Today I have another favorite Korea shopping spot of mine that many visitors would not think to spend much time in~  Gangnam Station!  Yes that is right, the metro station in Gangnam has some amazing shopping for the newest trends on a very modest budget.  I find MANY of my 10,000 won treasures here at this station, which is funny since Gangnam is known for being “expensive” on the outside.

This is not a place for you to seriously unload and shop till you drop as a tourist, better areas for that are Hongdae, Edae, or Dongdaemun~  however this is a perfect place if you are hunting for something trendy and want it low cost.  If I want say, an awesome new knit sweater but want to get something unique for a low price I will hunt around Gangnam Station first because they will have the best prices and the higher likelihood of having something I will like.

♥ ♥ ♥

Many metro stations in Korea have underground shopping like these, some are more old lady clothing, but a few are AMAZING for finding deals at if you can sift through the junk and things marked too high!

Knit sweaters in every color for 20,000 won!

Need a cute new pair of lace socks for 1,000 won? Gangnam Station.  10,000 won Skirts to layer under dresses?  Gangnam station!  It is impossible for Nara and I to walk through and not end up with one new thing…kind of like Forever 21 for most people.  You walk around and go “ah crap I need that and it costs nothing!” lol  I prefer shopping here over the shopping above the station (which is fairly sparse anyway!)

The styles sold at Gangam station underground shops vary a bit depending on the store and the seasons of course, but generally they are a clean cut and slightly trendy~ with a dash of cute or elegance which fits with the young students in the area.  Knit sweaters, cardigans, blazer jackets, and mini skirts cover the racks currently~

If you are into more simple yet girly styles, but Edae shopping is too young or cutie~  Gangam station may be a nice place for you to visit! A bit hip, and a bit refined for the office girls walking through.

The best feature about shopping at Gangnam station is of course the 만원  10,000 won racks. 10,000 won (around $10) is the magic number in Korea for clothing, if I really want something (like say a new white skirt) I always hunt for something to fit that price.   Because this is a metro station with lots of young shopping-prone foot traffic, you will find almost every store for younger styles has a sale rack set up~ check them out first!

Ignore the more expensive racks in this area or randomly expensive shops (you can spot them because they are usually empty lol) stick to the posted sale racks because you will almost always find something good in them that you would pay 3x the price for in other areas.

Note the “만원” sign with red letters, again this is a good sign to remember when shopping since it means the rack is usually 10,000!  Shops proudly posting the numbers at this station like the example above naturally have the best deals for cheap fast finds.  Some shops are better than others, I have about 5 favorite shops in this whole center that I always stop by so just look for the crowds of girls and you will most likely be in the right space.

If you need socks or tights they also have several vendors selling them for fair prices.

Gangnam Station Shopping

– Good for *select* cheap finds

– Mainly girls clothing, limited shops for men

– Best for inexpensive sweaters, scarfs, blouses, and skirts

– Mainly Cash, ATM by the Metro entry gates

– Clothing here is Korean general off-brand apparel. Free Size/ OS

I do not advise coming here on a special trip as a tourist to shop since other areas have far more choices.  Come here if you are in the area already, are a regular Korea shopper, or are looking for cheap deals on select goodies!

Stores getting ready for winter with lots of coats on display!

I suppose it was only a matter of time before they opened a “Gangnam Style” store in Gangnam… (-_-;)

Hanabi (“Fireworks” easy to spot because of the Japanese sign) Usually carries some more trendy and fun clothing similar to Hongdae for very affordable prices from around 10,000-30,000 won! I love this store!

강남의류 is one of the larger cheap shops in the station~ while they do not carry many fancy pieces, they are amazing for cheap basics, sweats, and comfy clothing like shirts or plain color skirts. If I need something basic I always check here first since almost everything is 5,000-10,000 won.

Gangnam station also has a smattering of Men’s clothing stores throughout the area, but sadly they are not filled with the savings that the girls stores have + the clothing is usually very basic and blah. Boys will have some shops to poke around in, but from our exp Nara rarely finds anything he likes here~ mainly he has better shopping success in proper shopping areas like Edae or Hongdae!  I suppose it is understandable, the metro station shops usually cater to women on the go since we are impulse shoppers! lol

10,000 won racks of stuff galore!

Gangnam station also has a nice selection of Korean skincare and makeup shops for those of you looking to do a bit of beauty shopping!  Skin Food, Tony Moly, Missha, Etude House, Too Cool For School, and more!

like many of the shopping areas, some shops do not take cards so it is easier to have cash on hand! ATMS are located right around the Metro gates so getting cash is easy 😉  Also note that almost all of the shops are free size clothing and usually will not have fitting rooms for you to try things on.

Outside of the cute Gangnam Station shop “Pink Ribbon” which sells sweet and lace style pieces usually!

Some of these cuter (and less crowded) stores have really sweet clothing, but the price can be a little higher for some items so do not be too surprised! Often they have nicer things (with more trim or detail) that the cheap-o stores do not though!

Gangnam also has a few accessory shops that sell ok deals, sometimes you can find something nice at them~ but as usual the best deals are always at “Bad Cat” which is a chain and does have a shop location here.  Feature on that store soon!

What a cute cell phone case!!

Shoe shopping is also just OK here, the prices are pretty standard (if not a little higher) so I generally do not buy my shoes here since my favorite place to buy shoes is Edae /Ewha.  Every now and then they do have something really cool though, so you never know!

Elle’s Gangnam Station Shopping Finds

Dresses: 10,000 won & 25,000 won |  Pastel LOVE Necklace: 8,000 won | High Heels: 25,000 won & 30,000 won

Here are some things from my wardrobe that I scored in Gangnam station!  I buy a LOT of stuff here, so these are just a few of my favorites~  many of which are only 10,000 won.  This is my favorite shopping spot for deals.

Vivid sleeveless blouse: 20,000 won | Flower blouse: 10,000 won | Bracelets: 8,000 won

I will add some more later!  Almost all of my sweaters are from here and most of my flat color skirts or slips for layering!

Location of Gangnam Station

Since Gangnam Station shopping is connected to the metro station, this area will be extremely easy to find~  Just get off the train at Gangnam and you will be in the middle of the two sides to the shopping zone! The red Gangnam Bundang line (not pictured, this line is affiliated with Ko-Rail)  is also connected to this station with some stores (they are kinda meh and over priced)  it just requires a little bit of walking underground to the main area where the Green Seoul Metro line is~

Generally this area is open from maybe 10am-10pm-ish (If anyone can provide a better time let me know, I always forget the hours here) although some stores will pack up sooner or later depending on the day and crowds.

♥ ♥ ♥

This station is very busy during the evening with foot traffic and especially on the weekends since above ground is a popular hangout area for BBQ and drinking, so if you can come in the middle of the day or avoid the weekends it will be the most peaceful.

The shopping area is all underground so you can walk around and head to the exit when you are ready to step back into the sunlight and explore someplace else!  Keep in mind, the main area is kinda split in two (look for the metro gates you swipe your tickets to exit)  you can pick left or right so explore one half, then return and cross to check out the other!

♥ ♥ ♥

You can also  continue and explore the shopping in the Bundang line area (You will be able to tell because it will be a lot less crowded and the area will be MUCH wider) but like I said, the shopping is only OK. Only reason I go around the bundang shopping wing is when I am visiting Cafe Pawz.

Have you gone shopping at Gangnam Station and found any amazing goodies? Do you like shopping at the metro stations in Korea for deals? See anything in the post you would love to have? Comment below!

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43 Responses to “Lets Go Shopping~ Gangnam Station”

  • Custom avatar Yona:

    I simply love asian fashion <3. I dream of going specially to Japan… even though i don't know if i'll fit the "free size" lol.

    • Elle:

      Ditto! Free size is a little tricky, but eventually I will do a nice post about my exp shopping and wearing free size as a pretty average body girl for you guys!

  • This is dreamy! While here in France i’ts so hard to find those cute and pastel colors in shops, I feel like I could buy everything in the pics. And moreover it’s cheap~ I’m going to be broke if I go there! ㅎㅎ but I’ll still go somedays for sure!

    • Elle:

      Ah I want to go to France someday though~ I follow a few fashion girls from France and the always have such pretty things *_* hehe

  • Other than Edae Shopping street my second choice shopping area in Seoul will be Gangnam station! I really like Gangnam as it is air condition and the clothes are mostly at 10000won. Elle you are my favourite blogger in Korea, your blog is very cute and informative enjoys reading. Please continue writing and fighting!

  • Custom avatar ohbabyitsdae:

    awesome!!omo, I really want to go to sk soon. clothes in my place are not as fashionable as these ones you post. I really love korean and japanese fashion >w< it's so nice that you write about these shopping areas so that people would know where they will go to depending on their preferences!! <33

    • Elle:

      thank you! Yeah, I totally know the feeling of being in an area already and looking for other things to do! Once I get more posts I will eventually do top lists for shopping or maybe day plans of what to do in each area, but I want to build up the posts first so when I mention something in the list you can click it and find all the related info here 😀

  • Custom avatar Alviena:

    Hi Elle ! 🙂

    Love your blog entries as always ! I am planning for a trip to Korea for a month after my graduation which is 1 more year away ~ Every time when i read your blog i crave for Korea even more ! :O Please continue to update your blog as i am always looking forward to it ! :DD

  • Custom avatar Bernie:

    Always excited to see a blog post on fashion ^^ hope to see more!!! 😀

    • Elle:

      Thank you! Lots of other places to feature soon 😀 I want to eventually cover all the good locations!

  • I am basically crying here.. there are some Lita dupes in TARTAN in one of the shoe-photos… oh man if only I could teleport myself *sigh sigh*

  • Custom avatar Angel-in-me:

    Gangnam station for shopping … I missed it! Underground shopping mall right?

    Just came back fr Seoul about more than a week ago and yeah, Hongdae and Edae are great places for shopping! Found all these tips from your blog 🙂
    These places are better than Myeongdong imho.
    Thanks for posting and can’t wait for more ^^

  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    HI Elle!
    Just wondering, if you could tell me whether is it easy to get around Seoul without being able to speak and understand Korean?

    • Elle:

      Fairly easy, most of the areas have plenty of English provided and the busy tourist areas are used to dealing with english-speakers or can speak a little. Overall, I find is a lot more foreigner-friendly for visitors vs someplace like Japan in terms of what is translated and ease for getting around.

  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    Also, any recommendations for good, local korean restaurants? Thanks~ 🙂

  • Custom avatar Shana Yoon:

    Yay~ another cute post! Man~ I am not in Korean anymore 🙁
    I might go back for an English teaching program perhaps in a year or year and a half so I will definitely visit here!

    thanks for the awesome posts again, Elle!

  • Custom avatar Yen:

    I wish I had found your blog before I went to Korea this past summer. I mainly shopped at Hongdae, and although the little boutiques are nice, I find pricing to be expensive, especially since I came with the mindset that “everything in Korea is cheaper than the States”, or so I’ve been told. Maybe if I have the chance to go again next time, I will be sure to go visit the shopping places you had recommended in your blog posts. Thanks for all the pictures! I always love how many pictures you post up!

    • Elle:

      Glad you found my blog! Ah yes, the smaller stacked edgy shops on the main hongdae road tend to have higher prices, but for most if them it is because they are selling more unique pieces that are not produced in massive quantities like other korean clothing pieces! Its the kind of stuff uou can only buy online in korea sometimes, bit more trendy taste. Still though, at night they have lots of good 10000-20000 ₩ racks with mainly seasonal pieces ♥ edae (another post of mine here) has a few more larger shops for cheaper pieces overall I think though.

  • No wonder why they always have such a great style, it’s so cheap there. Unfortunately right now I can’t fit one size clothes but I’m sure if I could find cheap clothes like those I would lose weight quickly, great to motivates me. I saw some nice clothes and I love what you bought. I don’t think I read about it but are the clothes great quality ? I was also wondering, in France it’s quite common to throw clothes we don’t want anymore on “boxes” so it goes to people who don’t have much money, is it also common in S.Korea ?

  • Custom avatar anizmiller:

    Arghh! Loving your blog entries as always! Just came back from korea last week. We’re having so much fun while in Seoul! And thanks to you for writing and sharing a couple of wonderful places, as our trip is well occupied. Hehe ^^ Anyways, am planning to visit Korea again next year most prolly in mid october. So was just wondering will i be able to find summer clothing still? Please help to advise and hope to hear from you soonest. Cheers!

    • Elle:

      Many of the clothing they have out is seasonal and is thicker in the fall, so while you may have a hard time finding tank tops or bathing suits you still shoukd be able to find basics like shirts, dresses, etc as usual. It really depends!

  • Custom avatar Jennifer:

    Gaaaa I want it all! I am planning to move to Seoul in 8 months… Time to start the diet so I can fit into all those cute clothes!

    • Elle:

      Haha yeah before I moved to korea I hunkered down and lost 20lb!! Made shopping a lot more fun here! XD thankfully korean clothing is often a very reasonable normal size, japanese free size I do find insanely small tho!

  • Custom avatar Saumya:

    I am Saumya,from India.
    I totally love your post..I am a big fan of Korean culture. There is cuteness in every thing ..I wish I could visit south Korea. Your post totally cool and your pic in hangbok(I hope i spelled it ryt) look beautiful in it..

  • Custom avatar Joey Lim:

    I saw your post on Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall. Can I know the name of the subway station? Is it called Gangnam Station? I read some post that says it is located at Express Bus Terminal Station. So I am confused. Thanks

  • Custom avatar Nagrom:

    i have a question for you, elle. do you know what stores carry galaxy shirts? i’ve looked all over, but the only time i’ve seen them out and about is once in Target, but they were all much too small for me! T_T i did get one at journies, the shoe store, but that’s the only place i’ve ever seen one!

    • Elle:

      Like outerspace pattern shirts? Ohhh they were everyplace this summer, did you try places like hot topic or forever 21? Make sure you check ebay too, I bet a lot of shops from asia are still selling them! ^^

  • Custom avatar Nagrom:

    yeah T_T i’ve looked in every store i could, and all of the surrounding cities don’t even have a forever 21! i’ve looked at their online shop, but i still don’t see one that i like well enough! i don’t buy on ebay because i don’t exactly how each seller sizes things, becasue some times i can wear a medum, but other times i’ve got to settle for a extra large! oh well, 🙂 thanks anyway!

  • Custom avatar Nagrom:

    it’s okay! >:) i will not give up my search for the legendary galaxy shirt!! i will capture it, and it shall be mine!! XD

  • Custom avatar lilly:

    Thanks for sharing. Next time i come to Gangnam, i am sure i can find my way better, with your map!

    However here at Gangnam Underground, its mainly streetwear.
    Do you have any idea where i can get formal clothes or some better quality clothes for “official” events?

    Thank you!

    • Elle:

      For more formal clothing of better quality I recommend visiting the Doota building in dongdaemun! you can also go to korean department stores like “Lotte Department store” or even higher quality designee clothing at “Shinsegae department store” however the prices are very high for what I feel is not always worth It in quality OR they simply sell foreign brands (Guess, CK, Polo, etc)

  • Custom avatar Melissa:

    Hi elle, will be arriving in seoul by april, where would you recommend to check out spring boots? Gangnam station or edae first? Thanks 🙂

  • Custom avatar ShuJun:

    Hi Elle,

    I am going in late september to seoul, will the summer stocks be cleared out fully? I was hoping to get some summer clearance sales stuff. Thank you!

  • Custom avatar meem:

    hello 🙂

    Please where will i find Pink Ribbon shop somewhere else in seoul??

    Actually I like their style very much.. Do you know other shops that sell the same style?

    thank yoooou 🙂

  • Great breakdown of the underground shopping center! 😀

  • hi,

    this is really cute. i want to visit seoul to see korean culture.

  • Custom avatar mez:

    Hi Elle, how is the shopping during mid to end September? Does it still sell summer clothing or winter wear already? Appreciate your advice because I am thinking of going to Seoul after mid September. Thank you!!

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