K-pop singer Lee Hi released a new single recently that I just fell in love with on TV and had to feature in a K-pop eyecandy post!

It’s Over” is one of the five tracks that was released for Lee Hi’s first full album “First Love”.

Lee Hi 이하이 is still considered a rookie soloist, but topped the charts in 2012 with “” which won her two best rookie awards &  “It’s Cold“, a collab with  K-pop group Epik High. Both singles had a lot of success here on the charts and held very solid rankings reaching a position of #1 eventually, not bad for such a new face! She is currently signed with YG entertainment, but made her debut on the show K-pop star in Dec 2011 eventually winning 2nd place.  When she entered she was just 16 and living off a mere 10,000 won a month allowance~ woah.

♥ ♥ ♥

I like Lee Hi 이하이  new single a lot, her voice is cute… but still very soulful and has a nice jazzy/blues feeling with “It’s Over“.  Of course what excites me enough to post here is always the visuals, and her new music video does not disappoint! It has a very soft and childish charm to it with a giant blue bear as an ex-boyfriend~ let’s take a look!

Cute pile of plush! A lot of these can be found at places like Art Box

such cute little fake packaging~ maybe her bear boyfriend came in the cereal box? lol

These cookies reminded me of something you could buy at Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 in Hongdae, I swear.


So Lee Hi’s bear boyfriend is using a golden potty…. OKAY.

It’s Over~

Bear boyfriend mean-mode activate!



Oh, why u so mean Bear Boyfriend?


I squish yo face fluffy man.

You can buy most of those badges at Naughy Cat…  I know because I totally bought some last week *_*

Her hair is adorable in this shot… like a gift bow or something!

Player be playing~

Those eyelashes!

Hey creepy ice cream person…


I believe this is the giant bear thew flew above the YG office building recently to promote the album

Fancy running into you at Bear Mart on Bear’s Day…

Bear Boyfriend drama….

My favorite thing (of course) are the headbands she wears in this video!  Look at these, they are like an adorable pile of cuteness piled on her head!!  I have been seeing these sorts of crazy toy headbands in shoots here a LOT lately, I need to dig up the source of them!

Not sure why a “rich bear” is bad, but whatever~ lol

LOL enjoy ur new face~

Whatever, all the risque Marine ladies love my big blue bear booty (say that 10x fast lol)

Bear gummies box tells it like it is.


I would know that fun shirt anywhere hehe~  Japanese Harajuku brand 6% Doki Doki

I’m not sure about the necklace, but I have spotted those lip acrylic earrings + a necklace version many times in Hongdae around the Mapogu Kiosk area next to the park.


Watch Lee Hi  이하이 “It’s Over”  on the official youtube channel ♥HERE

What did you think about this video? Anything you thought was really cute?  Do you like any of Lee Hi’s other singles?  Comment below!!



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27 Responses to “Lee Hi 이하이 “It’s Over” ~ K-pop Eye Candy”

  • The moment I saw it I wanted to live inside the video, everything is so cute!!!
    And I’m totally making some headbands like those <3

    • Elle:

      I want to eat some of those blue gummy bears so bad haha! If you make a headband you HAVE to send me a pic! I am going to try and dig up the designer (I have a name) and maybe try and DIY one too for a post. Who knows how you would wear it… but I still want one *_* Candy/Toy crown!

  • When I saw the first photo of the blonde girl ajajaj thought it was you. How nice it all! Greetings!

  • Custom avatar Rosa:

    the long blonde haired bear is Gdragon :3

  • Oh I love that you picked Lee hi to post about. She is so talented and I think it is so cute that you can tell that she still doesn’t really know that to do her music videos!

  • Custom avatar Ameli:

    The video is soo cute. The bears all represent the members of BigBang.

  • Custom avatar Meagan:

    Thank you Elle!! I love the post <3

  • I’m so much in love with Lee Hi, and I am always in love with anything YG has, lol… heck I even want to work as a staff/illustrator there so I guess it’s obvious that I am biased hahahaha…

    but really though, this video is just soooo cuuuuteee, is’nt it? I love the image they give to Hayi, a very young lady, her 1234 and this, all is so fun and colorful and again, just like 2ne1 first debuted, they gave her a song of “go to hell boys I don’t need you” haaha…

    and that bear is so very akjsdgadja cute! I love love love love him hahaahahah… and the fact that they represents bigbang members xD which means bigbang = bad boys? LOL… I’m sure the bear with headband was supposed to be Taeyang and the one with one of a kind shirt was well… obviously, GD… hahahaha

  • Gosh I love Lee Hi. She’s just so darn adorable,just like the video. Nice post, Elle!

  • Custom avatar Terra:

    I loved this video too! Everything was super cute and I love this song! Have you heard of or watched eat your kimchi? Theyre a married couple who live in Korea and they do lots of fun videos about kpop and just living in Korea in general! They did a review about this music video and it was hilarious, just thought I’d tell you about them in case you wanted to check that video out. ^-^ thanks for the awesome post!

  • Custom avatar Christina:

    She is so pretty!

  • Custom avatar Shelly Hearse:

    This remind me of Cindy Lauper for some reasons. ^^

    * Sorry for my weird english ! >u<

  • Custom avatar Renee:

    Hey Elle! Guess what!
    Those headbands look alot like something designer Jie Lie made. I’m not sure if they ARE her designs, but they look very similar to “Jie Lie Headphones”

    I think you should search that up to be sure ^^

    • Elle:

      You are totally right! They have been showing some Jie Lie headbands in magazines here lately (with credit so I know it was her) but yeah, for these I am not sure if the ones in this video are just made to look like her style or not since I see lots of items from the supply markets here *_* do you know if Jie Lie has a site? I have been looking around without much luck!

      • Custom avatar Renee:

        Actually, I only recognize those headphones from the teen vogue magazine and I remember reading the articale saying that she was a still a college student. So I don’t think she has a website -_-” Sorry, kinda put you through an endless search…

        • Elle:

          no worries hun! I had the name written down from the same teen vogue so searching was already in the cards for me hahaha! If anything, I would think Korea got inspired and made them based on her work~ thats good though, because it means I can buy the pieces here muhahahahah

  • I have to try and make one of those headbands. SO cute. They have been playing her music so much over here in Australia. 🙂

  • I really like this MV, so cute we all want to live in haha
    I didn’t know the bear were representing Big Bang members, that’s kinda funny, YG always come up with such great ideas ^^

  • Lee Hi’s really cuteeee
    feel like eating bear’s gummy now lol
    and u also ultra cute!
    luv ya’r blog hihihihi

  • Love this so much, so many cute things!!
    She reminds me of B2ST’s Yoseob! Twins!

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