doll by 글립 Glib

Time for some more pretty pictures of Korean ball jointed BJD “APPLE” dolls by the brand Glib! ♥

This set features the “버니 발렌타인 Bunny Valentine” Dolls 여아  Yoa (21 cm) and 남아 Nama (23cm)

♥ ♥ ♥

You can find the online listing HERE if you are interested ♥ The price for each of these is 125,000 원

☆ Design Staff ☆

★ Head Design – Phantom
★ Make-up – Estebebe
★ Dress Design – Yourigusool

Images are all © to Glib~ I claim no rights to them♥

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3 Responses to “Korean BJD Dolls~ Bunny Valentine Apple Dolls by Glib”

  • Custom avatar Luma:

    Hi! I love your Blog!! I was wondering if you knew the location of the Glib Cafe? I can’t seem to find any location for it even though I’ve been told it exists!

    Thank you!

    • Elle:

      I have not been to the Glib location just yet, so I do not have all the info or directions on it~ but It is on my to-do list for future posts. From what I understand, it is a plain cafe connected to an exhibit space they have small events at from time to time, at least from posts I have found or read. You can check out the main blog for glib here perhaps it will have a bit more info you can use 🙂

  • Custom avatar lys:

    Hello! I was hoping you know anywhere in Korea to buy ball jointed dolls? I’ve been living here for a year or so but can’t find much info 🙁

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