E-mart has the cutest little tacky Korean figurines in various traditional outfits! I use the word “tacky” lovingly of course haha~ These are fun to look at, but you totally know some lady has a whole wall filled with these someplace. I will bet money on it!

For some reason,I KINDA WANT ONE  (*_*) click image for larger view ♥



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4 Responses to “Little Tacky-tastic Korean Figurines”

  • Awwwww! So cute *3* I would love to buy one couple ^^

    Did you ever saw any gumiho stuff? I don’t know if it’s like Japan where you can find kitsunes everywhere. But I would like to see something of korean fox ^^


    • Elle:

      Oh good question… you know I have seen a thing or two in passing, especially the 9 tail fox vs a normal fox spirit…I remember saying to Nara “Oh you have Kitsune legends here as well?” because any other things like Tanuki I see here are tied to a Japanese shop vs misc around Korea. That being said, they are not as common to see on things as they are in Japan… so I don’t know if that is because Korea associates the legends with Japan so they kinda write them off (happens here a lot) or if I am just looking in the wrong places~ I will keep my eyes open for some stuff and take pics next time though!

  • I think it would be even cuter if they were pepper and salt couples! haahaa!
    I like seeing the traditional dress too! <3
    Keep finding fun things!

    • Elle:

      haha aw that WOULD be cute! I also enjoyed all the types of traditional dress XD Its nice to see some versions all cute like that!
      More cute things on the way ♥

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