Amusing sign before coaster ride at Lotte World theme park.

Half the signs in the park yell at me to stretch before rides… do people really cramp up?

How about you warn me to keep my arms and legs in the ride at all times instead? If they are all stretched and nimble it will not do me much good when one gets clopped off because I’m flailing around in the coaster. lol

Why does Lotte world have so much Konglish even though its a major theme-park in Seoul? Lol seriously… hire a teacher down the road to fix that.

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Saw this poster for private party rooms. These are common in many areas here in Korea, they are just little individual rooms for you and your friends or date to drink and mingle! Some are Korean host club situations with ladies waiting to join you (for a price), but some are not. I don’t think this actually was a service girl/ host bar, but they sure made it sound like something sketchy with the Konglish.

Came upon this amusing banner for a gym the other day. Konglish in action.. the kind that makes you just go “whaaa?”

Sounds like a mint gum slogan… not someplace you are going to get all sweaty (-_-;)

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2 Responses to “LOL Korea- Konglish Signs”

  • Hehe… that reminds me of the appalling Chinglish i see sometimes. Honestly though, I often don’t mind because it’s so funny. Like this ad I got recently from a Chinese supply shop, introducing new resin cabochon shapes:

    “Welcome to Choosing Your Loving Resin Cabochons and May You Live More Wonderful Life!”


    • Elle:

      hahaha some of them are kinda cute to say out loud XD “More Wonderful Life” indeed!!

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