This week while I was hanging around the bookstore I came across an amazing table of beautifully illustrated classic children’s stories!! Red Haired Ann, Wizard of Oz, Alice in Wonderland, and Little Prince 어린왕자 ~ Of course!! Oh Korea, you always show Little Prince so much love~ Lets take a look at some of the illustrations in the book♥

The Illustrator of these (and a few of the other books we came across) is Kim Min Ji

The price is about 10,000 won in stores, but if you are able to use Gmarket you can buy it online for even cheaper like this listing HERE!

♥ ♥ ♥

Not every single page is illustrated, but the ones that are are beautiful! Totally happy I bought this for my collection, Nara and I are book hoarders haha.  The books are not too expensive considering they are very nice hardcover prints, I think I may go back and buy some more from this publisher.  Korea sells MANY versions of the 어린왕자 story, but this is the prettiest one I have seen so far! I wish they would do a line of notebooks with this art on it~ they sell tons with the original art (which I do not find very cute :/) but none with unique or new art.  Come on Korea, I know you want to!

They also had the Korean printing of “The Return of the Young Prince” on display close by.  I have no clue if it is any good, but they have it in English E-book form on Amazon HERE

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18 Responses to “Little Prince Illustrated by Kim Min Ji”

  • Custom avatar mary:

    I gasped out loud at every image. It’s so beautiful!!
    Also, “return of the little prince” is now in my head to the tune of “return of the mack”. Baller!

  • These are gorgeous illustrations!

  • Custom avatar Sarah:

    Where can I purchase the beautiful books illustrated by Kim Min Ji?

    I am having the hardest time. Been searching for such a long time now via computer.

    Let me know if you have any ideas.

    Thanks a bunch,

    • Elle:

      G-market has them 🙂 Please read the post, I provide a link to a seller that has them cheap right there.

  • Custom avatar Tracey:


    Loves these – I cannot find them on line to buy – the link you provide only sells the illustrated cards – no the books:(

    Would you be willing to buy some and ship them?!!


    • Elle:

      as stated on my FAQ I am not a shopping service, if you google for “Korean shopping service” several should pop up. The gmarket link provided is for the little prince book, if you still do not see it you can try searching gmarket for “어린왕자” and lots should come in the result, it is a common book here currently

  • is there an english version ;aAAAAA;

    its so cuuuuute ;AAAAAA;

    • Elle:

      I wish! They did recently make some stationary with this art though, I will add a photo of it soon ^^

  • Custom avatar Rachel:

    Thank YOU SO MUCH!

    I came across this site looking for handcrafted goods in Korea and saw your handmade fair post. As luck will have it, I’m going to be heading to Seoul (from Busan-ish area) that weekend! So i’m gonna check it out!

    I’m Seoul next weekend because I’m heading back to the US for a short vacation and needed gifts for friends. I have a friend who would LOVE these books. Thank you so much for the gmarket link! I found Phantom of the Opera and Alice in Wonderland, two of my friend’s favorite stories with such wonderful art~

    I wish there was a site like this for Busan-ish area. Everything happens in Seoul.

    Thanks again!

    • Elle:

      Im so glad!! Just to let you know, if you like this artist you can now find some stationary products with her art at a few book shops~ I know I saw her little prince set at the bookstore at podo mall in sillim a few months ago for sure. I need to add those gmarket links as well if I can find them XD

  • Custom avatar Karine:

    Hi, I’m also crazy about Kim Min Ji’s illustrations ! I know that you are not a shopping service, but if you have any information, I’m looking for an English version of the Wizard of Oz and Alice in wonderland. By the way, how come that there are so few information about this artist … even on her website ? She is so talented !!!

    • Elle:

      Hello! Sorry, to my knowledge her books have not been published in english yet! She did expand this to a stationary line though… I will try to add the photo here sometime. ♥

  • Is there a specific bookstore in Seoul you’d recommend that might have this? I think it would be fun to buy it in person ^___^

  • Elle,

    Thank you for putting this page up. I saw Kim Min Ji’s work as a prop in Cheongdam Dong Alice. I snapped a pic with my iPhone, then did an image search and found your page. Now I know her name and am on the hunt. I can’t find her books ANYWHERE, even Kyobo online. Do you know what I should search under?


  • Never mind. I found the hangul for her name (김민지) and located a boxed set of her work among others at Kyobo:

    I have been enjoying bouncing around all your web pages. You live an eventful life. Thanks for sharing.

    • Elle:

      Your welcome and so glad you found her books online!! She also had a stationary collection released about 1-2 years ago but im not sure if its still produced since I have been away from seoul for a few months. Her work is beautiful though and the reader response is so warm, I will see if I can arrange an interview with her for the blog sometime for you guys 😀

      • That would be wonderful. Good luck! The email address on her home page is dead. I’m sure she has a more current one out there. I just don’t read Korean.

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