Recently Nara and I stopped for a Ramen lunch at an actual Ramen-type place here in Seoul, so I thought this would be worth sharing with everyone since its a fun experience!

The name of this chain is 틈새 라면 which means Ramen Crack (like a crack in the wall)

Now I love Ramen, but as I have explained in my other blog post eating Ramen out in Korea is not eating something really home-made like it can be at shops in Japan… Ramen out= always instant Ramen…maybe just with some fresh vegetables or an egg thrown in.  Because of that plus the fact they usually serve mostly melt your guts spicy Ramen~ we usually stick to eating Ramen at home on the cheap! lol  Curiosity got the best of me today though, plus….

They have heart-shaped food! So I pretty much demanded we at least stop to eat it!! haha

If food comes in a fun shape, I MUST EAT IT. THIS IS A RULE.

An interesting characteristic of these sorts of places here in Korea is the mass posting of post-it notes throughout the room.  This is something you see often at Ramen places or other small food stops, even cafes .

♥ ♥ ♥

The common thought is you are making a memory and sharing it with others on the wall, or maybe to remind yourself if you come back. This shop in particular had a TON though~

So many posted that they even started to hang notes from the ceiling!

It was all awesome and neon everyplace from all the post-its ♥

The menu was very basic and cheap! Ramen of course, plus dumplings, rice cakes, fried rice, etc  plus prices if you wanted to order more toppings like egg or cheese with your ramen.

Generally at these sorts of places, not only is the ramen instant… but the broth is the standard Korean broth flavor as well (that spicy Shinramyun kind that’s a bit orange/red and is a beef /vegetable style base) Your choices on the menu are mainly what you want in it~ but some places will have a mild, extra spicy, or maybe a soy broth… it just depends and is kinda random.

Good thing about a basic menu is the food quickly comes out!

I ordered the standard Korean ramen (I was told it was a milder broth… which prob means “medium” back at home lol) which came topped with some dried seaweed, bean sprouts, and a few cooked rice cake slices.  It was very yummy, like Korean ramen usually is! I ordered an egg plus a piece of cheese for a bit extra!

Korean Ramen tastes AMAZING with cheese, almost every place serving Ramen here will add it to your order for a small extra cost if you ask. A great thing about this is if Korean Ramen is too spicy for you to eat, the cheese can help with that because it melts and makes the broth creamy!! The kind of cheese they plop in is a yellow square single, kind of like Kraft American Cheese.

Cheese in Korean is 치즈 pronounced Chi-jeu

Nara ordered the Seafood Ramen which was the same thing as mine pretty much, just a LOT spicier and with some creatures of the sea thrown in.  His was actually so spicy that he had a hard time eating it though and eventually just helped me finish mine. His dish was not advertised as spicy, BUT OMG IT WAS~ so when eating these sorts of things in Korea it is important to learn how to ask “is this spicy” unless you can handle your mouth on fire pretty well.

♥ ♥ ♥

Even then you never know though, we are not total spice babies… but I have been told things are not spicy before when they totally burned my tongue off.  lol oh Korea.

And yes, here are my darling little heart rice yum yums! Aw I only got one heart though, lol and a super cute…triangle? meh ok. Oh well, I got a plate filled with stars instead!

It was just some bits of meat, sesame seeds, and seaweed bits shaped into adorable little shapes with a sweet sauce to dip them in. HEART SHAPED FOOD YO.

All in all this was a great little fast and cheap meal! The both of us ate for under 10,000 won ($10) and got nice and full.  If you love Korean Ramen I recommend finding one of these Ramen houses or this chain and stopping by one day~ Although you can make the same thing at home they do have lots of little extras they throw in (like bean sprouts! Those go bad quickly, so I never have them on hand when I am randomly making ramen) that make it extra yummy!  Usually these places are filled up with young students hanging out together, so its a fun atmosphere to try.

Don’t forget, usually at these places the water and sometimes small side pickled dishes, broth, or even the eating utensils are self serve in another area~ just look for the set up in a corner if you need a drink or spoon.

♥ ♥ ♥

If you would like to eat at these places its hard to give directions since they are all small and scattered.  Most are open very late, around train stations, or popular hangout spots~ so keep your eyes peeled!  One quick giveaway is all the post-it notes of course… they kinda stick out when you see them through glass windows! hehe

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9 Responses to “Eating at a Korean Ramen Restaurant”

  • Mmm… looks delicious!! You should totally do a review of different ramen brands from the store. Whenever I’m at Uwajimaya I always go to the noodle aisle and just stare at all of the different ramen brands. I always want some but I have no idea which one to get so I usually just don’t get any (esp. since I can’t deal with spicy). Not sure if they would have the same brands at your local Korean grocery… but just saying. Might be fun!

    • Elle:

      I TOTALLY Will be because I used to have the same problem!! 😀 I was planning on it, so that is why Ramen has a sub brand like snacks does on my food menu ♥ ♥ Glad I know at least one person will want to read it hehehe I will also try and rate the spice level too *_*

  • Custom avatar Lianne:

    OMG, cheese and spicy ramen goes so well together! When I first heard about that, I thought it was really odd. lol.

    But that’s sad to hear that most of the ramen in Korea is instant. I think I had my expectations set high after watching Flower Boy Ramen Shop!

    • Elle:

      I have not watched that drama yet, but yeah~ I mean we have some Japanese Ramen shops around (rare though) and a Japanese chain called Hakoya, but for Korean Ramyun I have never been in one that was not instant noodles with stuff added to it to make it better. When you say a dish is “Ramen” is just overall associated with those instant noodles here unless you are into Japanese food. I guess its kinda like that at home too tho, when I say I like “Ramen” I am sure some people think I mean icky cup noodles lol.

      Korea has looooots of other noodle dishes that are good though, like Kalguksu

  • Custom avatar Adri Becerra:

    I saw the “amazing giant light” in L.A today! The exact same one! I swear I either saw it at the Mary Karnowski Gallery in Melrose, or one of the many stores and galleries I visited today. It totally got my attention which is why I remember LOL! I guess now I know where this light came from! :}

  • Custom avatar Adri Becerra:

    oh oh this comment was meant for the interior design expo you posted about lol.

  • 가고싶다~~~~~~~~~ 먹어싶다ㅋㅋㅋ

    thanksssss elle~

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