Do you love shopping for Korean Lolita brands and other Lolita goodies and live here in Korea or plan on visiting?  Well you are in luck!  Aside from the occasional tea party meetups that are held here, the Korean Lolita community also organizes a biannual market to buy local brands, handmade goods, used items, and even Japanese brands!  The event is called “Lolita Day” and finally after missing the last two events I managed to find out about the latest one so I could attend and share the experience with everyone ♥ Oh yeah~ and shop a little too ^^

I apologize for the quality of the photos in this post!  The event was held in a darling cafe~ however it was very dark with large windows that had blinding light coming through while the event was going on! (*_*)  I did my best to edit them the best I could~ so sorry if they seem a bit washed out or dark. blargh not a camera person lol!

To attend Lolita Day you had to pay about 10,000 won (I believe, I can’t remember the exact price but it was not too bad) which was to help reimburse for the space they rented, fair enough! Korea has many indie designers, so at these events you can usually expect anything from 5-15 brands selling accessories, dresses, pre-orders, etc!

♥ ♥ ♥

The “Lolita Day” market has been going on in Korea since 2007 and this event was the 15th held!

I went with my lovely friend Eura who I met at my first lolita teaparty! She was so adorable as usual ^^

yay~ Shopping time!

If you have a lot of used Lolita goodies you can also buy a table and sell them used, most of the prices seemed extremely fair! Most of the used items at this Lolita Day appeared to be off-brand, but super cute!  I was so tempted to buy that pretty strawberry bag!

Super cute Easter Bunny skirt!

This event was had a very special seller that came all the way from Japan thanks to the hard work of the girls organizing the event~  Baby the Stars Shine Bright!!  They had a very nice table set up with a range of products~


Plenty of blouses and accessories from BTSSB!

Always dressed so cute!! I love her shirt with the red berret~ actually, it seems that little french berrets are very popular right now with the Korean Lolitas (unless I missed a theme or something) because almost EVERYONE had one one!  Funny enough, I was looking to buy one as well to wear for this lol!

another table of adorable handmade bows ♥

Sora and Co running the Baroque table~ elegant as always!

One of the larger indie Korean Lolita brands at this event was “Baroque” who I am way past due to feature!  They had some dresses from other collections up for sale, pre-orders, and samples of the newest collection!  It was key and bunny themed, adorable!

Baroque Lolita Brand’s Designer Mana! She had cute dumpling hair buns today ^^

New Baroque Lolita hats for sale!  The puffy goodie was a special item, ah it is so cute!!  I found out later she is giving it as a gift if you buy dresses as a bulk order with friends ^^ jealous!

The new fabric prints are of a very good quality and the colors are soft, but still very playful!

Miss Sora also had some special items on sale from Japan like these super precious hats by Poppemonica!

Eura immediately bought the Kitty one! GOOD CHOICE!!

I have to say, Korean Lolitas are so unique and creative! I always love everyone’s outfits!!

Look at all the fun details ♥ I also love how she worked the rose print into this outfit!

Strawberry girl!

Look at all the beads woven through her hair, adorable!

Elegant and sweet!


So beautiful ♥ I really love the darker styles as well!

Pink! She has so much pretty lace on and her camera was awesome *_* ah pentax!


adorable accessories~ Korean Lolita’s always have plenty of them!

Yes, a proper smile! 😀


I did not realize till someone mentioned it to me, but a man sitting quietly in the corner was Baby the Stars Shine Bright owner Akinori Isobe!! He came from Japan for the sale because Lolita Day was selling his brand as a special event ♥ He was very kind to talk to~ haha we are both foreigners at this event, huh?^^ hehe I wish I could study Japanese more.  Anyway, I apologized for not wearing my Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress that day even though I wanted to be photographed with him lol! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

This girl looked like a doll herself, but also had a doll with her ^^

Mysterious Beauties ♥

Ah so much color and cuteness!

isn’t her hat adorable?

I also got to meet some very sweet people that read my blog! TEDDY HAT!

Everyone was so sweet!!

Also blog reader Kelly/ Konpeito was adorable and came up to me with this cute gift! *emotionally moved* thank you! Also TINY paper crane! I am flattered to meet anyone that enjoys my blog (although I am a little awkward hehe)  please do not hesitate to say hello if you see me around! ♥

Elle’s Lolita Day Mini Haul

So what did I buy? Well my friend Eura bought so many cute things for very fair prices, but I gained a bit of weight recently (ack… time for diet adventures) so I avoided buying any dresses at this time.  I did get some extremely cute accessories though, hard to resist!

I nabbed this really cute clip/pin combo bow from Korean brand Seiren! It is a nice big size so I want to use it to pin to my cream-colored winter jackets this year ♥

I also bought this beautiful necklace from Baroque

as well as a pink berret with ribbon and a cute tiny star charm! I gave in to all the berret peer pressure lol!

I’m still not sure if it suits me or not~ my hair lays so flat haha.

and finally, since BTSSB was at the show I had to nab SOMETHING!  Got this really pretty acrylic pin of a lollipop for just 13,000 won ♥ Got to find a jacket or something to attach it to!


“Lolita Day” is a shopping market event held about twice a year, the frequency and dates vary though.  The best way to keep up with what Lolita events are going on is to be a member of the Naver cafe they run, but it is all in Korean and requires an id and such so it is a bit troublesome to access some things.  Thankfully, this year they have made a facebook page which should make things a LOT easier if it is maintained!!  Fingers crossed ^^



Have you been to a Korean Lolita market before? Which outfit was your favorite? Planning on going to a future event? Comment below!!

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25 Responses to “Lolita Day ~ Korea’s Lolita Market Event!”

  • Love the pin, so jealous! *__*

  • Custom avatar Ashley:

    Great post! I’ve always been a fan of Lolita fashion but haven’t had the opportunity to get really involved in the culture. ;__;
    I really love the key theme! So cute~

  • Custom avatar Alicia:

    Elle I love your Blog it is so detailed , it shows your love of Korea and all things cute.I Love the pink berret you bought it looks like A dream on you , and I must say your self control is amazing hehe… I always enjoy The Cute In Korea!

    • Elle:

      aw thank you! haha it was hard when I first moved, but now that I live here I can put things off for later a bit easier! XD took some time though! Aw glad you like the berret, I am so odd with hats you know? I always feel they look better on other people vs me, but it was so cute I kinda had to at least buy that if I was not getting a dress (my reasoning anyway! hah!)

  • Awwwwww!!! I want to be there.. so many cute people and dresses. And the colours!!

    That easter dress is fantastic.


  • Custom avatar Eveline:

    Thank you for blogging this ^-^ I wear Lolita clothes myself so it always lovely too see some inspiration from other country’s.

  • Custom avatar youness:

    this’s the first time i know about lolita day in korea..really i want to come!!
    i like lolita style..thanks elle for sharing this event ^_^v

  • So many pretty things, I love Lolita fashion. I don’t wear as often now as I used to, but I still love it.

    The pink berret is adorable, the colour looks really good with you hair colour.

    I really enjoy your blog. As someone who adores cute things, it has given me ideas on places to go while I’m studying abroad in Seoul next semester. <3

  • Ahhhhh I would have loved to go to this sooooo badly! Everyone looks so adorable and the quality of the goods on sale is amazing! Everything is so sweet and unique. :3 Seriously considering a trip to Korea to visit the next one!!!

  • Custom avatar Paige:

    oh, i want to be there so badly! that’s so funny because i was just out in lolita today and this post was a wonderful topper to my day. all of BABY’s stuff is to die for. i wish you could see the grabby hands i’m making right now! (also, your beret is awesome and you should feel awesome.)

  • SO freakin cute!!! I loved all the pictures! I did share this on my DIY kawaii facebook page 😀 Yay lolitas!!

  • Custom avatar Luly:

    Hi sweet Elle!

    What a awesome event *-* and OMG you have a photo with BTSSB owner *0* that´s so magical 。.:*・°☆!

    Love the post and photos aaaaand you´re blog it´s so nice to visit ♡

  • Hello!! I can’t speak English… 그래서 한글로 남겨요 ㅠㅠㅠ
    안녕하세요!! 전에 로리타 데이에서 인사했던 붐붐입니다!!
    제 미니햇이 귀엽다고 사진 찍어가셨는데 올려주셨네요☆ 감사합니다☆
    로리타 데이 날의 Elle님도 정말 귀엽고 사랑스러우셨어요!!
    다음번에도 만날 수 있었으면 좋겠습니다☆

    • Elle:

      지금 한국어 공부합니다~ 그래서 한글 조금 알아요 d(^o^)b 만나서 반가워요!
      붐붐님 미니햇 너무 귀여워요! 사진 쓰게 해주셔서 정말 감사합니다 ♥ 저도 다음에 만날수 있으면 좋겠슴니다! ^^

  • Custom avatar rika:

    oh wow, this is amazing! I love korean lolitas and designers, they´re very creative (I agree!) and cute. 🙂 the event looks great, it seems that it had a good amount of people and goodies for sale!
    thanks for the pictures and information. I actually love all your posts, they´re sooo colorful and interesting! it´s quite pleasant to see. and you´re adorable. :~

  • Lolita fashion is just adorable! I love all of the different looks these lovely ladies have <3 I am dying to get an awesome candy-colored wig to just blend into my regular fashion style!

  • Custom avatar Airi:

    How fun! I want to go~! *_* Maybe I will get to meet you next time! 😀 Do you think these events would be fun if you don’t speak Korean though? :\ Ooo also, do you see lots of Korean lolitas walking around in everyday life, or does it seem to be more of a dress-up type of thing?

  • Custom avatar Valerie:

    I wish I knew about these things in advance, instead of always finding out about them after ;a; It always looks like so much fun.

    • Elle:

      If you follow my facebook fanpage I usually repost any event invites I get sent or come across 🙂 The Lolita ones I always repost if they go out!

  • Omg Baroque look like such an amazing brand. Must research them now!

    Would love to attend one of these markets. Maybe when I travel to Korea next year I’ll try to get it around the Lolita market dates!


  • Custom avatar Meagan:

    I love the article. The dress you are wearing is sooo cute! So are the things you bought-the Baroque necklace is great!

    • Elle:

      aw thank you! My dress is by Angelic Pretty, it is just one of the more casual dresses they make for daily-wear 😀 <3

  • oh my oh my, I wish to explore korean lolita clothing brands and found your blog. this is so cool!I love cute stuff and lolita clothes. I was in North America and the cold weather stop me from wearing such clothes. Honestly, how do you wear tights and dress in severe winter countries? Thanks!

  • Oh! I met Eura at this past lolita day! she is very sweet! She surprised me, because we had exchanged messages online all in Korean, but when we met at the venue she spoke to me in English! I had no idea! Hahaha

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