doll by 글립 Glib

How about some pretty eye candy of APPLE dolls by the Korean brand Glib! ♥  Even if you do not collect ball-jointed dolls, they sure are beautiful to look at!  I love the style of eyes on Apple dolls~ the colors in this whole photo set are so Spring and yummy.

♥ ♥ ♥

The pictures below are from Glib and are showing 23cm “Giselle” Apple doll with A and C style face.  Each doll costs about 174,000 원 ($174.00)

If you can handle Korean or get a shopper, you can buy 지젤-A HERE

If you can handle Korean or get a shopper, you can buy 지젤-C HERE

★ Head Design – GLiB Design Team
★ Make-up – Mari
★ Dress Design – yourigusool

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14 Responses to “Korean BJD Dolls~ Giselle Apple Doll by Glib”

  • Custom avatar yesy:

    i absolutely adore ball-jointed dolls! i first got into them when I saw them being used in a music video and since then I have oogled at them. I wish i could buy them every one that I see, but they run so steep that I have to contain myself. haha

    • Elle:

      I know the feeling T___T for me having them is not as satisfying as seeing the photos… so I just have to remind myself that! I’m too lazy to properly dress one up or anything

  • Awww so adorable! My first time hearing about this store, gonna fav it!

    I love BJD, I have 6 and 4 of them are from the same shop, SOOM. Don’t know if you know this BJD store but you would certainly LOVE it *-* And I would love if, someday, you pass by SOOM store and take pics and post it… just saying xD

    At the moment I’m just buying clothes and accessories. BJD are too expensive and I’m not working now, so, can’t think about any new doll for my collection T.T


    • Elle:

      OOOh interesting info!! Ok the store is called “Soom” and it is here in Korea?? If you have some info on it send it over I would be happy to try and snap some pics of it or do a shop feature!! If you ever have anything else to request you can always post on my page here and I will add it to the list ♥ OH I will be going to the next “Free Doll Market” which is a BJD doll con here in Korea… I just missed the last one, so the next is in 2 months 😀 I will have a huge post on that soon! Hope you will enjoy it ♥

      • Ah sorry! I forgot to give you their website:
        SOOM was just known for The Gem, but them they started different collections, so different stores ^^ You should try The GEM website, ’cause I think you can find their address there ^^

        Ohhh~ I’m really excited to see more BJD here *-* But I like everything you post, it’s like being in a magical land full of surprises *o*

        Thank you so much *-*


  • Custom avatar Rafia:

    I fell in love with the doll in this post and set out to find it ^-^ I found that this site ships ALL the apple dolls along with other brands internationally! I was really happy because i live in the US and dont plan on going to Korea anytime soon.

    • Elle:

      Oh wow that is really great to know!! So you got her now?? Is she as pretty in person? I am loving the apple dolls in general!

      • Custom avatar Rafia:

        Sorry for the late reply ^^` Sadly, im merely a broke high school student BUT, ive been hinting around that i might like it for christmas LOL. I dont know if itll work, but im keeping my fingers crossed!

  • Custom avatar Ulla:

    Hello! Please tell me where in Korea you can buy a doll? I will soon travel to Seoul, maybe you could tell me the addresses of shops where they sell BJD dolls?:))

    • Elle:

      Im sorry I have no idea right now. Most koreans buy BJD online, even at the doll expo in korea they only sell accessories and not the actual dolls.

  • Custom avatar Ulla:

    Thanks for the answer! 🙂 I suspect that things are not so easy :))) Have to order through the Internet :)Sorry for my bad english, I’m from Russia and I love your blog :))

    • Elle:

      Aw thank you! Your english is fine, no worries! Nara went to school in Moscow for a few years ^^ you can always comment on my blog in Russian if you are comfortable~ ♥♥

  • Custom avatar lee hui:

    the dolls are cute

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