs are and hips are not as narrow. Sometimes sleeves are also a little bit short for my taste, but I have kinda long arms XD For the top half, you know those dresses and tops that have the seam under the bust or like a cup shape in them? I cant wear those back home or here 😛 lol blouses are ok though! If they are too tight I wear a sports bra and it solves any issues! A few years ago I weighed more like 135lb though, and I could not wear anything that was a blouse or did not have a little bit of stretch due to my bust (I think it was a full C if not D cup at that weight) and arms. If you are over 135lb I think some things are a little limited, however lots of Korean style is VERY flowy and worn big + maaaany things have stretch to them, so you will still have lots of options around. For shoes, I have a friend with larger feet here who is a master at larger shoe sizes, I will ask her… but I think anything over an 8 is harder to find in the cheap piles! I will look into that though 😀

      I would say the general OS size here is a US S/M VS Japan which is often like a XS-S/M (so in Japan I have to be a little more careful with some things due to length and bust!) ♥ ♥ ♥ If you have a hard time you can always buy awesome shirts, sweaters, and like a MILLION accessories!

  • Custom avatar Jenny:

    hello! new reader here 😀 i was just wondering where you bought your shoes? i’m going to korea soon (yay! party! woot woot!) and i really love those kind of shoes but over here in australia they’re like $50 at best ;o; so yeah. but loving your blog! and thank you for all your hard work!

    • Elle:

      Glad you are enjoying the blog! Those shoes I bought in Tokyo (harajuku) but I see similar styles here often in a few colors and heel types for around 15,000-30,000 won. I would check Edae, I know I see them there a lot, you can type “Edae” in my search bar at the top of the site and it should bring up my general shopping post on the area PLUS a special shoe post I did on it 😉

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