Korea‘s large burger chain Lotteria  (aka Lotte Burger) has recently added a brand new burger to its menu,

the “Lady Burger“. Aside from the fact it comes in a pink printed wrapper, nothing is very lady like about it though~ just delicious.

What makes this burger unique is that it has little rice cake duk 떡 pieces mixed in with the patty itself!


Lady burgers should be a featured menu item for now at Lotteria so they will be easy to spot. If they sell well they may be around long term, or they could be a limited time thing. It can be hard to tell with Korean fast food ^^;

♥ ♥ ♥

Since Lotteria is a Korean chain (well Japanese originally if you want to get technical, but founded by a Japanese/Korean) They often have interesting fast food with a Korean twist for the market!  Rice burgers, bulgogi burgers, kalbi burgers etc ♥

Unwrapping my meaty meal… like a lady!

This burger is made up of lettuce, mayo, Lotteria sweet bulgogi sauce, beef patty with rice cake mixed inside, and a thick slice of crispy red pepper.

Verdict: I loved it!  If you like rice cakes you should give this a try!  I thought the “cakes”  would be tiny minced bits mashed in, but they are actually quite large so you get enjoy chewing them and the added crisp of the red bell pepper makes the texture overall very interesting.  The patty is a thin style one and the sauce is the same sweet sauce they use on a lot of the burgers at this chain, it is a tad too sugar-sweet, but still tastes really yummy with everything combined in the end.

The price for the burger atm is around 4,600 won and you can also get it as part of a couples set I believe!

♥ ♥ ♥

Have you tried this burger? Did you like it??  I would say the “Bulgogi Rice Burger” is still my #1 at Lotte Burger, but this comes in 2nd place for sure!

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7 Responses to “Lotteria’s New 떡 Rice Cake Stuffed Lady Burger ♥”

  • The wrapper is pretty cute too as far as hamburger wrappers go. 😛

  • Looks yummy! Hoping there’s this kind in Lotteria stores here in Japan.

    And I love your Barbie ring! : )))

  • Custom avatar Bunny:

    Bulgogi…rice bur.. *passes out at the marvelous idea*

    That’s it, I need to go to Korea. NOW! OMG. I want some of both of those things. I just ADORE good meaty goodness like this…

    • Elle:

      Wait till you see the pics of the cheesecake stuffed pizza they started selling here MUHAHAHAHA!
      Seriously though, I wish the states would make some of these burgers… its just rice, what is not to like? 😀

  • Haha WHAT? Lady burger? That is hilarious! Wonder who comes up with these?

    • Elle:

      Some crazy marketing man I am sure XD The slogan at Mr. Pizza here is something weird like “For the love of women” too… haha wtf why always fast food?

  • eff man…can u wrap up a few of these for the plane ride and bring to me when you finally come home???? WANT!

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